FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

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Referred Standard: CEI 20-22/2 Class of Conductor: 5 Size: 16-1250 AWG/Mcm
Rated Voltage: 0.6/1 KV

Product Description:

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)
Application and Description

These cables are suitable for power transport in industry, yards, residential building and handicraft. For
installations on masonry and metal structures, on gangways, pipes, ducts and similar systems. For fixed
installation indoors and outdoors. Underground laying is acceptable, even if not protected.

Standard and Approval
CEI 20-13, CEI 20-22/2, CEI 20-35 (EN60332-1), CEI 20-37 pt.2 (EN50267), CEI 20-52, Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC

Cable Construction
- Flexible conductor of annealed red copper Cl.5
- Rubber HEPR, G7 quality,acc. to CEI 20-11 - CEI 20-3
- Not fibrous and not hygroscopic filler
- Grey PVC RZ quality outer jacket

Technical Characteristics
- Working voltage: 600/1000 V
- Test voltage: 4000 V
- Minimum bending radius: 4 x Ø
- Flexing temperature: -0º C to +90º C
- Static temperature: -25º C to +90º C
- Maximum short circuit temperature: +250º C
- Flame retardant: CEI 20-22 II - IEC 60332-34, CEI 20-35 - IEC 60332-1
- Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ x km

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

AWGSizeNominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Thickness of SheathOverall DiameterCable Weight

# x mm²mmmmmmkg/km
16(30/30)1 x
14(50/30)1 x
12(56/28)1 x
10(84/28)1 x
8(80/26)1 x
6(128/26)1 x 160.71.410.1206
4(200/26)1 x 250.91.411.2290
2(280/26)1 x 350.91.412.2390
1(400/26)1 x 5011.413.9530
2/0(356/24)1 x 701.11.416.0720
3/0(485/24)1 x 951.11.517.7940
4/0(614/24)1 x 1201.21.519.71200
250MCM1 x 1501.41.621.81480
350MCM1 x 1851.61.623.91800
450MCM1 x 2401.71.726.42330
550MCM1 x 3001.81.828.93050
750MCM1 x 4002.01.935.04000
1000MCM1 x 5002.22.139.55020
1250MCM1 x 6302.42.244.06600
16(30/30)2 x
14(50/30)2 x
12(56/28)2 x 40.71.814.2238
10(84/28)2 x 60.71.815.4304
8(80/26)2 x 100.71.819.2435
6(128/26)2 x 160.71.820.4590
4(200/26)2 x 250.91.824.5830
2(280/26)2 x 350.91.826.61100
1(400/26)2 x 5011.8301500
16(30/30)3 x
14(50/30)3 x
12(56/28)3 x 40.71.814.9275
10(84/28)3 x 60.71.816.2355
8(80/26)3 x 100.71.819.3515
6(128/26)3 x 160.71.821.6730
4(200/26)3 x 250.91.8261040
2(280/26)3 x 350.91.828.31370
1(400/26)3 x 5011.831.91875
2/0(356/24)3 x 701.11.937.42610
3/0(485/24)3 x 951.1242.23340
4/0(614/24)3 x 1201.22.146.74320
300MCM3 x 1501.42.351.15300
-3 x 35 + 250.91.830.51600
-3 x 50 + 2511.833.72210
-3 x 70+ 351.11.938.83050
-3 x 95 + 501.12.143.93800
-3 x 120 + 701.22.249.35000
-3 x 150 + 951.42.454.46350
16(30/30)4 x
14(50/30)4 x
12(56/28)4 x 40.71.816.1325
10(84/28)4 x 60.71.817.5425
8(80/26)4 x 100.71.821625
6(128/26)4 x 160.71.823.5890
4(200/26)4 x 250.91.828.61300
16(30/30)5 x
14(50/30)5 x
12(56/28)5 x 40.71.817.3378
10(84/28)5 x 60.71.818.8500
8(80/26)5 x 100.71.822.8740
6(128/26)5 x 160.71.825.71070
4(200/26)5 x 250.91.831.21550
2(280/26)5 x 350.91.834.32050
1(400/26)5 x 501239.12850
16(30/30)5 x
16(30/30)7 x
16(30/30)10 x
16(30/30)12 x
16(30/30)16 x
16(30/30)19 x
16(30/30)24 x
14(50/30)7 x2.50.71.819.5500
14(50/30)10 x
14(50/30)12 x
14(50/30)16 x
14(50/30)19 x
14(50/30)24 x

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Q:What is the difference between VV22 and VV62?
The conductor of the cable is resistive, and the current when the cable is running through the conductor to heat up. In a certain installation, ambient temperature conditions, the heat generated by the conductor current and cable in the operating environment under the conditions of the heat dissipation is equal, when the current is safe operating current, which is commonly referred to as the cable carrying capacity. Cable carrying capacity is in a certain installation, ambient temperature conditions, the load, so the installation, the ambient temperature conditions are different, carrying capacity is different from the ambient temperature changes, the safe current is also to change. Therefore, if the cable is running at a certain installation and ambient temperature, if the actual carrying capacity of the cable exceeds the safe cut-off, the heat generated by the conductor is greater than the heat of the distribution, the cable will heat up; the same time when the ambient temperature increases The ability to heat down, if the current carrying capacity is not reduced, the cable is to heat.
Q:With the patch panel how to deal with the line corresponding to the crystal line of the line order is what
Although there is a relatively thick cable inside the cable to prevent a very thin cable was broken, but the insulation is not iron, after all, is generally a VB tube is also a corrugated pipe PVC pipe is also too iron
Q:Power Cable Check Well b-type covers show what?
A grade steel fiber concrete inspection covers are used for airports or special roads and venues for expressways that can take off and land for helicopters
Q:Pvc threading tube packaging film how to do attractive, on the grade it? Thank you great god
If the upstairs said that the number of troughs in China. I am doing strong electricity. It is entirely possible.
Q:What is the installation specification for the cable tray bracket?
WDZ low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable. WDZN low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power transmission cable. W-halogen-free, D-low smoke, Z-flame retardant, N-refractory, YJ-XLPE insulated, V-PVC sheathed YJV-XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable. Model of the principle of omission: wire and cable products, copper is the main use of the conductor material, so the copper code T write, but bare wire and bare conductor products except. Bare wires and bare conductor products, power cables, electromagnetic wire products do not indicate a large class code, electrical equipment, wire and cable and communication cable category is not listed, but set out small class or series code. Item 7 is a special use of special occasions or additional special requirements of the mark, in the "-" after the alphabet letters. Sometimes in order to highlight the item, write this to the front. Such as ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (refractory), WDZ- (low smoke and halogen, enterprise standard), TH- (for hot and humid areas), FY- (anti-termite, enterprise standard).
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
Network cable is to take the digital signal, CATV cable is to take the analog signal, how can interfere with each other, do not understand do not see this stare blindly understand the beads. It was all right to be wrapped around with an electrical tape.
Q:The UV lamp is fitted with ozone and no ozone difference
Clean the copper wire to be welded, and dip a little solder paste or rosin before welding.
Q:What are the varieties of wire and cable (detailed point)
Chien fiber optic transceivers fiber optic cable flange fiber box fiber jumpers welding machine. Our company: Qin Sheng network
Q:What recycled rubber is suitable for the production of wire and cable?
Need to choose according to specific circumstances. The main difference between single and multi-core is the flexibility of the wire. In fact the two do not exist which good question, but the use of the environment is not the same. Home decoration: First, the lighting line, can be used 1.5 single strand copper wire. . 2P (inclusive) or more of the air-conditioning, that is, hot water heater, Yuba must use 4 square double strand copper wire; Third, the wall buried the best choice for single wire copper wire, you can choose according to the need for 4 square Mm, 2.5 square millimeters, 1.5 square millimeters and other specifications (usually 2.5 square millimeters with the most). Fourth, the remaining lines, are using ordinary 2.5 pairs of copper wire can be.
Q:Can 110kv and 10kv cables co-share with trenches? What is the relevant specification?
With a straight pipe with a matching pipe (commonly known as the hoop), in order to prevent the joints at the slippery, PVC glue can be used after the smear. If the trouble, then use the electrical cloth cloth to the two tube package can also be strict.

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