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material:low carbon steel wire
surface finish: hot-dip/electro galvanized, powder coated
advantage:good oxidation resistance

Product name: pedestrian guardrail

Size: as your requirement

Process: 1>galvanizing before welding or made of galvanized steel tube and then welded      

              2>welding before galvanizing ( only feasible for guardrail with relatively small size)

Caricteristics: strong, durable and flexible construction

Application: used in protecting of public area, highways, airports, stations, open yards and so on

The biggest wire mesh fence factory in Anping which is the wire mesh base of China.

The company is established in 1986 and she has more than 20 years' exporting experience. We have exported to USA, Columbia, Japan, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Dammam, Dubai, Iraq ,Thailand, Burma, around 20 countries. Anping County Jinbiao Wire Mesh Fence Co., Ltd gained very good reputation all over the world.

2> Main products:

Wire mesh fence, Welded wire mesh, Sound barrier, Temporary fence, Chain link fence, Euro fence, Palisade fence, Hexagonal wire mesh, Gabion box, Barbed and Razor barbed wire

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Q:What is the roof of a steel structure?
Slope roofing structure of the house generally refers to the normal slope of the drainage, less than a certain standard range, it will form water accumulation, and increase the burden on housing.
Q:Steel plate for steel structure, what kind of steel plate is it
To make a steel plate, such a phrase, I think, is a little worse.This word is a relatively large range, according to that there is no special requirements, can use general steel: carbon steel structure can be, such as Q235, Q345, Q235 belong to ordinary carbon steel structure, Q345 is the last name 16Mn, belongs to low alloy series.But if it's special, it can be bridge, steel plate, Q235q, etc.. Q345q and so on.
Q:What is an assembled steel structure?
An assembly structure: a structure that assembles components in a special workshop and assembles the components at the construction site.Therefore, in accordance with this concept, the steel structure is assembly type, all components are processed in the factory, transported to the construction site for lifting
Q:Name of steel structure awning
With high strength aluminum alloy material, the joint of column and ceiling is strengthened with galvanized steel structure, so it is more secure and firm. The surface of aluminum alloy is treated by powder electrostatic spraying, and the oxidation resistance is more than 30 years.
Q:What does LL represent in steel structures?
Generally, coupling beams have small span, large section and large stiffness of wall connected with coupling beams. Generally, the internal forces of the coupling beams are often large under the influence of wind and earthquake loads. In the calculation of internal force, the stiffness of the coupling beam is usually reduced, but the displacement calculation is usually not reduced.
Q:What are the joint forms of steel structures?
The steel structure joints are divided into rigid joint and hinged joint, and the joints in the truss are many, because the steel pipe is used more.
Q:What does nonstandard steel structure mean?
Non standard equipment is non standard equipment, non-standard equipment is compared with standard equipment (GB, HG, JB and so on national or industry standards) in terms of not in accordance with the unified national industry standards and specifications for manufacturing equipment, but according to their own need to use their own design and manufacture of the equipment. Equipment whose appearance or performance is not in the catalogue of national equipment products.
Q:The difference between steel structures
In the subdivision, such as steel structural column: H steel column, lattice steel column, variable section steel column, box shaped steel column.Steel structure beam: H steel structure beam, lattice steel structure beam, variable section steel structure beam, box type steel structure beam, crane beam.
Q:Which engineering structures are more economical and rational with steel structure?
In addition, because of its better force, the unit weight is much lighter than the concrete structure, and it is also suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings
Q:How much is steel per square meter of steel foundation?
All types of foundations are not exactly the same. It is recommended that you calculate the total amount of reinforcement, and then divide the area to get the square meter content. This is more accurate.

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