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1)ferrotitanium powder

2)high melting point,hardness and chemical stability;

3)enhance the cutting speed and precision

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According to customers' demand, decided by ourselves.


30% downpayment and 70% to be paid against the BL copy.


Good quality / good delivery time / good price / good service

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Q:How to tell what is hard alloy and what is high speed steel?
Carbide and high-speed steel, grinding wheel spark identification, red spark is high-speed steel, no grinding wheel with hammer hammer, easily crisp alloy, also can use magnet experiment, carbide is not sucked, high-speed steel can suck.Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy material made by powder metallurgy process of hard metal and bonding metal of refractory metal. Hard alloy with high hardness, strength and toughness, good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially high hardness and wear resistance of it, even at a temperature of 500 DEG C also remained unchanged, at 1000 degrees C still have high hardness. Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials.Is a kind of high speed steel tool steel with high hardness and high wear resistance and high heat resistance, and high speed tool steel or steel, white steel. High speed steel was developed by American F.W. Taylor and M. White in 1898. High speed steel has good technical performance, good strength and toughness, so it is mainly used to make complex cutting edge and impact resistant metal cutting tools. It can also manufacture high temperature bearings and cold extrusion dies. In the production of high-speed steel by melting method, after 1960s and the emergence of powder metallurgy high speed steel, its advantage is to avoid melting methodproduction caused by carbide segregation caused by mechanical performance and reduce the deformation of heat treatment.
Q:What kind of carbide alloy is used in stainless steel processing?
The hardness of stainless steel is martensite, high hardness, using tungsten cobalt (do not use tungsten cobalt titanium, this is the 1 note) and Ta containing hard alloy.
Q:What kind of cemented carbide is the most wearable?
As for what kind of carbide is the most wear-resistant, in fact, mainly depends on the use of conditions, the most wear-resistant carbide materials may be more brittle, so it may not be able to use. Under the same conditions, generally speaking, the tungsten particles smaller, higher hardness, higher wear resistance. If you come up with some materials to choose from, you can choose it. Domestic materials, for exampleYG3>YG6>YG8>YG15>YG20. Imported materials are more detailed, there are V series, K series, and so on.
Q:What are the well-known brands of cemented carbide materials at home and abroad?
Domestic mainly Zhuzhou, the other side, the 601 factory is the best made in Zhuzhou. That is, the Taiwan side of the spring insurance is equal to the domestic better, and even better point is the German Lu Sheng Fort I know these, ha ha!
Q:Hard alloy die polishing with what can be reached Ukraine black brightness
Recycling all kinds of scrap carbide, waste alloy powder, alloy polished powder
Q:One can write on the hard alloy on the pencil, what's the name ah, who knows.
Electric spark marking pen. 230 of the price is kind. The power of cemented carbide should be chosen a little larger.
Q:Carbide according to the structure of the words, what can be divided into?
The microstructure of the hard alloy, and can be divided into structural and non uniform structure, which contains many kinds of non uniform structure, such as the gradient structure of hard alloy and hard alloy honeycomb structure, the special non hard alloy uniform structure is applicable in industrial production should be stronger than ordinary hard alloy.
Q:Hard alloy drill, stainless steel.
A very shallow point can be;Because once too deep, and the center hole of the aperture is less than the drill bit to drill aperture, so is not in contact with the workpiece, but the main cutting edge part in contact with the workpiece, so cause drill can not correctly centering, so easy to collapse;In the deep hole processing, it is necessary to use pre hole; the general pre hole is the drill bit, the hole size is the same, and the depth is usually about 3 times;I hope I can help you
Q:Chengdu which has carbide scrap acquisition point?
Bars of 75000 yuan / kg (Fu Xujian) Zhejiang Zhoushan self-employed waste tungsten 150-200 yuan / kg, Hebei Hengshui Gucheng County Sindh rare metals tungsten tailings 100-300 yuan / ton Guangzhou lechran gold bars 1200 yuan / kg, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Hongsen tin small PCB tungsten steel drill 160-190 yuan / kg in Zhejiang Taizhou
Q:What is hard alloy grinding?
Green silicon carbide grinding wheel, green silicon carbide hardness brittleness is higher than black silicon carbide, abrasive sharp, good thermal conductivity, suitable for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics and other hard brittle materialThe diamond grinding wheel than boron carbide, silicon carbide, corundum and other general grinding blade grain made of sharp corner, small abrasion, long service life, high productivity, good processing quality, but the price is expensive, it is suitable for the grinding of hard alloy, ceramic, semiconductor and other high hardness brittle hard material.

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