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Product Description:

Wood Plastic Composite Decking Made in China

一.Product Description:

With natural wood grain and looks like nature wood, less timber problems.
Approx. 90% recycled materials, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.
. No paint, stain or oil required, low maintenance.
. Weather resistant, suitable from –40°C to 60 °C.
. Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.
. Easy to install and low labor cost.
. Cutting and drilling like timber.
. Span is 300~400mm.
Six standard colors, standard length 2.2m or 3.6m, custom length available.

escriptions :

The characteristics of Wood generally had the problem of Waterproof and the serious concern to the environmental protection has been increasing day by day as well as it caused the Governments worldwide to stipulate the law to restrict to fell trees to reach the goal. To satisfy with the market's demand we utilized the characteristics of macromolecule to combine with the high technology of heavy pressure-micro foaming to produce an unique product with the invention and innovation of revolution. We call this new product " CELLwood®".

Properties :

1. 100% recyclable product meets with the environmental protection without
     adding any wood flour or sawdust.

2. 100% waterproof.

3. Suitable to be used for the activities indoor and outdoor.

4. The component with high quality features that the density is similar to the wood 
    (D:0.6~0.7 g/cm3) and light.

5. The processing is similar to the general timber, e.g.: shave, saw, trim, nail, drill,
    wash and grind.

6. Strong rigidity and durability. (Similar to teak)

7. Thermal process is easily executed to be blended to have various shapes of the

.Technical Data

Slip resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn according to ASTM D2394-05. This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.


Weathering resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn have very low moisture uptake.This is key for mold and mildew resistance.


UV resistance:

4000 hours accelerated Xenon-arc Exposure,the Boards turned slightly more clear and colored.


Abrasion resistance:

The resistance to abrasion is similar to oak.


Fungus resistance:

Whatever fungus the wood composite is exposed to,it is extremely durable.

Moreover,aging test does not affect this durability.

三. FAQ

. What kinds of wpcproducts do you have?

We have wpc decking in different size, fence series (only wpc material or connect with aluminum profiles, decking tile series.


. Is it difficult to install the wpc board?

No, it is easy to install. Using the tool which you use to install the real wood. Fix the board on the substructure with clips.


. Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, please provide the label drawing, we can stick the customized label on the board.


. What documents are available?

A full range documents, including products pictures, installation guide and relative certificates can be provided; Further more, customs declaration is provided. This is an one-stop service for you.

四. More picture for your reference


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Q:Vinegar and water floor solution?
Floor cleaners ARE poisonous to dogs, IF THEY DRINK THEM. Use a solution made for floors. Vinegar is only an acid. It has NO soap, detergent, surfactants, etc.
Q:Can I tile over existing linoleum floor?
Sorry, absolutely not , even if you had a solid floor under the vinyl. All layers must come up and sub flooring must be fixed to a ridged flooring.. In most cases a 1/2 cement board then must be installed to bring it up to tile codes as recommended by the ATC and TCA. (American Tile Council and Tile council of America. ) They state the minimum total substrate for tile is 1 1/4 (3/4 sub floor and 1/2 additional added, usualy the 1/2 cement board, properly installed. Any other questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there.. GL
Q:What is a good theme to decorate a college-dorm-floor for all boys floor?
My floor theme freshman year was really cool. Not an all guy floor but a good theme for guys. It was like double identity. For example you have two people in a room. One of their name tags on the door would be Clark Kent and the other Superman. Or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm a girl and mine was like Posh Spice and my Roommate Victoria Beckham. Just to give you some ideas. It was a cool theme...better than the average/boring movie poster floors. Good Luck!
Q:When tiling a wall AND the floor, how close to the floor should I get the wall tile?
One of the things that can hurt you with the floor when setting tight from the wall is if your floor tile is not laid flat. If your tiles undulate more than say 1/8 of an inch you could have a pretty serious chaulk bead to cover up the gaps. A suggestion that I can give you on setting flat is to use a straight edge. A straight edge can be a good level with a hard 90 degree edge. Set the level across two tiles one that was set previously and the new set at a 45 degree angle and look at the hard edge against the tiles to see daylight. Any daylight raise or lower the newly set tile. If you just want to 'stick and forget' I suggest putting in at least an 1/8th inch grout joint between the floor and wall to make up for the differences. Also, get some white wedges from a local tile shop that sells materials and supplies. This will help in raising and lowering tiles to keep a level line on your wall tiles. Also, one more thing to remember is to use an anti-fracture membrane on the floor so if there are any cracks in the surface they will not crack the tiles from future movement of your concrete foundation. If you are setting over a wood subfloor you will have to use a tile substrate like cement backerboard. Check out your local where house store for information and classes on how to set basic tile installations. Good luck.
Q:How to do a spot sanding on my oak floor?
No matter what, if you don't do the whole floor your going to see the difference. Stain or no stain, the floor has aged and the surface has darkened, I'm assuming this door is an outside entrance door. A couple ways I would do this is 1: Tape off a section, be it square, rectangular,1/2 octagon, hexagon, circle, Whatever, make it look like an entrance landing. Sand and finish it however you want. 2: Cost more $ but would solve future problems, Again have a shape in mind, lay it out and cut it out. If need use build that section up with an underpayment made for this purpose. Replace that area with some nice slate tiles, or whatever you like using a thin set mortar.You can buy nice trim for the surface change
Q:Crawl TO or ON the floor?
you could crawl down to the floor (down from the couch), or crawl onto the floor, and you could even crawl to the floor from the couch, but I don't think you could crawl on the floor unless you are already on the floor.
Q:laminate flooring through the whole house?
I m agreeing with most people but for a completely different reason. Laminate flooring , when done in that big a section, must be broken every so often ( average is 22/25 ft) so as the floor will expand and contract normally w/o buckling ... So door ways are an ideal location..So you ll need to use a T molding if continuing on w/ laminate. Any flooring question you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL
Q:want to install vinyl tile floor over existing vinyl tile floor. very difficult to remove existing vinyl floor
Laying Vinyl Floor Tiles
Q:When laying solid wood flooring how much loss rate is normal?
Mainly look at the length and width of your house and the width of the floor and the length of the floor and the material, such as your house long 3.64 * 1.22 you buy 910 * 122 board a little waste no ah understand my meaning!
Q:There are also books and lakes under the floor
You can find specifically used to kill insecticidal drugs to deal with the next.

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