Fast Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

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Specification of Fast Hydraulic rotary drilling rig:

1)  It  has  great  drilling  capability,  wide  range  of  application  ,  rapid  drilling  speed  and  high  drilling efficiency,  as  well  as  powerful  ability  of  

eliminating  accident.

2)  Extension  mechanism  in  the  output  spindle  of  top  drive  power  head  protects  drilling  tools effectively.  It  can  increase  the  hole  inclination  

angle  range  and  drill  elevation  angle  hole,  while setting  the  top  drive  power  head  and  hole  top  plate  toward  the  opposite  direction.

3)  A  set  of  front-mounted  adjustable  columns  on  drill  frame  is  used  for  adjusting  the  height  of  mast 

front-end,  which  makes  it  convenient  to  align  with  working  position.

4)  Rig  structure  is  separate  group  design,  it  assures  good  disassembility  ,  rapid  and  convenient  mount and  transport,  better  working  

environment  and  lower  labor  strength  as  well  as  remote  control  and operation.

5)  Mast  can  be  fixed  on  staging  immediately  without  drill  frame  with  auxiliary  parts  (horizontal  axle and  buckles),  which  makes  it  possible 

 for  greatly  reduce  rig  weight  and  fastener  transport.

6)  The  imported  hydraulic  motor,  other  main  assembly  preferentially  selected  home  made  reputed  and  high quality  products  ensure  its  stable 

 running  performance,  reliable  product  quality  and  long  service  life. It  has  good  interchangeability  due  to  the  high  grade  of  standardization  

and  seriesization  of  wearing parts.

7)  Full  hydraulic  drive  and  operate,  stepless  shift,  simple  operate,  convenient  maintain  and  few wearing  parts.

8)  It  can  be  used  with  various  drilling  method  such  as  carbide  bit  drilling,  anger  drilling,  DTH  hammer drilling,  follow-up  casing  drilling  etc.



Usage of Fast Hydraulic rotary drilling rig:


This class rig commonly used telescopic hydraulic crawler chassis , self landing folding drilling mast , telescopic drill pipe , vertical adjustment with

automatic detection , hole depth digital display , the whole manipulation generally use hydraulic pilot control, load sensing, with easy operation, comfort

and so on . Main and auxiliary hoist is applicable to both the site needs a variety of situations. With different kind of drilling rig , suitable for dry ( short

screw ) or wet ( rotary bucket ) and rock ( core drill ) holes into the job , but also with hanging long auger , diaphragm wall grab , vibrohammer etc. , to

achieve a variety of functions , mainly for municipal construction, highway bridge foundation construction , industrial and civil construction , underground

continuous wall , water, seepage slope protection . Domestic experts believe : rotary drilling rig in the next few years, there is still a lot of domestic market .


Select the principle of rotary drilling rig should be able to meet the needs of the user 's current main project , taking into account the needs of the project

that may occur in the future. Rotary Drilling Rig root


According to its main operating parameters : torque , engine power, hole diameter , depth and drilling rig machine quality can be divided into three types:


Torque 100kN · m. Engine power 170kW, hole diameter 0.5 ~ 1m, drilling depth of about 40m, 40t about the quality of the whole rig . Minicomputer

market positioning applications : ( 1 ) gallery of various slope pile ;


Part of the load-bearing structure ( 2 ) floor of the pile ;


1m pile of various diameters ( 3 ) municipal urban renewal projects of less than ;


Packing & Delivery

In nude, delivery time according the client's quantities.


Picture of Fast Hydraulic rotary drilling rig:


Fast Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig


Fast Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig


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