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Leather pu bed frame
1.Size: 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft
3.Package: 1pc/2ctns


1.OEM is offered.
2.Size of bed: 180*200cm.can be customize
3.Material: cloth fabric,wood.metal foot.
4.Economical price.

PU bed    home furniture  

ItemSizeLoading Quantity/40 HQ
Single Bed900*1900mm289pcs
Double Bed1370*1900mm239pcs
Queen Bed1520*2000mm 227 pcs
King Bed1570*2000mm197pcs

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Q:Which Disney Dream rooms have 4 beds?
a pull down(Pullman) IS the upper berth. it folds away from eh wall/ceiling . most of the sofas are coded to sleep 2, although it helps if they are pre teens.
Q:Best bed for hip dysplasia?
a okorder.com or just google buddyrest Best Wishes
Q:Can the bed in the house be laid out from the north to the south? What happens if the north and the south are released?
In addition, the aorta and the large vein are the most important in the blood circulation system of the human body, and its direction is consistent with the head and foot direction of the human body. The body is located in the north and south to sleep, because the aorta and large veins in the north-south direction, with water molecules in the north-south direction in order, so the flow of blood to water as the main component of the most smooth and fast, it is conducive to the inertia through the capillaries, reduce the incidence of thrombus. Therefore, the north and the South sleep to have certain disease prevention and health care function.
Q:where can i find a bed frame that is a least 12 off the ground?
Bed Bath Beyond has bed lifts that fit under the bed legs - as I recall they run less than $20.00. They're plastic, so they don't last forever, but hey, it's cheaper than buying a new bed.
Q:POLL:What if there was a monster living under your bed?
There is no room for a monster or you, there are to many dust bunnies already living under my bed. :)
Q:How do I put a bed curtain on the lower berth?
. Fine wire is fine, too! First wear a curtain and tie the rope. Oh, it's very practical.
Q:Does the 1.5 meter bed mean width 1.5? What about the default length of the bed?
1.5 of the bed refers to the width of the bed, the general single bed is 90cm, 120cm, double bed is 1.5 meters, the big double bed has 1.8 meters, or even 2 meters. If the space is big enough, it's more comfortable to sleep in a 1.8 meter bed.
Q:Bedroom bed pressure is good or plate type?
I do not know whether it is because of the hydraulic device, or the master installation is not good, so there will be a noise when turning over
Q:the water bed.....?
ITS HOTT!!!!!! u'll like it trust me!!!!!
Q:Bed bugs...?
Seek an exterminator who know how to get rid of those blood sucking pest.

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