Fashion Womenswear 100%Polyester 100D 1800 Twist Fabric

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100 m
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1000000 m/month

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Fashion womenswear 100%polyester 100D 1800 twist fabric dubai chiffon printed fabric  for China textile supplier

Fabric Details

Yarn Count100D*100D
MOQ1200 Meters
Delivery Time15-45days
Quality standard America 4 point quality standard
Payment termsTT or LC
PackingPlastic roll inside, Poly bag outside,30-100 meter per roll

Free services

1. Free sample swatches in A4 size.

2. Free sample yardage in 1 meters(we have in stocks).

3. Free to make Lab-dips sample cutting.

4. Tens of thousands of designs for you to choose from.

5. Short production lead time and delivery.

6. Quality inspecting.



 Customized services

1. We have Product Development Team to develop the new products to meet your need.

2. For the packing and loading, we also accept customized requirement.

 After-sale services 

When clients receive the goods, if any quality problems, pls contact us freely. We will have

a disscuss about it to make you satisfied. And we never let it happen next time.



Q: Is the quality competitive in textile industry?

A: We have specialized in manufacturing and exportation printed fabric for 15 year. We can provide various fabric with diverse patterns. Each process will undergo strict inspection.


Q: What is the minimum quantity?

A: Usually 500m or more than 500m for each color, we can also accept order less than 500m. We offer discount for orders larger than 5,000 meters and the most favorable price for orders above 10,000 meters


Q: How about the package

A: We usually pack as follows:

1. In roll packing with tubes and plastic bags

2. In roll packing with tubes and cartons

3. According to customers’ request

4. Usually 50yds/roll, or according to customers’ request

5. Customized hanger tag, paper tapes and stamping or according to customers’ request

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Q:What is a composite fabric?
Composite fabric is a kind of superfine fiber used in special textile processing and unique dyeing and finishing, and then processed by compound equipment. Application of composite fabric "high technology and new materials of new synthetic fiber", with many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fiber), such as fabric performance, fine clean delicate, elegant, warm, fabric appearance plump, windproof, breathable, waterproof function, fabric warm and good.
Q:What is the general material of men's windbreaker?
1., men's coat and windbreaker are generally divided according to season, mainly in the spring, autumn and winter, summer, generally fewer people will wear windbreaker. Even if there is a similar style of windbreaker clothing, nor is it windbreaker.2., if it is the spring and autumn season windbreaker, it is recommended to use cotton fabrics combed cotton plus polyester fabric. The ratio can be 60 cotton, /40 polyester, or 80 cotton /20 polyester. Because the soft cotton, if cotton fabrics, very stiff, especially the collar can not stand up, easy to deformation.
Q:What is the fabric of sun velvet?
Cotton cashmere Yang: in order to meet the high standards of people sleep environment and strict requirements, domestic textile fabrics industry leader Sun Yang launched a new cotton fabrics, the ecological good sleep clean to the consumer side.
Q:What's the fabric of Dacron?
Polyester fabric has the following characteristics1. strength and elasticity of polyester fabric has high resilience, therefore, the color fastness and durability, anti crease.2. polyester fabric moisture poor, wearing dull, at the same time easy to bring static electricity, dust, affect the beauty and comfort. However, after washing, it is easy to dry, and the wet strength almost does not decrease. It has no deformation and has good washing and wearing properties.3. polyester fabric is heat resistant synthetic fiber fabric in the best, with thermoplastic, can be made of pleated skirt, pleated long. At the same time, the polyester fabric melt resistance is poor, in ash, Mars is easy to form holes. Therefore, when you wear, you should try to avoid cigarette butts, sparks and other contacts.
Q:Pure cotton fabric how to wash?
After washing, the dehydration should be rapidly leveled and dried to reduce wrinkles. In addition to the white fabric, not in the sun exposure, avoiding sun exposure and makes the cotton accelerate oxidation, thereby reducing the service life of clothes and caused the faded yellow, if the drying in the sunlight, suggested to be dry inside outwards.
Q:What are high count high yarn fabrics?
High count cotton yarn fineness on behalf of Britain, branches of cotton yarn is higher that the fine quality requirements of cotton is better, the price more expensive. It is generally believed that more than 40 yarn counts as yarn of higher counts. Therefore, both high cotton cotton and non cotton, anti-static better, only special materials only fully anti-static.
Q:What are knitted fabrics?
The main products are as follows: 1, polyester yarn dyed knitted fabric: fabric bright color, beautiful, harmonious color matching, dense texture, clear weave, strong wool type, similar to wool fabric, flower style. Mainlyusedformenandwomen, suit, coat, vest, skirt, jacket, children's clothing and other fabrics;
Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This is a functional fabric, 100%Acrylic (100% acrylic), feel good, and cashmere almost, so it is called cashmere. Is made of acrylic through special craft processing, make the acrylic fiber with natural cashmere that smooth, soft and elastic feeling, and has excellent dyeing properties of acrylic yarn, called imitation cashmere.
Q:What fabric is blended?
Blending means that the ingredients contain two or more than two ingredients, blends, no fixed fabric, many blends, cotton and polyester blends, cotton and brocade blends, TR blends, lots and lots
Q:What do you mean by four piece cotton fabric 128*68 cotton?
Pure cotton represents material. This is very simple128*64 you can understand that the density of fabrics, called weaving, is generally marked by "XX*XX weave"The higher the fabric is said to do more thin, and the material process requirements higher, of course, the cost is higher. They sell expensive.

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