Fashionable basin faucet with single handle- 401

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1.Basin faucet, brass body,  ceramic cartridge
2.CE approved faucet,high quality chrome plated
3.Guranty 5 years

                               Product Technical Specification
Material: Brass main body and zinc alloy handle
Brass content: 57-60%
Cartridge:Ceramic cartridge, KCG and Sedal brand are available
Surface treatment: Chrome-plated, other plating available, including brush nickle, red bronze, antique brass, etc.
The thickness of chrome plating:Nickel: 3.5-12um Chrome: 0.1-0.3um
Water Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Air Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Cartridge Life time:500,000 cycles
Quality Guarantee:5 years Quality Guarantee
Water flow:

Wash basin faucet: 13.3`13.7 L/Min

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Q:I have a bad smell underneath my bathroom sink...?
Maybe your sink is leaking and the smell is coming from mildew. Clean it with some bleach and warm water to kill some germs.
Q:Bugs in the bathroom sink??
tell your parents to make him clean it out before it goes to the rest of the house
Q:How do I remove cigarette stains from bathroom sink?
The stained linoleum is from a latex backed rug, not cigarette smoking. There is nothing to be done with this stain. You haven't said what the material your cabinets are made from, but it is unlikely that anything would resist comet. If it is the smell of tobacco smoke, it probably comes from the crevices and not the cabinets themselves. Dump an absorbent bath power in the crevices. Let it sit for a while, you don't have to dump it all over. Then you can vacuum and apply again. Or, you can spray cleaning solution in there, just select one that you can tolerate, the scent of the cleaning solution will be there for a while. The other place is if the handles on the cabinets have a large metal backing under which trapped residues are present. Also, if your cabinets have a back wall, then there is another wall behind that which remains uncleaned. I find it odd though that you complain of the bathroom, and not the rest of the house. Smoke does not discriminate. If the rest of the apartment is okay, I don't think you have successfully identified the source of your problem.
Q:Kitten defecating in bathroom sink?
Um.. He shouldn't be living in a bathroom.. That might be the problem.. But if you are strictly told to keep him in there or something like that then I guess keep him in >_<.. But after he goes in it.. clean it out really good and get some disinfecting stuff.. also you might should buy or try and find a pet odor eliminator and that will get rid of the smell and the habit probably. Also you should keep a close eye on him and when he jumps on the counter or the sink, firmly say NO and pick him up and put him in his litterbox. Then pick up his paw and push the litter around with his paw. This always works when training cats to use the litter box. about 99% of the time it works. If the litterbox hasn't been cleaned (like washed out with soap and water) at least once a month.. you should do that. Just dump the litter out and fill it halfway with soap and water.. then maybe if its dirty enough, scrub it with a sponge or something. Then wait for it to dry and put it back in the bathroom and fill it with litter of course. Also if it smells try sprinkling two spoonfuls of baking soda on the litter. You might have to put something else for the cat to go to the restroom in while you are cleaning it. Or make sure the cat has just gone before cleaning it out. Well this is all the info I can give you. hope this helps!
Q:Black gunk in bathroom sink?
that is crud. Crud= any solid debris that go down your drain and then are held mutually via moist sticky drinks or glop. Hair, epidermis flakes, makeup powder, nutrition debris from teethe brushing, tooth brush bristles that are all gumped mutually via sticky stuff like, tooth paste, saliva, face oils, face creams and hand soaps.
Q:Can the stainless steel basin be washed with detergent?
Can, wash powder and nothing corrosive, clothes and hand contact no problem ah. It is recommended to brush a layer of detergent, half an hour after the wash, the effect is more clean.
Q:Hangzhou artificial stone basin basin environmental assessment approval
2, EIA prepared environmental assessment report. EIA in the preparation of EIA report when the timely and EIA to communicate to ensure that your EIA quality.
Q:Bathroom basin cabinet what is good quality
If the best choice of wood with oak, moisture resistant water is not easy to deformation. Metal can be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy.
Q:Stain on bathroom sink?
What exactly is this reddish packet made of? Your bathroom sink is mostly likely plain ceramic porcelain.
Q:Bathroom washbasins the narrowest width
Can be customized to die

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