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L.C.FeCr Powder:
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 Ferro alloy L.C.FeCr Metal Powder Price









Ferro Alloy Powder

H.C.FeCr powder



Cr 65min

C 8-10

S 0.05max

P 0.05max


60 mesh

80 mesh

100 mesh

sUsed for powder metallurgy parts alloy to improve the powder metallurgy products, the wear resistance and hardness.

sUsed for iron-based products additives to improve the wear resistance of iron-based products and improve the hardness to make the iron-based products has good heat resistance.

sUsed for diamond tools alloy tire body additives, improve the service of diamond tools.

L.C.FeCr powder



Cr 65-75

C 0.06max

S 0.03max

P 0.05max


60 mesh

80 mesh

100 mesh

sMainly used in welding materials industry, powder metallurgy industry and smelting casting industry.

We can produce as customers' requirements.

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Q:How hard is the carbide knife?
Seven or eight, Baidu is absolutely no problem.
Q:What are the carbide materials brand?
I heard that Zhuzhou is better, you say diamond coated knives? This is the tool of two different materials, diamond is not coated
Q:Is hard alloy magnetic?
Iron, cobalt, nickel, or iron, cobalt, and nickel are mixed together..
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
Diamond grinding wheel, carborundum wheel. Only welded blades use carborundum wheels, and generally fine grinding blades use diamond grinding wheels.
Q:The use of cemented carbides YG and YT
First, the more common processing carbide used in three categories,:1, YG--- tungsten cobalt alloy products, to YG6, generally suitable for processing iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials continuous cutting of rough cars, intermittent cutting of the semi fine cars and fine cars.2, YT--- tungsten cobalt titanium alloy products, for YT5, for carbon steel and alloy steel rough section, intermittent cutting in the rough car, rough plane, half fine plane, non continuous surface roughing milling and drilling.3, YW---- tungsten, cobalt, titanium, tantalum alloy products.
Q:What is the hardness of YG8 cemented carbide?
The hardness of cemented carbide tools is generally between 89~92.8, such as the hardness of YG8 is HRA89, the hardness of YT30 is 92.8, and the hardness of YT15 is 91.
Q:Carbide products which are used more?
Sealing rings in the sealing industry, mould industry, machine tools, milling cutters, drill bits in the mining industry, and armor piercing shells in the army, etc.
Q:How to polish and polish cemented carbide? Five
Another case is that the chemicals in the polishing fluid react with the Co phase in the alloy, causing the Co to overflow or Co to deposit again, so that you need to consider whether you need to replace the polishing fluid.
Q:What type of emery grinding machine is 3000/min for grinding carbide turning tools (e.g., YG8.YS8.YT15.YW1, etc.)?
Green silicon carbide grinding wheel, not sure. You'll have to look at the real map. Some resin grinding wheels are also green.
Q:Where can I buy more than 94 hardness carbide cutter head, welding, the best address in detail, thank you!
It's no problem to weld cemented carbide. Please call me when you need it

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