Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

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material: carbon steel Model .No.: 601104 size: 4

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high quality adjustable wrench spanner  



1. Material: chrome-vanadium or carbon steel

2. Type: 4",6",8",10",12",15",18",24"

4. MOQ: 1pcs.

5. Sample: contact with our service people for the sample.

6. OEM: Accepted.

7. Production capacity: 10000pcs per month.

8. Payment terms:  T/T, L/c



Please check with our  service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.material: chrome-vanadium or carbon steel  

2.Comfortable design


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Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality


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Q:Generally use the adjustable wrench how many inches bike repaired?
12 inch adjustable wrench can.Ring wrenches and open spanners are commonly used in bicycle maintenance.Screws are usually No. 10, No. 12, No. 13, No. 14, No. 15, No. 17, No. 8 wrench.Fork nut axis bowl screw, with 12 inch barrel wrench completely enough.
Q:What's the torque of the 1/2 ratchet wrench?
Usually, the 1/4,3/8,1/2 refers to the length of the square interface on the wrench, 1/4 stands for the square head, the dimension is 6.3MM, 3/8 stands for 9.5MM, and 1/2 stands for 12.5MM. Mainly depends on the torque value to choose the wrench.1/4 boats pull, especially suitable for small size 14MM elastic nut sleeve.3/8 "in the" pull ", suitable for matching within 24MM sleeve.1/2 "big torque wrench, relatively large, suitable for collocation within 32MM working sleeve.
Q:Torque wrenches, 72 teeth and 45 teeth, which one has greater torque?
But the bearing capacity should be 45 teeth better, less number of teeth, the stress area is large, and the clip tooth occlusal area is large, the ratchet 72 tooth high requirement for material, generally imported wrench will be used, to check the density of convenient tooth wrench. The wrench torque can be selected according to the model provided by the selected brand.
Q:What are the sleeve wrenches commonly used in automobile maintenance?
Universal tool tool bishop, screwdriver, pliers, wrenches etc.. 320 mm. ~350 (a) hammer hammer, composed of a hammer head and handle. The weight of the hammer is 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.75 kg, 1 kg and so on. Hammer shape is round and square. The handle is made of hard wood, usually long (two) opener opener (also known as a screwdriver.
Q:How big is the triangle spanner on the street light?
The triangle wrench applied on the street lamp adopts different anti-theft triangle screws according to different manufacturers. The most common used lamps on the street lamps are: Triangle: 6mm, corresponding to M5-M6 screws
Q:Does the car show a small wrench? Is it the indication of maintenance? How to make it disappear?
There is no indication of maintenance on the instrument panel. A wrench like condition indicates that the car is out of order and not in need of maintenance.There are many reasons for the trouble:Unreasonable operations will prompt;Mechanical failure in the form process;More because of random problems, in general, do not pay special attention to, if you care about, you can go to overhaul.
Q:The difference between the six corners and the inner six corners of the plum blossom
The six angle bolts are divided by the head, with six bolts in the cylinder head. This is the most commonly used, and it has many kinds. It is made of iron according to the material, that is, the carbon steel and the stainless steel. Stainless steel six angle bolts also have stainless steel, SUS304 and SUS202 and so on. Half round six angle bolts, the head also called the inner six angle bolt. Countersunk six angle bolts, head is flat, and inside is the six corners. There are a variety of national standards are more special, called headless six angle bolts. Is the set screws, we often call the stop screw, set screw. This is the universal name for the headless six corner bolt, but the meaning is the same. Of course, there are also some flower shaped bolts with six angles and plum blossom heads. The use of this relatively small, the market is also basically difficult to see.
Q:I wonder if there are any differences between digital display torque wrenches and non digital ones. Where do you sell them?
The digital torque wrench is an upgraded version of the dial type torque wrench. The accuracy is higher than the dial plate, and the operation is simpler! Digital torque wrenches are generally referred to as preset wrenches for assembly and fastening purposes
Q:What do you mean by a wrench icon on the dashboard of Chery?
Car maintenance to keep the vehicle clean, technical condition is normal, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent faults, slow down the deterioration process, prolong the service cycle.
Q:What's the inside of the six socket spanner for?
The inner six angle spanner with the straight head can work only when the wrench and the inner six angle screw are in a straight line

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