factory produced improving the mud fluidity calcium lignosulfonate blocking agent

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Classification:Other Inorganic Salts

  • CAS No.:8061-52-7

  • Other Names:MG

  • MF:No.

  • EINECS No.:no.

  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

  • Grade Standard:Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade

  • Purity:96%

  • Appearance:yellow powder

  • Application:blocking agent

  • Model Number:MG-3

  • PH:4-6

  • moisture:6% max

  • color:yellow

  • total reducing matter:8% max

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:25kg/bag, 550kg/bag or as customers' request
Delivery Detail:within 6 days after payment received


calcium lignosulfonate blocking agent
used as bloacking agent
Yellow or brown powder

Product Description

Calcium Lignosulphonate, CAS no.: 8061-52-7     HS code: 380400

Alternative name:Calcium Lignosulfonate; Calcium lingo sulfonate; Calcium lignin sulfonate; lignosulfonic acid, Calcium salt; sulfonated lignin calcium salt; cls, concrete admixture water reducer

Our Services

Countries we exported: India, Singapore, Vietnam, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador etc.

Fields can be used in: construction concrete admixture, fertilizer, mining, battery, pesticide, refractory areas, ceramic & tiles, textile & dyes, agriculture, feed, leather etc..

Packaging & Shipping

Package we have:25kg/bag, 550kg/bag or packed as customers’ request

Product Uses

l   Good concrete admixture water reducing agent.

The using quantity is about 0.25-0.3% of the amount of cement which can reduce the water using quantity 10-14%. Calcium lignosulphonate can reduce more than 8% water consumption, improve the workability and water of concrete, reduce the initial heat of hydration of cement. It’s always used with high range water reducer such as SNF, polycarboxylate etc.

l  Good binder of mine.

In smelting industries, Calcium lignosulphonate can be mixed with mineral powder to be the mineral powder at last. As it dry into the kiln, it can improve the smelting recovery rate.

l  Good additive of coal water slurry.

If you add calcium lignosulphonate in the process of producing coal water slurry, it can increase the output of the mill, maintain the normallization of the system, reduce the power consumption, and improve the thickness of coal water slurry. In the process of gasification, it also can reduce oxygen and coal consumption, improve the efficiency of cooled coal gas and reduce the viscosity of coal water slurry to a certain extent so as to make it advantageous to reserve and transport.

l  Good filler and dispersant of pesticide.

Calcium lignosulphonate can be used in the production of deflocculant ,dispersant and bulking agent of pesticide to improve the suspensibility and wettability of wettable powder.

l  Good reinforcing agent of refractory material and ceramics.

Usually, calcium lignosulphonate can make ceramic atom hard felted to build up the intensity of ceramics in the manufacturing process of wall brick and firebrick when the temperature is under 400 degree centigrade, and also can disappear automatically if the temperature is between 400 and 500 degree centigrade. When its volume is 0.2%-0.8% of the dry adobe material, the intensity of ceramics adobe can increase more than 20%-60%. But in the manufacturing process, the speed of temperature elevation can't be too fast in order to avoid spumescence of surface.

l  Good adhesive of feed.

Calcium lignosulphonate can increase the animals' eating habits. Granule strength is good. It has a significant effect for reducing the number of micro powder of the feed. So it can save the cost.

l  Good prilled & granular agent used in leather industries of filler, carbon black etc.

l  It also can be used as dust suppressor in the road and soil.



Index items

Standard value

Test Results


 Yellow Brown powder/ brown powder
Meets the requirement


PH  Value




Dry Matter








Water insoluble matter








Total reducing matter

12% max/ 8% max/ 22% max



Complies with requirements.

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