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Ferrosilicon is composed of iron and silicon iron alloy. Because silicon and oxygen is easy synthesis of silica, so it commonly used in steel making ferrosilicon for deoxidation.

Ferro Silicon 72 Grade and 75 Grade Chinese Supplier


1. Ferrosilicon is often used as deoxidizer in steel- making.
2. Ferrosilicon also can be used as alloy elements join agent, which is widely used in low alloy steel, non-ferrous metal, bearing steel, heat-resistant steels and electrician silicon-steel.
3. Ferrosilicon commonly used as a reductant in ferroalloy production and chemical industry.



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Ferro Silicon(FeSi) is a co-product of Brown Fused Alumina during fusion,so also called Brown Fused Alumina Slag. During fusion of aluminum oxide based bauxite, heavy elements in the electric arc furnace goes down to bottom of the furnace. After cooling down, they become silver/grey ores which contain Ferro and Silicon. In our industry, we call them Brown Fused Alumina Slag.

We focus on R&D of products to make best quality materials to supply to our customers from all parts of China,Japan,Taiwan,Korea,Europe,USA and other parts of the world.Although now 80% of our sales are from domestic market,we are growing quickly into an international company.

And we are trying to make more new products and introduce them to our product line so that we can better serve our customers.

With more than 20 years manufacturing and sales experience in this industry, we provide with quality materials and our ultimate service.

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