F 46 insulated special rubber

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:10 conductor

  • Conductor Material:Copper

  • Insulation Material:F46

  • Jacket:Rubber

  • Number of Conductors:10

  • Application:oilfield, well logging, oil exploration

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Each Pieces Packed in High Quality Plastic Pouch. Then all Packed Products in One Master Export Box.
Delivery Detail:30 days after payment


rubber cable
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10-core  fluoroplastic F46 insulated special rubber protected electrode cable-20.06

1. Product Standard

The product is manufactured according to the standard of SY/T6600-2004.

2. Application

This special 10 core rebber electrode cable is for oilfield logging and is suitable for bearing load connection between oilfield downhole testing instrument and transmission of signal cable. Inside the core place setting load bearing steel strand and outside the bearing load of steel strand setting rubber sheath which can withstand oil, acid, alkali. There are 10 group copper core with fluoroplastics insulation outside, special rubber sheath outside each insulation can withstand oil, acid, alkali. Special rubber sheath outside protect this cable from oil, acid, alkali and make it work in oil, acid, alkali environment for a long time.

3. Operating Characteristics

a.The lowest temperature that cable could work should not be lower than-30°C.

b.Max temperature is 232°C for short period (2h maximum duration each time).

c.Minimum bending radius is 30 times of cable diameter.


Copper Construction:



Plastic Type:


Insulation Thickness:


1.84 mm

The Rubber Protecting:


2.95 mm



Cable Diameter:


(20.60 mm ±0.50 mm)

Cable Weight In Air:

457 lbs/Kft  

680 Kg/Km

Temperature Rating :    

450 °F

232 °C



Cable Breaking Strength:

11000 lbs  

49 KN

Minimum Sheave Diameter:


500 mm


Voltage Rating:

1000 VDC

1000 VDC

Insulation Resistance:

50000 MΩ·Kft

15000 MΩ·Km

DC Resistance @ 20°C

11 Ω/Kft

36 Ω/Km

Cap Typical @ 1 KHz

40 Pf/ft

131 Pf/m

TIP: We can produce electrode cable of which breaking strength is greater than the same size over 60KN according to our customer’s requirements.

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