FCM1 Mold Case Circuit Breaker

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FCM 1 Series plastics shell breaker (hereinafter refered to be breakers)is designed with the rated insulation voltage of 800V,The breakers are fit for the power distribution electric grids and circuits of AC 50HZand with the rated pocrating voltage voltage up to 690v and rated current up to 1600A.they are interested for protecting the circuit from non-frequent switching and for protecting motors from non-frequent starting,in addition.they are also intended for protecting the circuits and powerequipment from damages arising from overload ,short circuit,under voltage .etc.as well as preventing the line and the power supply from damages.based on the breaking capacity(Icu) of rated limit short circuit,the breakers can be divided into C type (basic type),L type (standard type),M type(strong breaking capacity)and H type (strong breaking capacity)this breaker has some features such as small size,strong breaking capacity,short arcing over,distance and resist to vibrating etc.

breakers can be installed vertically or horizontally.

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Q:Is the circuit breaker in the circuit necessary?
when the current is slightly larger, will only cut off the other two phase to produce too much electric current Arched open
Q:Is the isolator switchable with a circuit breaker?
Circuit breaker: with overcurrent, short circuit automatic trip function, with degaussing arc extinguishing device, can be used to connect, cut off the high current;
Q:Is there a circuit breaker in the circuit
And the fuse in the line failure, but to protect the fault of the line, but the problem appears here, assuming
Q:Is this an air switch or a leak protector?
The second with overload protection. Short circuit protection and leakage protection of the RCD. Also known as leakage circuit breaker.
Q:How to choose a circuit breaker for home and small office circuits
After installation wiring, press the leakage connector leakage test button, you can create a brief manual leakage to test whether the leakage of electrical action.
Q:The difference between air switch and circuit breaker
So the air circuit breaker can also fault in the state (load short circuit, load over current, low voltage, etc.) cut off the electrical circuit
Q:The difference between the leakage switch of the air switch circuit breaker
ircuit breaker is a circuit breaker. Leakage protector is a leakage protector is two different products role is different
Q:Is the zero line going through the circuit breaker?
Three-phase three-wire, the use of protection to zero system, the zero line is absolutely not allowed to go through the circuit breaker, because the zero line is broken,
Q:Where will the circuit breaker auxiliary contacts be used? ,
generally do not consider maintenance, suitable for branch protection switch, over current release There are two kinds of electromagnetic and electronic
Q:Leakage protector and open selection
The third is not overloaded. Short-circuit protection function. Not directly split circuit, only leakage alarm RCD

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