Explosion proof electric power distribution box

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material: aluminum alloy product name: Explosion proof electric power distribution box Model Number: BXMD
protection level: IP54 IP65* IP66* Ex-mark: Exde IIB/IICT6/T5/T4,DIPA20TA,T6 inlet thread size:: G1/2" -G4
corrosion proof: WF1 WF2 rated voltage: 220V, 380V

Product Description:

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

explosion proof electric power distribution box information

Product Description




1.Can be used in hazardous areas:Zone 1 and Zone 2


2.Can be used in explosive gas atmospheres of Category II A, II B, Il C where the temperature classification is T1~T6

3. be widely  used  in the fields of oil exploitation ,chemical industry, spaceflight ,war industry and so on.



1.Enclosure is cast with aluminum alloy or steel plate. Surface is sprayed with plastic by high pressure static.

2. The series of products is complex type or flameproof type, the hybrid of the electrical box is flameproof type and the junction box is increase safety type.

3.Mold structure, each branch circuit can be assembled freely.

4. Has over loading and short circuit protection function, leakage protection device can be added on request.

5. Built-in C65N, NC100H and S25-S high disjunction mini-circuit breaker, M611 or GV2 motor protector, 3VE1 air switch, CM1 plastic mounded circuit breaker and signal lamp.


6.Conduit wiring or cable wiring

7.Special type can be made according to users request.

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 1.the standard export: polybag+box+carton 
2.according to your requirement
Delivery Detail: 5-7 workdays after the advanced payment


the real pictures

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box


Explosion proof electric power distribution box

Explosion proof electric power distribution box

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Q:Security monitoring project 755 transmission distance can reach 500 meters?
128 series of 75-5 pure copper wire, in the absence of interference, the theory should be able to transmit 500 meters.But if it is so far, very few applicators will use video coaxial direct transmission, transmission will generally use fiber and voop way. Moreover, if the wiring environment has strong interference sources, such a distant signal, video effects will be affected.
Q:What line is the security monitoring power line?
Note that copper wire is twisted, RVV2 two wire within *1.0 or 2, that is the line diameter, line size according to the case design and calculate the size of the load current, decided to use much of the wire diameter.
Q:What are the grades of security monitoring enterprises?
Security qualification is divided into grade one qualification, level two qualification, grade three qualification and undetermined grade, and some provinces have no undetermined rank. Among them, the undecided level is the lowest level, and the enterprise qualification evaluation is carried out in accordance with the principle of gradual promotion.
Q:What is the future of the securities industry?
From the public security application, the traditional key position, industry users, business users, and gradually expand to the safe city, digital city, emergency management, environmental security, information security, social security and other fields Home Furnishing, but the civilian market is far from the outbreak. In 2011, China's civil security market has been close to 14 billion 400 million yuan, but only the total output value of the security market of 6%, while the United States that the international leading security market, the civilian market value accounts for more than the total output value of 50%, the world average of around 10%.
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Seven. Responsible for the management of the doorman;Eight, responsible for the work of the local public security organs and judicial departments, please guide the work, and actively assist the public security organs and judicial departments to deal with criminal cases within the company;Nine. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;
Q:Monitoring security in the scope of individual business, how to write?
Undertake: building intelligent engineering, electrical and mechanical installation works, security engineering design, construction, system integration, commissioning, maintenance and management.
Q:What's the difference between security and surveillance?
The scope of security is relatively large, out of surveillance, there are perimeter alarm, intrusion detection systems
Q:What is the product code for security cameras?
The term "commodity code" refers to the process of identifying goods with a set of Arabia numbers, which are called codes. The management of commodity code refers to how the members of the commodity bar code system encode the specific items correctly on the basis of the manufacturer's identification code,
Q:What subsystems does security include?
A complete security system is often composed of many subsystems. According to the relationship between the whole and the local, it is necessary to understand the subsystems of security. We don't care about the deep level. Let's see what subsystems are available for the moment.
Q:Do you have a safety monitoring system?
Security monitoring system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signals in its closed loop, and from the camera to the image display and recording to form an independent and complete system. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, image and reality. It can replace the manual for long time monitoring in bad environment, and record it by video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment for illegal invasion alarm.

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