FBP closed cooling tower

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FBP closed cooling tower

Structural characteristics

1. It applies the collaborative heat removal structure of precooling radiating filler and heat exchanging coil pipe to reach high cooling efficiency but small volume.  

2. There setting a louver at the air inlet, avoiding the direct sunlight into the tower and the algae growth, which will keep the spray water clean.

3. The heat exchanging pipes apply T12 copper pipe, and the design pressure is 1.6MPa, keeping the fluid from pollution.

4. The coil pipe of the heat exchanger applies modular design, and there is access door which is convenient to maintain the inner parts such as nozzle, filler and float valve etc.

5. It applies aluminum alloy axial flow fan, the speed of air outlet is high which can prevent the hot air from flowing back.The operation noise is low.


1. This system circulates in a closed circuit. This can help to prevent scaling in the wall of the pipe to reduce or even block the water line, finally resulting in damages to components(such as induction heating equipment, electrical components: SCR, reactors, capacitors, tubes, induction coils, etc.)

2. Little water consumption in the closed circulation, which meet the demand of energy saving and environment protection.

3. High efficiency in heat rejection, low cost in operation

4. Smaller space needed, convenient to move, no need of a pool.

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Q:Chigo Air conditioning production site where?
is a production, household and commercial air-conditioning sales of large-scale modern enterprise group, industry group covering the field of home air conditioning, central air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, refrigeration equipment, household appliances etc..
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Q:What are the manufacturers of industrial air conditioners?
some brand-name air-conditioning sales profit is too small so that several major air-conditioning giant no market
Q:Industrial air conditioning refrigeration unit ranking
Other foreign brands, such as Emerson, Bitzer in industry market is very small not to say, is about the same.
Q:What are the units in the air conditioner?
In general, one of the cooling capacity of large to 2000 kcal, converted to international units should be multiplied by 1.162, so the cooling capacity of a stress of 2000 kcal = 2324 x 1.162 W, w here (W) means that the cooling capacity, 1.5 horse should be 2000 kcal x 1.5 x 1.162 = 3486w, and so on.
Q:Where is the demand for industrial air conditioners larger?
And this thing, everyone usually buy 1 back, and, if you want to do a full brain, spend a lot of time, this certainly ineffective,,..
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First of all to see is the use of power is 220V or 380V electric industrial electric air conditioning air conditioning air conditioning 10P 220
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second, SKYWORTH with a new high efficient compressor pump and motor combination, provide a strong impetus for air conditioning in and improve operating efficiency; thirdly, with a new resonance chamber, combined with motor noise reduction technology unique patented design and professional,
Q:What is the characteristic and application of air cooling central air conditioning air cooling central air conditioning system?
Air-cooled central air conditioning units are small and medium-sized units, generally applicable to buildings within 10000 square meters, unlike water-cooled, central air-conditioning are large units.
Q:What is the difference between a precision air conditioner and a home air conditioner?
stable and reliable, long time operation of variable frequency energy saving 10%, low noise; suitable for precision workshop, clean room, record room, laboratories, museums, wine cellar, free on-site installation and commissioning.

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