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Ferro Silicon 72% & 75%.It is used extensively in the steel-making, casting non-ferrous metals and other industrial production.I

1, Features:
The appearance of Ferro Silicon is the grey lumpish solid. It has very strong stabilities and does not place any chemical reaction in the dry air.

2, Application:
It is used extensively in the steel-making, casting non-ferrous metals and other industrial production.It is the good deoxidizer and most steel kind use the Ferro Silicon for deoxidization;

In steel smelting, it is used to sedimentary accretion and expanding deoxidizing.It is used to prove the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel greatly in steel casting.


Chemicals    Composition(%)








FeSi 75%

FeSi 75%

FeSi 72%
















FeSi 70%






Lump size

10-50 mm, 50-100 mm,10-100 mm,   50-150mm: 90%min, or at  customer’s option;


In jumbo bag about 1MT/bag


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Q:Carbide tool number with a suitable speed of 20
The hungry! For the 450--700 rpm, the most appropriate, because once you and I work almost, I use the 6140 machine, crude car to 450 rpm to 700 RPM fine car is good. If the surface quality is good, the blank is not much, you can use 450 turn into a knife, but the knife grinding......
Q:What are the YT and YG carbide cutting tools for each occasion and why is it necessary to improve the quality of the machined surface?
But modern machining, has no strict distinction between the T and G class, but in different types of processed materials and processing conditions, different ways such as the use of different materials, and with appropriate coating, to reduce the cost requirements.Cutting parameters need to be selected according to different cutting occasions and different materials to be machined.
Q:Japan steel tungsten carbide which is good
Japan steel tungsten carbide recommended Kunshan aloi precision mould Co. Ltd, Japan Istanbul technology research of copper tungsten alloy used for professional sales of Japanese steel tungsten carbide and discharge EDM, silver tungsten alloy, copper alloy; discharge EDM tungsten copper, copper thread electrode; non-standard thread electrode, thread grinding machining
Q:YW1 what do you mean by "YW" in carbide cutter head?
You can go to Zhuzhou tungsten alloy online to see them, there seems to explain in detail
Q:What are the fields of nano WC Cemented Carbides applied?
(4) medical application. The drill is a fine medical instrument, the incision must be sharp, but also has good abrasion resistance and toughness, application of ultrafine grain WC hard alloy with high strength, high toughness and wear resistance in this field widely. (5) other applications. Nanocrystalline WC hard alloy because of its fine grain, as the cutting tool can grind the cutting edge radius and high precision, sharp nose arc; because of its high strength can be used for making fine tool rake angle, feed rate and small amount of snacks knife, such as small diameter cutter, reamer etc. because of its high elasticity; modulus and friction wear properties, can be used for the production of high precision mould, punch etc.; also can be used for the production of high wear resistance, erosion resistance, such as high-pressure nozzle, valve, high-pressure gun, glass cutter, cutter and textile tape, tape cutter etc.. In addition, scientists are developing circular tools, rock drilling tools and nano WC-Co based reinforced composites. Therefore, the development of nano WC cemented carbide and the search for wider applications become the focus of development, and the key technology of preparation is the preparation of nano powder and the subsequent sintering process. Particle size is to improve the performance of WC-Co hard alloy (strength, hardness and wear resistance of the Jun effective way, therefore the development of nano cemented carbide is the development focus of the next phase of the study, it will greatly broaden the application field of WC-Co hard alloy, and thus lead to a variety of precision instruments, mold, tool and electronic communication technology rapid development.
Q:Hard alloy drill, stainless steel.
Normally, carbide drills are used without the central hole;Center hole as you said the drill is easy to collapse; (the center hole you were a little deep);Even if you hit a center hole, the effect is the location of the mark hole; so don't go too far.
Q:The wood cutting tools are made of hard alloy, high speed steel and diamond.
Artificial diamond is in high temperature (about 2000 DEG C) and high pressure (5 ~ 9GPa) and the metal catalyst under the condition of the graphite into diamond (PCD) tool. The tool of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials processing the alloy, ceramics, glass, wood, graphite and other best. With a cutting speed of up to 5000m/min PCD cutting tool Aluminum Alloy above. High speed steel alloy steel is a kind of complicated, containing tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and cobalt carbide forming elements about alloy element.
Q:The difference between tungsten carbide cutter
There is another type of cemented carbide called titanium based cemented carbide, commonly known as "cermet"Buy it to shape (such as rods, blade), size and material (on behalf of the main chemical composition and particle size, but apart from a small number of national standard grade, most of them are the enterprise's own brand), and if you need special requirements (such as with cooling hole two 30 degrees within the spiral angle).
Q:What are the meanings of cemented carbide codes, such as YS30, YN10, YW?
Y is the abbreviation of "hard". The letter behind is the abbreviation of metal material, such as "L" is "aluminum", "YL" is "hard aluminum". The number should be related to the alloy composition.
Q:What are the types and types of carbide inserts?
Your question is really not a simple answer can be got, to see you on what to divide, the blade types according to use classification, can also according to the material classification, and so on, I suggest you go to the official website of Zhuzhou China tungsten alloy has a hard alloy technology knowledge base to see. There's an introduction.

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