Fair Price Wheelbarrow Inner Tube 4.00-8

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Fair Price Wheelbarrow Inner Tube 4.00-8

Inner Tube Specification




Rubber content

tensile strength









Wheelbarrow Inner tube, Trolley inner tube, Mini tractor inner tube




45000pcs / 20GP


1pc/bag or as per your request

Quality certificate

 ISO2000, CCC


1. The professional and advanced manufacture ability can produce 450000 pieces per month, guarantee the delivery time.

2. Reasonable, competitive prices based on the quality.

3. Increasing scare of production, wide range patterns and sizes can be provided according to your request.

4. Your special production order can be accepted, aim to meet the market demands.

5. Best sales service team makes communication and business easy.

Benefits for choosing us

1. As wheelbarrow tyre and inner tube factory, rich manufacturing experiences can satified clients' any requirement about products, like weight, dimension, elongation, tensile, quality, brand.. Any changes can be produced in here.

2. Outstanding rubber recipe, experienced technician and skilled workers play important parts in our controled quality products.

3. Professional sale team will supply exact product guide and overall subsequent servise particularly and fervidly.  

4. Adheres "GOOD FAITH", keen to make sincere cooperation with our partners and friends.

5. Welcome every friends visit MRC factory from anywhere in anytime:)

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Q:Do you use the wheel for baby strollers?
No, if the wheels are blocked, use the lubricant properly
Q:How do you change the front of the car, A112?
The opening direction of the Yellow piston shall not be in accordance with the direction of the bell mouth, otherwise it will lead to the backflow of milk. It is suggested that the opening direction of the Yellow piston should keep 90 degrees with the direction of the bell mouth. The Yellow piston does not need to be vigorously put on, only gently sets can be, the principle is that you put on the next, with a little thumb, you can easily take it off. The white film should be cleaned and installed on the Yellow piston smoothly. In use, the host and hose should not be placed as low as possible, as high as possible or parallel to the position of the breast
Q:Can the baby sleep on the stroller for a long time?
As a baby's outdoor necessities, baby sleeping trolley is very normal, Mommy don't have to be too tangled. Of course, there is a premise that we buy the baby cart, quality and comfort must pass. One of the reasons why babies don't like baby strollers is that they are not qualified.So, as long as the baby is a normal state of work and sleep, sleeping car is no problem, and in addition, when we are free, we have a hug or put on a small bed, so that the baby can sleep.
Q:Is it useful to buy a baby stroller?
My personal opinion is the preferred trolley, because, as the baby gets older, he will prefer to go out to play, at this time, all the advantages of a light cart can be played.Moreover, in the future, when you do not need this cart, you can not send people (not to the original, you can use the relay), sold it, worthless, do not sell it, but also accounted for the place. At this time, another advantage of portable cart emerged, can give grandpa and grandma took to the streets to buy food when using the basket!To sum up, if in order to practical, or buy light cart, of course, if you think that face is the first, then there is no way, huh, huh.As for the brand, Shanghai's "good boy" is good. The quality is very good and the design is reasonable. As for foreign brands, none of them have ever tried it. I just can't believe it by advertising.
Q:Could you tell me how to remove the ball bearings in the middle of the trolley wheel?
If the shaft rust or damage, the use of cloth or file trimming, then use socket a diameter greater than the diameter of the axle bearing against the bearing sleeve will be installed, percussion.
Q:Spiritkids how about the trolley, OK?
Although the material handling technology of trolleys continues to develop, trolleys continue to be used as indispensable means of transport. The cart is widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, light weight, inconvenient use of motor vehicles can work in place items in short distance very convenient when carrying lighter.
Q:How do you make a trolley?
Materials: 1 plastic fruit baskets, 2 universal wheels, 2 wooden sticks, 2 wire ties, three plywood and 2 small pieces of electric green adhesive tape
Q:How to install the rear wheel of cart?
The rear wheel of the car has a metal spring clip, and press the wheel to push it out until you press it hard.
Q:Does the supermarket cart not glide on the escalator because it's trapezoid?
Not for this reason。The trolley does not glide on the escalator, not because of the shape of the trolley, but because of the wheel of the cart.
Q:Hui Zhi and child cart cart which is good
AwningFor the baby, there is a windbreak to protect the rain from the sun, is one of the conditions of the push country, the size of the shade of the shade, and the role of wind.In addition, there is also a special design of the parasol can be fixed on the frame, and has the whole direction and height function, advantage is can grasp sun direction and more ventilation, some awning also has anti UV function, for your reference list for selection.Mother beware: the awning can usually be removed, or when you don't use it, you can drop it behind the car or the towel back to the seat, but remember to have a transparent window design above the canopy so that you can see the baby at any time.

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