Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

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Product Description:

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

1. Specification:

Magnesium Alloy Ingot with a small specific gravity, high intensity , high wear-resisting performance, has some of the corrosion resistance and resistance to radiation performance,good chemical stability against the alkali, mineral , excellent weldability and workability.
Advantage of Magnesium Alloy Ingot
Compared with aluminum and aluminum alloy, the Magnesium Alloy Ingot can take more impact load ability and has so many other superior performance. Magnesium alloy has the good electromagnetic shielding ability, so it is applied in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, electronic and other military industrial and civil industry;

We are capable of manufacturing all kinds of extruded sacrificial anodes of magnesium and aluminum alloys upon customer's requirements. Compared with casting magnesium rod, is capable of producing all kinds of extruded magnesium and aluminum alloy sacrificial anode upon customer's requirement. Compared with cast magnesium rods, extruded magnesium rod has a better machining accuracy and a finer surface finish, and provides the most effective protection for the product it is installed in.

2. Application:

Being an important type of sacrificial anodes of magnesium alloys, extruded sacrificial anodes of magnesium are mainly applied in water heaters, heat exchangers, evaporimeters, boilers and other equipment. They soften water, remove dirt and therefore extend the service life of machines.

3. Images

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

4. Advantages:

Extrusion AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Anodes Mg Alloy Extrusion for Water Heater

5. What is Magnesium Alloys?

Magnesium alloys are mixtures of magnesium with other metals (called an alloy), often aluminum, zinc, manganese, silicon, copper, rare earths and zirconium. Magnesium is the lightest structural metal. Magnesium alloys have a hexagonal lattice structure, which affects the fundamental properties of these alloys. Plastic deformation of the hexagonal lattice is more complicated than in cubic latticed metals like aluminium, copper and steel; therefore, magnesium alloys are typically used as cast alloys, but research of wrought alloys has been more extensive since 2003. Cast magnesium alloys are used for many components of modern automobiles, and magnesium block engines have been used in some high-performance vehicles; die-cast magnesium is also used for camera bodies and components in lenses.

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