Factory price china yuchai diesel generator sets 370kw

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300 unit/month

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open type dioesel generator with yuchai enginee 
1) Factory direct sale 
(2) CE, ISO9001 quality 

Power range



All series powered by Yuchai engine


All series owning alternator options of Stamford/Marathon/ENGGA

Controller system

Hanging control box, automatic control module Smartgen HGM6310

Base frame

International channel steel welded base, inbuilt composite damping system; sandblast, acid-washing, antiseptic treatment


Standard genset-joining radiator of 40 °C ambient temperature



Diesel generator Powered by Yuchai Engine,which yuchai is a large state-owned enterprise and a Nasdaq listed company in USA (NYSE:CYD). Its main business covers diesel engine, contruction machinery, vehicle parts. The engines produced by Yuchai include series YC6G, YC4G, YC4E to which American technology applied, series YC6A, YC6B, YC6J, YC4B, YC4D, YC4F, YC4W to which German technology applied, and YC6M series in which world top technology integrated, totally 12 series.

YUCHAI SeriesPower(KW)Power(KVA)Jichai Engine ModelCylinder NO.Fuel consumption

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Q:How to convert old car into backup generator?
Yes just get your engine running and buy a giant alternator put it on your car. remove all other things from the belt that are not necessary to the engines functions. then call your electric company and tell them that you are trying to put a DC current into power your house. The power company (should not sure) provide the DC AC converter. Plus I know its true with solar panels, but if when you have your generator on, and your house is not using as much energy as its receiving your power meter will actually run backwards for feeding the grid. Which will might help with that cost of gas.
Q:How does a DC generators throttle actuator’s sensor work?
If you use an automobile generator you can use an automotive regulator to provide a constant DC voltage. These alternators are made to operate at varying RPM's and load and the regulator can be made adjustable to produce any desired voltage. (up to 40 or so volts)
Q:45 kva Perkins diesel generator cranks?
Good, a general diesel engine similar to a Lister-Petter naturally aspirated will produce about 20 HP for an hour from one gallon of diesel. You will have acquired a few 45 gallon tank and about 28 horsepower. I`m no longer going to get my calculator out presently of night however i might advise that it might well run for 33 hours at full chat, but when the weight on it is small then greatly longer because it runs at consistent revs regardless of load, except the load is immoderate. As another be aware; A two stroke petrol is considered to produce 10 HP per hour per gallon. A 4 stroke petrol is regarded to supply 15 HP per hour per gallon. A gallon is 4.Fifty four litres. Engines with turbos equipped are an utterly exclusive story, as are latest lean burn engines. Hope that helped, high-quality of luck, Bob.
Q:How to shut off the diesel generator
Diesel generator set manual start: first test alarm system is normal, the control switch is cut in the manual (MAN) position, the diesel generator set can start on their own.
Q:Why isn't oil used for electricity?
Oil is sometimes used to generate electrical power. Diesel generators are quite common, but they are also getting very expensive to operate. The process has been used for decades. There has to be something else we can use to power our civilization as the oil will not last forevermaybe for the next 50 to 75 years at best. Solar and wind power have come along way, but we still have a long way to go.
Q:How do you keep really, REALLY long term food.CHEAP!!!?
Well, if you're serious about it, you only need the rice and beans for a year or two. You need seeds, though, and a good book on farming. You and your friend can get a pretty good farm going on your own and grow more food than you need by yourselves while you wait for others to join you. You should look up sustainable farming and research into what the Native Americans were doing before we got here. There's no sense in starting up a new civilization with the same old bad practices of the one that just fell. You could also get some books on edible plants in your area and the areas around it. Global warming and pollution may kill off a lot of the plant life, but there will always be the perfectly edible dandelion. Anything that kills off all the plants is also going to kill you, so you might as well know how to supplement your diet with fresh stuff. With your surfeit of food in the new landscape, you'll probably want to invest in walls and maybe guns. For storage, you could always go old-fashioned. The link below has a lot of great resources for the pre-Industrial Revolution minded, but it also tells you how to make storage bins. You could also look up bell-shaped storage pits, which are another favorite method of storage, and one that was remarkably effective. Heh, I've thought about this a lot, too. Can I join your group if disaster finally falls?
Q:what is diesel power plan or station & how it is work?
In diesel power plant the power is produced by a Diesel Engine. The diesel engine used may be 2 stroke or four stroke It is used only for small amount of power production Working: Diesel engine is coupled with generators or alternator for generating electricity
Q:what are the different types of diesel locos eg.diesel hydraulic etc?
It's diesel electric.They have huge electric motors to drive the wheels.
Q:If two diesel engine (or two motor) was combined, How much is the power that obtained from this two engine?
It's best to connect them at the crank so that they can be timed to fire in a manner that your getting the most amount of power you can. This has been done in applications as small as a .12cc engine all the way up to huge engines that power large ships. The most common place I used to see it is with gas engines for tractor pull. The engines do sync up and will run together when you pair them up thru a clutch
Q:What are the main parts of a diesel generator?
I think you mean diesel-electric generator. Properly, a diesel generator is a factory that makes diesel fuel. And the parts (at a high level, as there are thousands of parts total) are a diesel engine, plus fuel tank. an electric generator or alternator and electronic and mechanical controls to adjust the engine and generator so that it outputs the required voltage and frequency as the load changes.

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