fashion design shaggy floor carpets for home decorative

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10000 m³/month

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Packaging Detail:Package:every sheet rolled up in one , bundling with tapes,wraped with plastic bag,POP,care lable,bar code are available as your request.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after the LC or the deposite.


Tufted carpet 
1)The design is precisely Tufted. 
2)Any pattern is OK,within 6 colours are available. 
3)Big production capacity

                                     Polyester Tufted carpet


1.Brief introduction.


The main sizes of our hand woven carpet are 1200*1800,1400*2000,1600*2300,1800*2900 for bedroom,living room,hotel,etc.Any design with less than 4 colours are all available.The pile height should be less than 2 cm.


Item No.CMAX-006
Material100% Polyester fiber
TextureCut pile,shaggy pile.
Pile height1.2cm
Pile weight1800g/sqm
Performance density2000g/sqm
Back clothcanvas latex back,grey colour
 Size 160*230,any size(the width less than 2000)is OK.
 Colours Less than 6 colours
 Design Any design is available.

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Q:get candle wax off of a carpet?
Have the same problem right now...take ICE CUBES, get wax as cold as possible, take dull knife (butter knife) and scrape...most of the wax will chip off. Any residual that you cannot get off, take warm iron over paper towel covering wax..the wax will melt into the towl and be removed. Good luck, I have to do this tomorrow.
Q:How can I get Sudacream (nappy cream) out my carpet?!?
Carpet cleaner and then add boiling water. After this, make sure you scrub really really hard and make certain that the carpet is completely dry, use a hair drier if you have to, because you don't want mold under the carpet. This should remove it, it removes most carpet spills except things like ink.
Q:Could you recommend some curtains & rugs please?
I and type in Wall Decores or Wall Decals and there u can get alot of different decals to fix up a room..Just stick the ones u want on the wall and it adds alot to any room..look at the different pictures that the sellers have up to give u some extra ideas...Hope this helps u out..Godbless
Q:Can I cut a rug?
you can cut it yourself but it's not the best idea as it can get messy, you'll end up with the rug coming to bits. go to a local carpet shop and ask them for the tape (not sure what its called) that will prevent this from happening. good luck
Q:how to clean spots on a carpet?
Well...are they pet stains? Old or new? If they are old pet stains, it might be difficult to remove. For any type of carpet cleaning, it's best to purchase cleaner designed for your type of stain. For instance, there are cleaners created to treat and clean cat urine stains. These would be found in your stores pet/cat section and the household cleaning section. Once you get the proper cleaners, keep them on hand for the future accidents! When cleaning fresh accidents, remember to use paper towels to blot/soak up as much liquid as possible. Use the carpet cleaners according to their directions. If you have a Wet/Dry Vacuum, use that to extract the cleaner from the carpet. If worse came to worst, you might want to have the carpets professionally cleaned. For cats...please make sure you have a good litter pan that is large enough for your cat and use good cat responds well to the Tidy Cat brand. Good luck!
Q:how to clean my carpet?
Q:How to get window paint out of carpet?
Use carpet cleaning machines loaded with steam cleaning advantage. Ordinary carpet cleaners can't remove the paint perfectly but carpet cleaners with steam cleaning feature can easily remove the stains.
Q:what can be used to remove old printer ink stains from carpet?
I had just had the carpets cleaned when the next day dropped a toner cartridge on the carpet. Did not want to have it cleaned again, I tried several different substances before I found one that took all the ink out. It is a cleanser that has peroxide in it, so you could probably try using a mixture of water and peroxide on the carpet. Dab with a white towel. Do not rub, or you will be pushing the color further down into the carpet. As long as you have color coming onto the rag, you are pulling ink out of the carpet. Might take several attempts. You also might have to redo it once the carpet has dried. This is called wicking when the stain comes back up to the surface.
Q:I need a long term strategy for keeping my cat from scratching the rug?
The only you can stop your cat from scratching at the rug is get your cat declawed thats the only way.I have a cat that loves to scratch at the door when spray her with water it didn't work so spraying your cat with water it won't work.
Q:Please recommend a rug for a infant/toddler?
Hand braided rag rug, as it will not contain any nasty chemicals.

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