Factory Supply Mild Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes AWS E6013 High Quality

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mild steel welding electrodes


It has excellent fabrication weldability,suitable for welding on thin plate of low-carbon steel


mild carbon steel welding electrodes AWS E6013 factory


It is a low carbon steel electrode with rutile type coating and suitable for both AC and DC.


The electrode is able to provide excellent welding technological performance because the arc is extra stable and spatter loss is negligible, the slag has good fluid and solidified slag is very easy to remove, the manipulate is free and restrike is easy.


It can give smooth and beautiful ripples.


Application: Used to weld low carbon steel structures, especially suitable for welding thin flat, intermittent shorter welds, as well as some smooth appearance cover.














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Q:What is the JISAWS standard and certification of welding wire?
The welding line conforms to the Japanese industrial standard or the American Welding Society standard, and the certification is in conformity with the relevant standards, technical specifications (TS) or compulsory requirements of the above two organizationsJIS-- Japanese industrial standardAWS-- American Society of welding standards
Q:What is the abbreviation of wire ER?
ER is the American Standard
Q:Stainless steel wire outlet customs code
HS coding export name, measurement unit, tax rate, tax rebate rate, starting date, expiry date, consumption tax rate, regulatory conditions7326201000 industrial iron and steel products, kg 17, 5, 2007-07-01, 2100-12-31, none
Q:How to test whether the flux cored wire is filled evenly?
There are several ways: 1, with pliers, welding wire, to see if you can go down a relatively deep card mark, and if it is easy to flat, and that is certainly not filled, 2, measuring powder loose loading ratio
Q:Which subjects should be included in the purchase of welding wires (auxiliary materials) in industrial enterprises?
Industrial enterprises to buy wire (auxiliary materials), not necessarily auxiliary workshop. This point must pay attention to, auxiliary materials can be used in the basic production vehicle. The main material is sometimes used in the auxiliary workshop.Purchasing wire (auxiliary material) in industrial enterprises shall be included in raw material subjects. Because both the main material and the auxiliary material are raw materials.Borrow: raw materialTax payable - VAT should be paid - the input taxCredit: bank deposits (accounts payable, etc.)Then, in accordance with the use of departments to confirm, recorded in the relevant cost subjects.
Q:What is the difference between Q235B welding with H08mnA and H08A submerged arc welding wire? Which match is better? Ask professional personage to analyse for me
The manganese content of H08MnA is high, and the agglomerated flux is usually SJ101,The agglomerated flux of H08A is usually SJ301.That is to say, in order to achieve the Mn content in the weld, or add Mn (such as H08MnA) in the welding wire, or add SJ301 from the welding flux. The effect is the same.
Q:CO2 protection wire, which brand of domestic quality is good?!
Solid the Atlantic"Cored "Tiantai" or "Jing lei"
Q:The difference between Jinqiao welding wire 50-6 and 70S-6
Jinqiao welding wire 50-6 and 70S-6 are exactly the same welding wire, but the application grades are different. GB grade: ER50-6, American Standard grade: ER70S-6. 70 of them mean tensile strength, which is expressed by PSI, while 50-6 is domestic standard, and 50 is tensile strength. It is expressed by MPA.Welding wire is used as filler metal or metal wire welding material at the same time as conductive. In gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding, welding wire used as filler metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and MIG arc welding, welding wire as filler metal, and conductive electrode. The surface of the wire is not coated with anti oxidizing flux.
Q:Why should CO2 welding wire have Si and Mn elements?
Both manganese and silicon are useful elements for a while!Manganese is a strong deoxidizer! For steel, S is a harmful element!Oxygen and sulfur are of the same origin, so they are also very powerful sorbents!Silicon also has deoxygenation! The others don't know! Probably on the issue of electricity! You think about that, I'm a construction man, I know so much!
Q:Can CO2 welding wire be used as argon arc welding wire?
This is not necessary. Here are the reasons.In GB/T14958 - 1994 "wire for gas shielded welding", there is no difference between its welding wire and argon arc welding wire. GB/T8110 - 1995 "for gas shielded welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel wire" standard for carbon steel and low alloy steel GMAW with solid core wire, recommended for tungsten inert gas welding and plasma arc welding filler metal. Therefore, if the standard used is different, the argon arc welding wire and the two welding wire are different in composition.Purpose: carbon steel wire; low-alloy steel wire; stainless steel wire; hard alloy welding wire; copper and copper alloy wire; aluminum and cast iron welding wire Aluminum Alloy wire.Methods: according to welding wire for submerged arc welding; welding wire; welding wire for gas shielded welding; welding with electroslag welding.According to the cross sectional shape and structure of welding wire, solid core steel welding wire and flux welding wire are adopted. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding is mainly used for welding low carbon steel and low alloy steel. Argon arc welding can weld almost all metal materials, but it is mainly used for welding non-ferrous metals and their alloys, stainless steels and some alloys. Therefore, if the weldment is different, the selected wire is not the same in composition.
She adopts advanced Germany technology and facility to guarantee the product quality. All the products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 standard. This company already pass the national welding material quality surveillance center examination and approval. Our company can manufacture welding electrodes and co2 welding wires in China.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin port,Qingdao port
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average