FANGYUAN Walking Pile Driver JZB90

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JZB Long Spiral Electric Walking Pile Driver

The JZL and JZB series of pile frame developed by Fangyuan Group are mainly used in the construction of pile foundation with various operation methods, such as long spiral drilling, diesel piling hammer, SMW technology, and etc. With safe and beautiful structure, reliable and advanced control, and flexible operation, the product is very popular among customers.

Walking Pile Driver    

JZB series of walking pile driver adopts hydraulic walking mode, featuring stable travel, safe operation and reliable performance. Equipped with different working devices, the product can be used as different piling machinery such as long spiral drill, SMW machine, screw pile machine, and diesel hammer pile driver, which is real multifunctional and it can eliminate the needs for some of the imported equipment, which greatly reduces the cost.




Main Functions

Long Spiral

Long Spiral

Max.boring diameter




Max.boring depth




Column height




Lifting capacity




Lifting speed




Slewing speed




Travel speed




Total weight

















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Q:Excavators, pile drivers, how to operate? The master knows,
Simple, first stop the car, push the right handle forward (big arm down), push the left hand lever (small arm out), handle the right (release bucket), do the above three actions at the same time until the bucket touches the ground. Then, the left handle back down and right arm handle down the left arm when receiving bucket, bucket is full. Then the big arm, left or right rotation and small rotating arm bucket on the line! Got it?! You can also question me!
Q:Is there an operation certificate for percussive drill driver?
The following is the introduction of can refer to the utility model relates to an automatic drill piling machine, the piling machine has a movable chassis, the chassis of the upper lateral order device PLC electric control box, automatic operation mechanism, hoisting part and a steering pulley and a main frame; PLC electric control box is provided with a computer program controller.
Q:Piling of percussive drilling
7, the drilling process control should be rigorous, but also do not have to worry about failure, a reasonable choice of treatment methods, generally can be solved, the common, foot blade perforation, hole collapse, partial hole, cross hole, drilling, drilling, drilling buried crane, well preventive measures are generally not in advance, very important duty responsibility. 8, the remaining holes, steel cage decentralization, concrete pouring, sealing and other are more conventional, do not write more. But the bottom of the hole, sediment, sediment, etc. must be recycled clean, otherwise it will be buried in the later works of greater risk. When the concrete is poured, the bottom concrete under the impact of residue inclusion in steel or bond caused by defects in the pile in concrete, on the upper structure of the load transfer to the bottom of the pile, the structure will definitely should produce uneven settlement for residue.
Q:What role does piling play in buildings?
When the bearing capacity of the foundation is not enough, it is not suitable for the direct excavation of the ground (such as quicksand, silt, marshes, etc.) using piling. Aimed at:Reinforce the soil and transfer the load to ensure that the superstructure will not be deformed or damaged due to uneven settlement of the foundation.Pile shape: pile, steel pile, cement pile, reinforced concrete pile and so on;The stress forms of the pile are end bearing pile, friction pile and mixed pile;Pile depth: sufficient to withstand the pressure of the superstructure, without deformation, according to the design life of the building: (permanent, short, temporary)Usually to the design bearing layer;The principle of hydraulic pile: the stake is carried to the bearing layer by the hydraulic press.The above answer, I hope you will be satisfied.
Q:Pile driver model, which brand is better?
As for the piling machine brand small piling machine is recommended a Matlock in Hunan, the drilling machine is widely used in city high-rise buildings, railways, highways, bridges, airports, ports and other pile foundation engineering irrigation pile construction, has wide application range, high construction efficiency, stable performance, and thoughtful service, environmental protection and energy saving the advantages of.
Q:Should the starting current be considered when the piling machine is in use?
There are two main types of pile driver used at present: diesel hammer pile driver and long spiral drilling rig. Xuzhou sea GREE is specialized in piling machine manufacturing enterprises, usually some friends ask some questions about the use of pile driver, today, the sea GREE will tell you about. The following is a friend of the sea GREE encountered a question. Q: a 15KW long spiral three ring power head, the starting current is about how big, I want to plan the temporary use of electricity on the site, I do not know a temporary construction of 60000 square meters of plant, how much electricity KW? Answer: in general, long spiral ring power head motor starting current depends on the specific circumstances, if the full voltage starting with load, the starting current is 5-7 times the rated current of the power supply. The construction of their equipment. In addition to see how much power head in the face of tricyclic sticking case, two start if beyond the rated current it is easy to burn the motor, after all, a power head is not cheap, suggest you consider all hydraulic power head, the power head is three was a bit expensive, but in the face of the card when drilling, two times can start easily and smoothly, the impact of the power grid is very small. Moreover, the torque of the hydraulic power head is 2-3 times as much as that of the ordinary three ring power head. It is more suitable for complex formation than the traditional long spiral, and the construction efficiency is more efficient. Long spiral drill in the type piling machine is the use of a more extensive, and for starting current understanding, we can get better in the construction layout, so as to avoid the occurrence of the voltage is not enough at the time of construction.
Q:Why levy piling
Like a chopstick, inserted into the soil is not directly on the ground than in a more stable, the pile is equivalent to the chopsticks into the earth part.
Q:Is the prestressed pipe pile driven by a diesel pile driver or a static pile driver?
Hydraulic press-in is a jacked pile. Hydraulic hammer is a hydraulic pile hammer, and also a kind of impact pile. The single acting hydraulic hammer is only the rising driving mode, which is hydraulic and then released. The double acting hydraulic hammer also uses hydraulic acceleration when falling down. The speed is fast, and the lighter hammer core can be used. The impact force is larger than the ordinary one, and the steel pile is usually used
Q:The principle of pile driver
The principle of a pile driver is the use of impact force to pile into the formation of the pile machinery.Construction of piling machine is composed of pile hammer, pile frame and ancillary equipment etc.. The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. The pile foundation is a steel structure tower with a windlass at the back of which is used to lift the pile and hammer. A guide frame consisting of two guide rods is used in front of the pile to control the direction of the pile driving so that the pile can be accurately penetrated into the formation in accordance with the design orientation. The tower and the guide frame can be used to batter pile deflection. The guide frame can also be extended downward along the tower and used to fetch water along the embankment or pier. The pile can move and move. The basic technical parameters of a pile driver are impact weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency. According to the motion of the pile hammer power source can be divided into hammer, hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer etc..Piling machine type: piling machine and rotary drilling pile machine, with spiral to the underground digging, then pouring pile.
Q:Under the high voltage line, within two meters on both sides, no pile driver shall be installed
No piling machine shall be installed within 10m on both sides of high tension line. In case of special circumstances, the safety technical measures must be taken and the installation can be installed after the approval of the higher technology supervisor.

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