Fiber Cement board for villas,high building-002

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The fiber cement board includes two series:  solid fiber cement board(S series) and hollow fiber cement board (K series)


Fiber cement board is one new type wall board which is both functional and decorative, with idea of high- tech and innovation, the products combine the traditional and modern science and technology, which provide a brand  new green wall decoration material to the exterior wall field.


K series

3000 * 300* 15mm

3000* 450* 18mm

3000*600* 26mm


K series—Streak board






The colors are based on customer’s choice.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall decoration system

This system is widely used in public building and high end residential and other kinds of civil construction of exterior wall decoration. In existing buildings exterior wall decoration, the fiber cement board can be directly mounted to the exterior wall by keel, and not need to remove the original façade decoration materials. This system could give the construction quick speed, low transformation cost and good decorative effect.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall heat preservation system.

This system can meet different design requirements for energy- saving. The system has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, meanwhile, the mass production and quality control of the products overcomes the crack problem occurred in other external insulation system. The system are mainly used in energy saving renovation to existing building or the external wall thermal insulation of new construction.


Fiber cement board composite wall system has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, which make the system become an high and energy saving wall retaining system. The system could be applicable to the façade of steel or wood frame villa, and non bearing exterior wall for structural frame work or other frame structure.





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Q:Do I need cement backer board?
if its backer board, u can cut it with a razor knife, if its Dur-rock( cement board) wet the area of the board first after marking the line with a pencil, and then cut , will cut down on the dust. hint: get a box or floor fan and point it so as to blow the dust away from u! lic. gen. contractor
Q:Cost of cement job?
I own a waterproofing company in the Nashville area. The membrane with protection board is $1.50 per. sq. ft. here. I would recommend a rubberized product instead of cement.
Q:when installing cement boards on my bathroom walls is it ok to screw them on directly?
Directly? It is recommended to attach with screws into studs as specified for the material, so many inches apart. How would you atttach them otherwise? Do the seams with thinset mortar and fiberglass reinforcing tape.
Q:Dry hanging cement fiberboard is not curtain wall
Fiberboard, also known as MDF, is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive made of wood-based panels. Adhesives and / or additives may be applied during the manufacturing process.
Q:The roof of the cement board everywhere cracked, how to do
At present, the better choice is the polymer waterproofing membrane: waterproof concrete and waterproof mortar two, this waterproof method is simple, easy construction, ordinary masons according to the general plaster construction method can achieve good quality requirements, and low cost , The same waterproof method under the premise of technical level, the overall cost is much lower than the flexible waterproof material for other waterproof materials 1 / 2-1 / 3, the most important thing is safe non-toxic environmental protection, but if the construction process is not good, Cement mortar is likely to crack, repair will be more trouble.
Q:what is the difference between vinyl siding and fiber cement board siding? i have heard that fiber cement is?
both of the above are true, vinyl is maintenance free but can look cheap, fake, and plastic. fiber cement is more expensive but looks rich, like real wood, and is virtually indestructible
Q:Factory roof directly painted on the cement board directly spray the white again
Most of the paint from the nitro paint, do not know what you use (Ming paint) What is the nature of the paint? With easy to bite the bottom of the reaction.
Q:I can ollie on rug but not cement?
its because ur afraid, u dont have a soft surface anymore and thats making you nervous take ur time. focus on ur wieght distrubtion and the pop, everything is done the same. dont worry relax, the hardest part of skateboarding are the mental blocks, if u dont think u can do it, u wont. if u think u can, then at least u have a chance. just tell yourself over and over its easy and that you can do it. dont give up on the first few tries keep trying ull get it. i suppose i can tell u why the board is slipping away, but a real skater would figure it out himself. 1 your not putting enough pressure on your back foot 2 ur not snaping it down hard enough as you jump 3 ur popping it back instead of down. 4 you just plain suck (no im just kidding) skateboarding is all about commitment
Q:Do i need mess if i used cement broad?
You mean wire mesh. Yes, you need that.
Q:Do the ceiling is good or good with gypsum board good
1, gypsum board composition materials Gypsum board as the name suggests is gypsum as the main material, but also joined the fiber, adhesive, modifier, after mixing press, dry from. 2, gypsum board performance Gypsum board with fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics, the general use to the finishes, such as partitions, partitions, ceiling, veneer, etc., but not for wet environments, Sex is poor.

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