FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

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300000 m/month

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Item specifice:

Referred Standard: CEI 20-22/2 Class of Conductor: 5 Size: 16-1250 AWG/Mcm
Rated Voltage: 0.6/1 KV

Product Description:

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)
Application and Description

These cables are suitable for power transport in industry, yards, residential building and handicraft. For
installations on masonry and metal structures, on gangways, pipes, ducts and similar systems. For fixed
installation indoors and outdoors. Underground laying is acceptable, even if not protected.

Standard and Approval
CEI 20-13, CEI 20-22/2, CEI 20-35 (EN60332-1), CEI 20-37 pt.2 (EN50267), CEI 20-52, Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC

Cable Construction
- Flexible conductor of annealed red copper Cl.5
- Rubber HEPR, G7 quality,acc. to CEI 20-11 - CEI 20-3
- Not fibrous and not hygroscopic filler
- Grey PVC RZ quality outer jacket

Technical Characteristics
- Working voltage: 600/1000 V
- Test voltage: 4000 V
- Minimum bending radius: 4 x Ø
- Flexing temperature: -0º C to +90º C
- Static temperature: -25º C to +90º C
- Maximum short circuit temperature: +250º C
- Flame retardant: CEI 20-22 II - IEC 60332-34, CEI 20-35 - IEC 60332-1
- Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ x km

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

AWGSizeNominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Thickness of SheathOverall DiameterCable Weight

# x mm²mmmmmmkg/km
16(30/30)1 x
14(50/30)1 x
12(56/28)1 x
10(84/28)1 x
8(80/26)1 x
6(128/26)1 x 160.71.410.1206
4(200/26)1 x 250.91.411.2290
2(280/26)1 x 350.91.412.2390
1(400/26)1 x 5011.413.9530
2/0(356/24)1 x 701.11.416.0720
3/0(485/24)1 x 951.11.517.7940
4/0(614/24)1 x 1201.21.519.71200
250MCM1 x 1501.41.621.81480
350MCM1 x 1851.61.623.91800
450MCM1 x 2401.71.726.42330
550MCM1 x 3001.81.828.93050
750MCM1 x 4002.01.935.04000
1000MCM1 x 5002.22.139.55020
1250MCM1 x 6302.42.244.06600
16(30/30)2 x
14(50/30)2 x
12(56/28)2 x 40.71.814.2238
10(84/28)2 x 60.71.815.4304
8(80/26)2 x 100.71.819.2435
6(128/26)2 x 160.71.820.4590
4(200/26)2 x 250.91.824.5830
2(280/26)2 x 350.91.826.61100
1(400/26)2 x 5011.8301500
16(30/30)3 x
14(50/30)3 x
12(56/28)3 x 40.71.814.9275
10(84/28)3 x 60.71.816.2355
8(80/26)3 x 100.71.819.3515
6(128/26)3 x 160.71.821.6730
4(200/26)3 x 250.91.8261040
2(280/26)3 x 350.91.828.31370
1(400/26)3 x 5011.831.91875
2/0(356/24)3 x 701.11.937.42610
3/0(485/24)3 x 951.1242.23340
4/0(614/24)3 x 1201.22.146.74320
300MCM3 x 1501.42.351.15300
-3 x 35 + 250.91.830.51600
-3 x 50 + 2511.833.72210
-3 x 70+ 351.11.938.83050
-3 x 95 + 501.12.143.93800
-3 x 120 + 701.22.249.35000
-3 x 150 + 951.42.454.46350
16(30/30)4 x
14(50/30)4 x
12(56/28)4 x 40.71.816.1325
10(84/28)4 x 60.71.817.5425
8(80/26)4 x 100.71.821625
6(128/26)4 x 160.71.823.5890
4(200/26)4 x 250.91.828.61300
16(30/30)5 x
14(50/30)5 x
12(56/28)5 x 40.71.817.3378
10(84/28)5 x 60.71.818.8500
8(80/26)5 x 100.71.822.8740
6(128/26)5 x 160.71.825.71070
4(200/26)5 x 250.91.831.21550
2(280/26)5 x 350.91.834.32050
1(400/26)5 x 501239.12850
16(30/30)5 x
16(30/30)7 x
16(30/30)10 x
16(30/30)12 x
16(30/30)16 x
16(30/30)19 x
16(30/30)24 x
14(50/30)7 x2.50.71.819.5500
14(50/30)10 x
14(50/30)12 x
14(50/30)16 x
14(50/30)19 x
14(50/30)24 x

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Q:POE Faq - Is it ok to use a poe power cable into a computer or a switch?
spliters okorder.com/
Q:I need a new power cable for my Clearwire modem.?
Try contacting the manufactor. They usaully have spare parts.
Q:having trouble with laptop battery and power cord?
My power cable was having a problem too. What I did was just go out and get another cable because it seems that it is either your battery, or your power cable. So just go out get it replaced and Wala! It should work again...
Q:How to know if power supply has the right cables?
you need to consider 2 things. 1. check the pin-out. the cable should match the connector on your mother board. 2. make sure you have atleast 600~750Watts power on the new power supply.
Q:printer is powered on cables are securely connected. printer not working?
Remove and reinstall the print driver.
Q:my DL burner ide cable and power cable doesnt match the cables in my new dell computer?
EIDE (Enhanced IDE) is no longer a standard on most computers which uses SATA. In turn, they also use different power connections. The channel cable is dependent on the mother board, but the power supply is dependent on the power box. If there is an IDE channel, but no power cable, you have only two options. 1. Buy a new SATA based drive. 2. But a new power supply. Buying a new power supply to replace the one you have is definitely a void of warranty. You are much better off with a new drive.
Q:How is the best way to determine if a cable inside your computer is a data cable or a power cable?
Trace the cord with your hand, if it goes up to the power supply box way up. its a power cord. and the rest are data cord
Q:What size amp and power cables do I need for my new subwoofer system?
holy okorder.com/ and we can discuss further if you like
Q:Why are there differant ends to the power cable on the xbox 360?
so when they brake u cant but cheaper replacements . you have to buy the real thing so they make more money
Q:The TV shows no signal. The What is the reason for this?
First with the liner is the fire-resistant bridge, fire bridge is only the surface brushing fire paint, and some design drawings are written and norms a bit vague, according to his drawings should be refractory bridge.

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