Fashionable basin faucet with single handle- 455

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1.Basin faucet, brass body,  ceramic cartridge
2.CE approved faucet,high quality chrome plated
3.Guranty 5 years

                               Product Technical Specification
Material: Brass main body and zinc alloy handle
Brass content: 57-60%
Cartridge:Ceramic cartridge, KCG and Sedal brand are available
Surface treatment: Chrome-plated, other plating available, including brush nickle, red bronze, antique brass, etc.
The thickness of chrome plating:Nickel: 3.5-12um Chrome: 0.1-0.3um
Water Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Air Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Cartridge Life time:500,000 cycles
Quality Guarantee:5 years Quality Guarantee
Water flow:

Wash basin faucet: 13.3`13.7 L/Min

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Q:What are some quick ways to unclog a bathroom sink?
Remove the stopper.Have someone hold a wet rag over the overflow holes and plunge the heck out of it.If the drain is not vented it will loosen all the gunk in the pipe.Flush with cold water.Hot water just makes it sticky.
Q:Smell from bathroom sink.?
the only thing i can think of is that maybe the toilet is sucking the water out of the sink s j trap pipe. look under the sink and you'll see what i'm speaking of. that trap pipe is supposed to always have water in the curve of the pipe so the SEWER PIPE AIR cant make it past that trap. now i've never heard of that happening, but it's the only thing i can think of that will cause that problem.
Q:What is the height of the bathroom basin?
If the basin is high, the table height: 750mm, basin height: 180 ~ 220mm. Under the basin, the table is high 860mm, retaining water is high 40mm.
Q:The characteristics of the basin
Column type basin: more suitable for the area is small or the utilization rate is not very high bathroom (such as the living room), in general, most of the column basin design is very simple, because the drainage components can be hidden in the column to the main basin, People with a clean, clean look and feel, and, when washing hands, the body can naturally stand in front of the basin, so that the use of more convenient and comfortable. Desktop basin: more suitable for installation in the larger bathroom, can be made of natural stone or artificial stone with the use of countertops, but also in the table under the bathroom cabinet, bathing equipment, beautiful and practical.
Q:Can you replace a sink in a mobile home with any kind of sink or a kind specific for trailers? How do i do it?
You and link to bath design then to sink project for instructions. Your local home center can help -they will answer all questions.
Q:how do i get rid of the awful smell in my bathroom sink?
I would try vinegar and/or baking soda. You could also try boiling a pot of water and then pouring the hot water down the drain. You could also go to a home improvement store and buy a snake to try dislodging anything that could be stuck in there and causing the odor. I wouldn't pour bleach or any other chemical down the drain in case it is sewer gas. The bleach and the gases could combine to make you sick, or worse yet, go kaboom! Call your landlord or a plumber if general cleaning doesn't work.
Q:How much of the glass glue on the basin is appropriate
Should not play too much, as long as the uniform hit in place, the gap can be a good seal! The
Q:Bathroom wash basin crack, and how to remedy ah
You can with the manufacturers to point steel, is the resin and white cement and other mixed dubbed, good-looking, and leak-proof. Hope to help you, please adopt!
Q:why did my bathroom sink randomly explode?
So the sink is sitting there minding it's own business and this guy comes into the room half asleep and falls on it. The weight of they guys head landing on it stresses the sink at the plumbing connections and the sink cracks with a bang. The guy goes back to bed feeling a little embarrassed and lazy because in he's a guy after all, and doesn't want to miss the football game on the weekend so he blames the sink and tells the owner it's the sinks fault. The sink did not randomly explode, there was someone in the room when it happened. The sink sat there all night before he was there.
Q:bathroom sink drain plug?
there's this real flimsy linkage underneath the sink that ties the drain plug to the drain plug opener/closer. it's a little skinny rod that ties into a metal strip with a bunch of holes in it. sometimes the metal rod may have a screw on the end of it. sometimes it's just real long and will simply....welll youre just going to have to get under the sink and look at it. i know all that sounds nutts but get under the sink and look at it. it's super easy to fix once you figure it out.

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