F46 Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable

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Product Description:


   This  product is suitable for the situation which works usually under 200℃  and required pliancy, waterproof, anti-acid, flame retardant, corrosion  and ozone aging resistant performance.

Type and Designation





Tin/silver plating copper core fluorine plastic insulated and sheathed control cable



Tin/silver plating copper core fluorine plastic insulated and sheathed flexible control cable


Tin/silver plating copper core fluorine plastic insulated and sheathed braid screened control cable


Tin/silver plating copper core fluorine plastic insulated and sheathed copper wire braid screened flexible control cable



Nominal cross-section of conductor

Number of core















Note: The recommended number of core series are 234578101214161924273037444852 and 61cores

Schematic Figuration of Structure

Product Feature

1Long-term operating temperature of this cable shall be -65℃200℃.

2This product has a good resistance of ozone aging, ultraviolet radiation and atmosphere aging.

3This product has the resistance of mildew, water and fire.

4Its insulation has the resistance of acid, alkali and chemical corrosion.

5This  product has a small outer diameter and tighten structure. It can be  used to pull on the pipe or in the occasion which requires small outer  diameter cables.

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6pin okorder.com/
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