Famous brand concrete mixing plant for construction,production capacity is 120 cube meter per hour

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Product Description:



Parameter or Index


Product type

Cement concrete mixing equipment


Design and production basis

National standard,

Concrete mixing plant GB10171-2005

Concrete mixer ,     GB/T9142-2000


Working environment

1operation temperature 10C~400C

2relative humidity less than 90%

3maximum snow load 800Pa

4maximum wind load 700Pa

5operation altitude less than 2000m


Suitable raw material

Stone, sand, water, additives, cementitious material (cement, pulverized fuel ash, slag


Requirement for raw material

ⅠGelled materiala. Portland cement, slag cement, pozzolanic cement, fly ash cement b. mixing material, pulverized fuel ash, slag, pozzolana mixed material, non-activity mixed material

ⅰ, Aggregate, coarse aggregate, stone, gravel, pebble, broken-pebble, maximum size of aggregate≤150mm (content≤10%)

ⅱ, fine aggregate, sand, natural sand, manufactured sand

ⅲ, Water: suitable for drinking water

ⅳ, Admixtures 1). Water reducing agent 2). Air-entraining agent 3). Pumping agent 4). Retarder 5).  Accelerating admixture 6). Early strength agent 7). Water proof agent 8). Inhibitor 9). Expansion agent 10). Anti-freeze agent


Theory productivity



Discharge height



Installation capacity

About 145kw without helix


Machine weight

About 55t (without powder tank and screw)





Mixing system

Main engine


Feed capacity

Discharging capacity






aggregate weighing system

aggregate warehouse capacity

weighing bucket capacity

electric roller power

measurement accuracy






hoisting system

strap width

electric roller power




cement weighing system

weighing bucket volume

weighing scope

measurement accuracy


0-1200 kg



fly ash weighing system

weighing bucket volume

weighing scope

measurement accuracy


0-720 kg



water weighing system

water weighing volume

pump motor power

measurement accuracy


4 kw



liquid adimixture weighing system

adimixture weighing volume

Adimixture box volume

Water supply pump motor power

liquid adimixture weighing system






gas path system

air compressor power 11kw


screw conveyor





transportation quantity





18.5 kw

15 kw

11 kw


powder warehouse



operation room


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Q:Classification of concrete mixing stations
Commercial concrete mixing station: single/double HZS90 concrete mixing station, single/double hzss120 concrete mixing station, single/double hzss240 concrete mixing station, single/double hzss240 concrete mixing station. Engineering concrete mixing station: HZS75 concrete mixing station, HZS60 concrete mixing station, HZS50 concrete mixing station, HZS35 concrete mixing station, HZS25 concrete mixing station. Mobile concrete mixer station
Q:The main components of a mixing station
The concrete mixing station consists mainly of five major systems, such as mixing main, material conveying system, material weighing system, material storage system and control system.
Q:What raw materials and equipment do you need for your own admixture?
The main ingredients of admixtures are: the mother fluid, the composition of the air and the composition of the mixture, and the water. The concrete formulations are determined according to the different materials of concrete, which is usually the mother solution and the adjustment time. The parent fluid is itself well adapted and does not require a lot of material. Complex admixtures do not require any other equipment except for the geosyncline configuration.
Q:Concrete mixstations belong to no special equipment
Special equipment is referred for life safety, greater danger of boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders, hereinafter the same), pressure pipes, elevators, lifting machinery, passenger ropeway, large-scale amusement facilities. The boiler, pressure vessel (air bottle), pressure vessel is the pressure type special equipment; Elevator, hoisting machinery, passenger rope and large amusement facilities are special equipment for mechanical and electrical equipment.
Q:What is the special work of the concrete mixing station
Mixer operator, welder, tester, loader driver's license, assessor
Q:What is the concrete of the mixing station?
Concrete mixing stations are made of concrete, which is made of concrete for various construction sites, including commercial housing, concrete floor, industrial workshop and so on.
Q:What constitutes the js750 concrete mixing station
Host one, silo (usually four kinds of material), a set of mainframes, three to four storage tanks (with a cage), and an air compressor, which is usually the case
Q:How much water does a concrete mixer use every day?
Water is an indispensable part of the concrete production industry. As an investment company in a concrete mixing station, it is also important to have control over water use. It is also an aspect of production cost control. The use of water used in concrete stations is not the main water link. Flush the blender and cement truck every day to use a lot of water. The concrete is very difficult to handle because of the condensation. So it is the most effluent project in the production standstill. And the washings of these rinsing equipment contain water slurry, aggregates and aggregates, etc. From the environmental point of view, the water of cement mortar or concrete is strong alkaline, the PH value is high, can reach about 12, free discharge can pollute the environment. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of the environmental requirements in recent years, the waste water treatment of the mixing station becomes the main concern.
Q:What are the supporting facilities for the concrete mixing stations?
The facilities include concrete mixing equipment, concrete transportation equipment, experimental equipment, forklift truck, over-pound equipment, pump, and car pump etc. Concrete mixing station is mainly composed of mixing console, materials weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system of large system and other ancillary facilities. Because building aggregate measurement compared with standing aggregate metering, reduced the four of the intermediate links, and the vertical blanking metering, saved measuring time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, under the condition of the same model, mixing building production efficiency than mixing plant production efficiency by a third. Such as: HLS90 floor of production efficiency and production efficiency of HZS120 stand HLS120 floor of the production efficiency, production efficiency is equivalent to HZS180 stand HLS180 floor of the production efficiency is equivalent to the productivity of HZS240 station. Concrete mixers are a combination of concrete and concrete prefabrication. Because its mechanization, high degree of automation, productivity is high, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and cement, commonly used in concrete, long duration and site of quantities focus of large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, Bridges and other projects. Centralized with the development of municipal construction, stirring, provide commercial concrete mixing station has great advantages, and thus get rapid development, and to promote concrete pumping construction, the mixing, transportation, casting machinery joint operation to create the conditions.
Q:The mixing time of the concrete mixer is in which standard
Sales missed you do this to see how. If you have any project is continuous uninterrupted production, 24 hours a day, 365 days. As long as there is live, not to stop, of course, is to rest. Want to shift work

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