Fashionable basin faucet with single handle- 401

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1.Basin faucet, brass body,  ceramic cartridge
2.CE approved faucet,high quality chrome plated
3.Guranty 5 years

                               Product Technical Specification
Material: Brass main body and zinc alloy handle
Brass content: 57-60%
Cartridge:Ceramic cartridge, KCG and Sedal brand are available
Surface treatment: Chrome-plated, other plating available, including brush nickle, red bronze, antique brass, etc.
The thickness of chrome plating:Nickel: 3.5-12um Chrome: 0.1-0.3um
Water Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Air Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Cartridge Life time:500,000 cycles
Quality Guarantee:5 years Quality Guarantee
Water flow:

Wash basin faucet: 13.3`13.7 L/Min

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Q:Washing machine and basin up and down how to achieve
You can go to the home forum to see friends sun photos and experience. Conditions permitting, designed to be embedded in the most space. With photos.
Q:How to repair corroded bathroom sink pipe?
Let's take a look at this problem, if you got the necklace out that is a plus and, now for the problem of putting it back together and not have it leak. The old trap is junk, that is a given, the next thing to ask yourself is did I have water going where it should not be going before she lost her necklace in the sink, if the answer is no then we can proceed on a little farther. You can go get a new p.v.c. trap but, the problem that you need to address is how is the trap attached to the wall. If you have removed the part that is slipped over the trap at the wall and there is a nut there you are in luck, because, you loosen that nut slip the old trap part out and install the new trap and then connect up the rest of the trap. If you remove that cover at the wall and the trap is soldred into the pipe at the wall then you are just about out of options, you can cut the trap at a good spot and just try to repipe it or call a plumber to get it done. It is never an easy job to change out a trap.
Q:How hard is it to fix a leak under a bathroom sink?
Bathroom sink traps are either 1 1/4 or 1 1/2. Tools needed would be channellock type pliers if you cannot unscrew the slip joints by hand. Possible leaks could be: the slip joint washer might have failed. Replace it with a new one. Make sure that you install it with the tapered end going into the wall connection. If the trap was hit, it might have just pulled out of the wall joint enough to leak. The pipe may be split. Replace if that is the case.
Q:Bathroom washbasin called what wash table
What is the basin?
Q:What about Klein Basin? Is it okay?
Personally feel that Kohler is still very good, very sound reputation.
Q:Bathroom basin water pipe wall outlet and the water that is good
It is certainly a good water, wall water a long time there will be hidden inside the hair is easy to block and bad dredge, the water is not good to engage in health, wall water is only a little beautiful, that is not good is the face of the project is not practical, And the disadvantages are, fish and bear's paw can not have both
Q:Balcony washbasin marble good or good stainless steel
Stainless steel is too soft and nice. If it is often used or marble is good, occasionally with about stainless steel
Q:What is the height of the wash basin?
When you buy a bathroom cabinet, check the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet according to the installation position. After the position of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be set according to the installation position.
Q:How do I unclog my bathroom sink?
there is a tool called a ZIP IT it is a thin flexable tool that you slide down the drain and the spikes on the sides catch the hair [human or animal] and you pull it right out .can get at walmart , ace hardware cost 3.00 works great and you don't have to take the stopper out of the sink to use it.
Q:why does the sink has elbow tube instead of just a straight tube?
First, let's redo that question: Why does the sink have a trap instead of just a straight connection? This usually is what causes clogged drains. The pipe is shaped like that to hold a water seal. It prevent sewer gas from entering the house. Even the toilet has a trap, why do you think water sits in the bottom of the bowl? Since a trap is so accessible there should be no problem getting to it if it gets clogged. Better to clog there than a less accessible place like inside the wall.

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