Fiber Cement Board Light Yellow Fiber Cement Board Light Yellow

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Product Description:

The tile is made by high-density fiberglass with compound decoration wool

on the surface and fiberglass wool on the back .The edges are painted. With the

characteristics of square in edges    and angle,it will be parallel to suspension system after installation.


Product Applications:


The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.square edge titles will be paralled to suspension system after installation. 


Product Advantages:


1)Incombustibility/Non-flammability: Consmos Calcium silicate board is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade A standard (GB8624 Grade A) with excellent fire resistance property. In case of fire, the board will not burn and not give off toxic smoke. 




(2)Thermal/heat insulation: Owing to low heat conductivity, the product has good performances on keeping warm and heat insulation. 


(3)Water-proofing and moistureproof: The product is allowed to long-term exposure to moist environment but still very stable. The board still keeps intact after being soaked in water for one month, the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will not happen. It has good adjusting mechanics like woods. Even it is used on wash house. 


(4)Endurance/durability: Consmos Calcium silicate board provides good insulation against bugs, fungus and corrosion. It can last for a long time and will not corrode. 


(5)Noise-proofing: Consmos Calcium silicate board provides good insulation against noise. 


(6)High-Strength and Light weight: The board is light weight, in this case, it can decrease weight of building greatly. At the same time, the material is high-stength and not easy to be damaged. 


(7)Easiness to installation: The construction process does not require complicated tools but just the ones used in regular wood construction. Our board can be fixed on light steel frame with self-attachable screws or a glue gun to nail the bolts into the wooden frame. 


(8)Environmental protection: Consmos Calcium silicate board is 100% free of asbestos fiber and will not cause any harm to human body or the environment.


Main Product Features:


Material: Torrefaction Compounded high density fiberglass wool

Face: Special painting laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue

Color: white, black and others to order

Fire-resistant: class A, non combustible

NRC: 0.9-1.0, excellent sound absorption

Thermal-resistant: >0.4 (m2k/w)

Humidity: Dimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at  40c, no sagging, wrapping, or delaminating

Moisture rete:<1% (JC/T670-2005)

Enviromental impact: Tiles and packing are fully recyclable

Product Specifications:

Fiberglass Felt Ceiling Attractive Acoustics


1)Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are a factory.

2)Q: I am interested in the products but I do not have experience

   A: Tell us your budget and target market and we will give you professional advice of exact kinds and quantity.


3)Q: How can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples.

4)Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Quality is priority, we always attach great importance to quality controlling from every worker to

the very end.



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Q:I need to know if hardibacker board is as good as other cement boards for use behind a tiled shower wall.?
Yes, its great. I actually prefer that over other cement boards. It seems a lot more durable and easier to work with (cuts similar to drywall). I did a bathroom renovation that I finished a year ago. I used hardibacker on the floor and the walls in the shower as well as half way up the wall in the rest of the bathroom. No leaks, tiles are holding. I'm happy with it and actually plan to use it in every room (even rooms I'm carpeting) to strengthen the floor and minimize noise on the lower levels.
Q:how to install cement backer board behind a bath tub?
you have to pull the tub out, that is disconnect the plumbing - drain - move the tub from the wall and then put in the backer board and then slide the tub back into position and rehook up the drain. Hopefully the drain will move over a half inch to realign again. Otherwise, why behind the tub? You need backer board behind the tile - there is no tile behind the tub. So cut the drywall out that is there now on the wall above the tub and replace it with backer board. Now it is tileable Much simpler, faster and same results.
Q:cement sheets in the bedroom wall - any ideas?
Try papering with a heavily embosses paper. This will hide any cracks and lines. Use a different pattern for the ceiling.
Q:Can I install ceramic tile directly to a cement block wall in the basement?
I don't see a problem with that as long as you make sure you use a high quality water-proofer for the grout. I installed tile directly onto cement and it turned out well... I just made sure to use a lot of coats of water-proofer. Mine wasn't in a basement though, which is traditionally more damp and prone to mold, mildew, etc.
Q:When building a tile shower. On walls, can I use poly behind cement board and redguard on top?? Too Much??
No problem. i dont call it overkill. I would rather do it know than wish i had.
Q:what 2 use on cement board as a thin coat? I am not going 2 put tile on just want a textured cement look?
Cement backer board is okay but probably a bit of over kill for most applications since the backsplash really doesn't get wet in most kitchens. In our last house the tile was applied to common drywall and worked just fine for the 25 years we lived in the house. Our current house has green drywall board which is more moisture resistant than common drywall but is not waterproof like cement board.
Q:Do you need to lay cement board down if your tiling a portion of a garage floor, new structure?
Just lay it directly to the cement. Since it's new use flexible bond thin-set to prevent the tile from cracking.
Q:Wood fiber cement board | US rock cement board use
Wood and cement board with cement and wood advantages: such as wood as light, flexible, good thermal insulation, construction convenience; such as cement-like solid, fire, moisture, mildew, anti-ants, show other plates are not unique Sex. Can be widely used in decorative interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, noise walls, elevated floor, to create a minimalist. Natural and full of Zen mood. This product also has the convenience of construction. Its surface is smooth, paint only once. And because the inner layer of wood particles, it is better to nail, you can use any woodworking tools.
Q:Do you know that light through the cement? What is the material and how to do it?
Litracon is a widely used new building material with light transmission properties. It is a compound of fiber and fine grinding cement that can be used to produce construction and installation of prefabricated blocks and cement boards. As the fiber size is small, so as a new ingredient mixed with the cement together to form a collection. Therefore, the final not only in the cement is mixed with two components of glass fiber only, but in the internal structure and the surface can achieve a balanced effect of new building materials. From thousands of optical fibers in parallel between the two sides of the cement block to form a policy. The proportion of fibers is very low (4%) throughout the cement block. In addition, because the fiber size is very small, so become a cement structure of a collection of components, cement block surface or uniform cement. In theory, the light-permeable cement block can be built with a few meters of thickness of the wall, because the fiber in principle, within 20 meters will not lose any light information. The fiber does not affect the high capacity of the cement, so in these cement blocks can build any load of the building structure. The light-permeable cement block can be produced in a different size, and a heat-insulating layer can be added thereto.
Q:Can I ceramic tile on a subfloor and 1/2" plywood and get a long-lasting floor? or must use cement board?
am i the only one who heard him say he wants a long lasting floor? ten years ago only the worst of hacks would use cement board on floors, i'm not even gonna talk about tiling on plywood. now everyone uses it on floors and they last about five years. what happened to mudding floors? lasts forever! much cheaper too. thought it was the rule! too many weekend warriors in the trades these days thanks to the home depot. what's next, perhaps a medical depot? mabye they'll start selling do it yourself surgery or cast in a can . sounds crazy but if it happened tomorrow you guys will be answering medical questions just as recklessly. stop reading labels as answers. don't any of you wanna see proof anymore? get real people. long lasting floors require tar paper, lathe, portland and sharp sand as a base. not cement board and certianly not glued sawdust or woodchips!

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