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The size of PCR car tire

1.Passenger car tire

13’--165/65R13,165/70R13, 165/70R13C, 175/70R13,185/70R13



15’--185/60R15,185/65R15,195/50R15,195/55R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,

        205/65R15, 215/65R15, 215/70R15,


       215/65R16, 225/50ZR16,  225/55ZR16,  225/60R16

2.UHP tire (Ultra High Performance Tire)







3.LTR Tire: 185R14C, 195R14C



1. Certificate of ECE, DOT, CCC ,ISO9001, GCC, EU-LABEL,Soncap,Nom etc.

2. The warranty time is within 3 years and 120000km.

3. with wide range and competitive price

4. Wide circumferential major grooves design enables excellent water drainage and side skidding-resistance at high speed

5. Smooth and lateral grooves and sipes provide super grip ability and braking ability

6. Suitable for various medium and high-level cars from home and abroad.

7. Large capacity and Large stockguarantee the fastest delivery:15-20days after deposit;

8. Best no-stop services given by our professional sales team;

9. Top 500 enterprise provide credit and quality guarantee.


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Q:Tires from car manufacturer?
No, but some tire makers have a warranty. The manufacturer warranty is only on things that they make (ie the car). It's still worth a shot to call your dealer and take a quick look at you paperwork and find out.
Q:Use of radial tires in bikes ?
It's better tire all around, better balanced, better material, hold up longer, rated for higher speeds, just overall a better tire.
Q:Buying Used Tires?
Check for bulges, wear on the tire on the surface and at the edges and the date of production, usually provided on the tires in 4 digits. The first two digits represent the week (out of 52 weeks) and the last 2 digits represent year. For instance, if a tire is marked 1104 this means it was made in the eleventh week of year 2004. Generally the older the date, the less useable the tire is supposed to be.
Q:What is the meaning of car tires 102h?
Tire type you see incomplete, for example: tire symbol 165/70 13R79T 165 said tire width is 165 mm, 70 tire flat ratio is 70 tire width refers to the width of the tire section, refers to the width between the two sidewalls. Flat ratio refers to the tire width and the proportion of the height of the tire, take this tire is the tire height accounted for 77% of the width of the tire. The smaller the value, the more tires are flattened. The letter "R" indicates that the tire is of the meridian structure, 13 means that the diameter of the tire wheel is 13 inches, that must match the 13-inch rim, or no way to install. 79 is the load code, carrying capacity of about 415 kg, for example: 82 corresponds to 475 kg, 92 corresponds to 630 kg, the index for each additional 1, about 15-20 kg load capacity. Also known as B, C, D. T Tire speed code, code security speed 190 H code security speed 210
Q:What tools do I need to change my car tires?
Prepare for tires Before changing tires, before replacing tires, first park the car in a relatively safe, flat place. And then tighten the parking brake, the gear is placed in the parking block and the ignition switch to the lock position. Open the double flash and place a triangular warning sign in a distance far enough. The next is to check the truck carrying the jack and the kit and spare tire, usually, according to the different models, spare tire generally on: trunk below the floor, hanging in the rear of the trunk, fixed in the trunk outside the door. SUV models of the spare tire are mostly hanging in the rear of the trunk or fixed in the trunk outside the door, and the text of the type of spare tire is placed in the trunk below the floor.
Q:Dangers of Old Tires?
Your higher end tires $150+ have better rubber and normally have more steel belts in the side walls. Most tires are sold long before a self life comes into play. The sun beating down on tires all day long is the biggest factor and quickest way for tires to go bad. Most vehicles this is not a problem since the tires are in and out of direct sun. Tires on trailers that just set for days, months this would play a big factor.
Q:How to change the car tires.
Cross-swap, ah, the balance of the wheels to do one by one is to put the lead block 4 round positioning to Auto Parts City 80 or so 200 enough patience too clearly the tire Do not old you may not be able to use
Q:Are snow tires better in the rain than all season tires?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are snow tires better in the rain than all season tires? or are snow tires only good for snow?
Q:How to check the car tires to determine if they need to be replaced
Car tires are critical to the safety, performance and efficiency of the car. Tire wear bars can help you determine if the tire needs to be replaced. Tires should be evenly damaged, so when you find that the tires on both sides of the damage are inconsistent, then you should check the car by the professionals. You can join the Castrol Manor Maintenance Institute, test your skills and enhance your knowledge of conservation.
Q:What is the best car tires?
Not the best, only the most suitable for their own

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