Factory Sale Immediately Coated Bristol Board Paper (high quality)

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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

C1S Coated Ivory Board/ FBB/ Bristol Paper
1. Grammage: 190-400gsm
2. Excellent folding strength, brightness, smoothness
1. Excellent folding strength, good ply bond that can resist cracking and delamination during folding process. All raw materials are imported wood pulp without domestic supply and de-inking pulp.

2. Good surface smoothness and high whiteness, result in high quality printing and more realistic images.


End Uses:
Premium magazine and book covers, cards, tags, graphical prints and packaging

ItemHigh Quality White Ivory Paper
SizeNormal size, according customer's requirements.
Minimum order1*20GP
Delivery time10~15days after get deposit
FOB portTianjin
 UsePrinting and packing


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Q:What exactly does the material (paper, rubber, metal) of the currency affect?
All currencies are not ordinary paper.Especially the dollar, the best quality currency paper.
Q:Do you need a separate layer of wood or cardboard for the skeleton bed mattress?
Skeleton bed, as the name suggests, the bed is ranked skeleton and ribs other similar beds, solid wood or sheet material into strips, bearing frame used to make, as a modern furniture component skeleton bed, has very wide application, supporting up pad can also be directly lying down, now many beds are design ribs frame, foldable design, is an advantage of this framework.
Q:What kind of equipment do you need for the carton?
The processing equipment needed for making cartons:Necessary equipment: Carton printing press, corrugated production line, laminating machine, touching wire machine, slitting machine, slotting machine, paper mounting machine, die cutting machine, glue box machine, nail box machine.
Q:What does 120G~250G's printed paper mean?
According to the thickness of the paper divided: such as 60g, 70g, 75g, 85g, 120g and so on, refers to the weight of the paper is multiple, because the density is basically the same, the heavier in weight, the thickness of the paper is thick. For example, printing machine with general speed is about 40g of the paper, and one machine is used in the 50-60g paper, which is used in 70-85g copier paper, printer with the general minimum do not use less than 60g thick paper, otherwise it is easy to jam.
Q:What is the principle of thermal paper?
When the heat sensitive paper is placed in the environment above 70 degrees Celsius, the thermal sensitive coating starts to change color. The reasons for its discoloration are also discussed in terms of its constituents.There are two kinds of heat sensitive components in thermal paper coating: one is colorless or implicit color, and the other is color developing agent. This type of thermal sensitive paper is also known as "double differentiation" type thermal recording paper.
Q:What is gel paper?
Specifications for offset paper. The specifications of offset paper are the same as those of the two paper. Other specifications can be visited GB GB147 "printing, writing and drawing for base paper size", size error, slope shall not exceed + 3mm. Offset paper has a variety of quantitative, commonly used for quantitative 60, 70, 80, 90, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250g/m2. The printed books and periodicals are all under 90g/m2, and the cover is between 70 and 200g/m2. Offset paper has the characteristics of crisp, smooth, easy to order processing.
Q:What kind of paper do you use for picture books?
Picture album is the most commonly used picture album printing paper: double copper paper, one of the copper paper, there is a single copper, also known as single powder card, but which is generally used to print handbags. Double copper paper, commonly used in grams, has 80 grams, 105 grams, 128 grams, 157 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams and 350 grams of double copper.
Q:How big is the A5 paper?
Printing industry paper specification: 148mm X 210mm (width X high)
Q:Please introduce some special paper
The special paper is different by copying machine made of fiber with special functions such as single use paper, synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed pulp and other raw materials, with the modification or processing of different materials, the paper gives different functions and purposes, such as life, building materials, electrical products, industrial machinery, filter industrial, agricultural, information, culture, art, optical and biochemical cutting-edge technology and so on, as long as it is used for the special purpose of the paper, all collectively referred to as the special paper.
Q:What are the conditions for the production of cardboard?
Card box materials used: the production of cardboard box, commonly used material is single powder card, that we usually say the white; ash bottom white card, we usually say that the gray card; kraft paper art; special card. Paperboard weight can not be too low, generally have 250 grams / square meters or more, depending on the specific circumstances of the packaged products. Production process: four-color printing, or spot color printing surface; surface treatment: generally do surface treatment, so it is easy to transport, storage, moisture-proof, anti discoloration, increase gloss, increase the printing surface, some special effects such as stereoscopic etc.. Surface treatment: oil pressure, light, light glue, dumb glue, UV, bump, embossed, matte, ice etc.. It can be folded and occupied less space. The material of paper materials and general use of coated paper, art paper, vellum soft paper. Printed with exquisite graphics and text. The board is usually made of double gray board

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