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material:low carbon steel wire
surface finish: hot-dip/electro galvanized, powder coated
advantage:good oxidation resistance

Product name: pedestrian guardrail

Size: as your requirement

Process: 1>galvanizing before welding or made of galvanized steel tube and then welded      

              2>welding before galvanizing ( only feasible for guardrail with relatively small size)

Caricteristics: strong, durable and flexible construction

Application: used in protecting of public area, highways, airports, stations, open yards and so on

The biggest wire mesh fence factory in Anping which is the wire mesh base of China.

The company is established in 1986 and she has more than 20 years' exporting experience. We have exported to USA, Columbia, Japan, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Dammam, Dubai, Iraq ,Thailand, Burma, around 20 countries. Anping County Jinbiao Wire Mesh Fence Co., Ltd gained very good reputation all over the world.

2> Main products:

Wire mesh fence, Welded wire mesh, Sound barrier, Temporary fence, Chain link fence, Euro fence, Palisade fence, Hexagonal wire mesh, Gabion box, Barbed and Razor barbed wire

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Q:What is the ultimate capacity of steel structures?
I. The ultimate bearing capacity of steel structure means failure due to fatigue.Two 、 the ultimate limit of bearing capacity is the state that has been destroyed and can not be used. The serviceability limit state is also barely usedThree, the structure or component to the maximum carrying capacity, or reach the limit state of deformation which is not suitable for continued load.
Q:What is the steel structure of portal frame and frame difference
Shelving structure: as the name suggests, a row of rows. Mainly used for single plant, by the roof and pillars and constitute the basis of horizontal plane, is the main bearing system of the plant, and then the plane frame is connected by the roof panel, crane beam, longitudinal support member, the overall space structure.
Q:Measures to prevent rust in welded seam of steel structure
Containing 95% pure zinc, can be used for cold galvanizing, rust prevention, permeability, metal surface protection, zinc film after spraying, can effectively prevent rust and prevent corrosion spread. The main steel structures, bridges, buildings, electrical towers, tunnel facilities, containers, reinforcing steel bars, communication launchers, signs, ships, steel plates, equipment, etc., can be galvanized paint, the effect is remarkable
Q:The exterior walls of steel buildings are colored steel plates, aren't they?
The exterior wall is to install color steel plate, which divides the area, which has personal preference, the brick wall or the steel plate isolation, or the glass itself
Q:Large steel structure stress analysis, what software is good?
The disadvantage is that as a general analysis software, it can not be in line with the domestic standard. It only provides SSDD to judge the result of the steel structure, but some adjustment factors need to be considered by the designer.
Q:What does steel structure "Zhongshan wall post" mean?
Gable wind column name is mainly wind, also has anti vibration effect, and enhance the stability of the role, as do the single wall gable is too high, to enhance the stability and wind / earthquake loads by using this to avoid gable instability.
Q:What are the advantages of steel structure houses?
With the development of urban construction and the increase of high-rise buildings, the development of steel structure in our country is very fast. As a kind of green environmental protection building, steel structure residence has been listed as the key project by the Ministry of construction. Especially in China's large and medium-sized city, more people and less land resources, and people to the residential density, green environment requirements more and more high, wide range of application of steel structure housing, is China's production of the inevitable result of the development of.
Q:Where are welded parts of steel structures to be subjected to nondestructive testing?
All welds shall be full weld, and the weld height shall be in accordance with the drawing design requirements, and the minimum weld angle shall not be lower than the thickness of the sheet to which it is attached. Pay special attention to the welding height at the bottom flange and bracket. Butt welded flange plate to mouth, gouging completely after welding, arc welding lead must be added before the weld shall not be lower than the parent material, and more than high not greater than 2mm, more than high or welding to grinding clearance with grinder. After welding arc plate will lead plane, with grinder will edge polishing.
Q:Steel structure workshop and equipment have static electricity is how?
If there is a steel structure and equipment have electrostatic phenomenon, may be: 1 the earth is very dry, soil resistivity is very high, resulting in electrostatic can smoothly into the ground; 2 steel structure and equipment shell is not well grounded.
Q:What is the difference between a reinforced concrete structure and a steel concrete structure?
Reinforced concrete structure is: reinforced concrete casting structure; steel concrete structure is: part of the steel structure, plus concrete structure to do, is not the same. For example, reinforced concrete structure houses you, is assembling reinforcement concrete pouring engineering; and you build a building foundation is reinforced concrete, but it is part of the steel structure (that is to say the above are just some of the steel structure of the structure).

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