Fiber Cement board for villas,high building-014

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The fiber cement board includes two series:  solid fiber cement board(S series) and hollow fiber cement board (K series)


Fiber cement board is one new type wall board which is both functional and decorative, with idea of high- tech and innovation, the products combine the traditional and modern science and technology, which provide a brand  new green wall decoration material to the exterior wall field.


K series

3000 * 300* 15mm

3000* 450* 18mm

3000*600* 26mm


K series—Streak board






The colors are based on customer’s choice.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall decoration system

This system is widely used in public building and high end residential and other kinds of civil construction of exterior wall decoration. In existing buildings exterior wall decoration, the fiber cement board can be directly mounted to the exterior wall by keel, and not need to remove the original façade decoration materials. This system could give the construction quick speed, low transformation cost and good decorative effect.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall heat preservation system.

This system can meet different design requirements for energy- saving. The system has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, meanwhile, the mass production and quality control of the products overcomes the crack problem occurred in other external insulation system. The system are mainly used in energy saving renovation to existing building or the external wall thermal insulation of new construction.


Fiber cement board composite wall system has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, which make the system become an high and energy saving wall retaining system. The system could be applicable to the façade of steel or wood frame villa, and non bearing exterior wall for structural frame work or other frame structure.





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Q:How the cement pressure plate sticks on the brick
Pre-shop: First of all, should be based on the design requirements of the drawings, the tiles of color, texture, surface formation and other rigorous selection, and then in accordance with the requirements of the pre-shop drawings. For the pre-shop may appear in the size, color, texture error, etc. to adjust, exchange, until the best results, according to paving smoothly stacked neatly spare. Paving: laying the selection of 1: 3 dry hard cement mortar, mortar thickness of about 25mm. Paving before the tiles on the back of the wet, to be a dry front is appropriate Put the tiles in accordance with the requirements on the cement mortar, with a rubber hammer tapping the floor finishes until the dense formation to meet the requirements.
Q:I have laid ed cement board down but I did not stagnate the boards.Will this affect the ceramic tile.?
Hi! I just finished up my bathroom and luckily staggered my cement boards so that I would not have four boards meeting at a single spot. Here's a question for you. Did you use latex modified thinset and cement board tape to seal the joints (similar to what you would do for drywall seams)? The reason I ask is that most cement board manufacturers recommend it. If you did this, that should help prevent some of the problems that could crack your tiles. Also, did you apply dryset mortar or latex-modified thinset between your plywood subfloor and cement board before screwing the cement board down? I understand that this layer is mostly meant to make sure that there is a level surface between these two surfaces, which should help prevent cracking. If you followed these measures, I think you need to make a judgment regarding how flat the seams are where boards come together. Take a piece of tile or other flat surface and put it over the seams. If the tile is relatively flat across the seam, then I think you can leave it alone. If it isn't flat, I would fix it now...spend the extra $10-15 a sheet now and save money later by not having to redo it! I think this is the sort of situation where someone has to be there to make the call!
Q:should i put durock cement board under fiberglass shower base?
You can place the pan over the subfloor. You need to set the pan in mortar.
Q:im using a cement backer board why do i need a scratch coat and mesh?
I don't believe you do need the scratch coat or the mesh if you're applying to cement backer board. If my memory serves me correctly that's the idea of cement backing board... to eliminate the extra work.
Q:Can tiles be attached to gypsum board?
Tiles can be attached to gypsum board. Because gypsum board flatness is good, you can directly use neutral bonding tiles. But as a waterproof and moisture-proof material, it is not recommended to use gypsum board as a substrate board.
Q:Clothes on the stick asbestos fiber how to do
It is ok to stick with the tape can be used to wash clothes just fine. Wipe with a sponge
Q:Can I put walls tile in my entire bathroom that is made with cement boards?
... Ceramic Tiles are suitable for laying in the walls of a bath room from floor to ceiling..... ....
Q:How to apply waterproof material on the cement board?
You can first brush again JS composite flexible waterproof coating, and then brush it again K11 waterproof coating paint; or brush twice straight JS composite elastic waterproof coating, so you can have a good crack resistance.
Q:Can cement tiles be directly on the cement board? What material is good?
Small area can be directly on the cement board with brick can be used. If it is a large area must be linked to the net brush paste and then tiling, so that will not crack off after the use of cement mortar.
Q:Is it possible to sand cement board to make it a little thinner?

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