expanded vermiculite for construction building material

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1000 pc
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200000 pc/month

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Hebei China (Mainland)

Model Number:



2-4mm, 3-6mm



Grain size:

relatively even, no impurities

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:PE bags, ton bags
Delivery Detail:15 days


expanded vermiculite for building material 
silver and gold color 
factory price

expanded vermiculite for construction building material


Product specification:


Manufacturing Technique:Crude & Expanded / Exfoliated
Grade / Size:





Factory Location:Liaoning, China

Unit Weight:

(for reference)

  • Crude: 640-1120kg/CBM

  • Expanded/Exfoliated: 64-160kg/CBM


Light to dark brown

Moisture loss at 100°c


PH (in water)



  • horticulture soil amendment

  • construction insulation material

  • animal feed

Package:100L PE bags packed in ton bag/carton/pallet


Order information to customers:


Payment:LC at sight or optional TT
Free samples:

           Yes, but express fee should be paid by customers.

We will pay you back if you place the order.

Monthly output:2000ton/month



Expanded vermiculite:

Garden's vermiculite has the following features:

  • Inorganic, inert and sterile.

  • Non abrasive.

  • Ultra light weight.

  • Free from disease, weeds and insects.

  • Slightly alkaline.

  • High cation-exchange.

  • Excellent aeration characteristics.

  • High water holding capacity

  • Insulating.

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Q:Verminculite as reptile substrate?
I do. The reason is water retention. The creator of SF gardening, Mel Bartholomew always said that he strongly recommended course vermiculite mixed in with the soil because it won't break down as quickly as medium or fine vermiculite. With course vermiculite you may not have to change your soil for 3-4 years. I also especially like using vermiculite with SF gardening because with this method your beds are more like a container garden and so will have a slight tendency to dry out a little faster than beds which are directly in the ground would. There's a reason the soil of all potted plants has vermiculite. It also offers a bit of an insurance policy against forgetting to water the beds on time... I like to use it. It does make some difference, and if you don't find the cost prohibitive than why not.
Q:how much hatch-rite will i need for leopard gecko eggs?
You should be able to find vermiculite at a local plant nursery. You could even use potting soil or peat moss with no problem.
Q:Which 3 materials are the best insulators out of the rest?
Calci sand. Thats their natural substrate in the desert
1. To loosen the soil and keep it from compacting. 2. To improve drainage.
Q:Does vermiculite loose fill insulation contain asbestos and how can it be tested?
Kate, Yahoo is your best choice to search. go to their homepage and type in garden centers and your city and state. lots of hits will come up. one of my Yahoo groups has members in your area and are familiar with chain stores and nurseries. even Walmart carries it. check out my PlantSwap group. i don't work for Yahoo, but i should. rick
Q:Which of these six soil additives is the best?
i dont have a clue but i think it might be 2 pints against 1pint etc. but with your measurments couldne be bothered to read whole question
Q:what is the chemical formula for garnet?
At first I would beleive that this is pyrite. Or fools gold. A good test is to put it on a hard surface and the poke it hard with a knife. Or squeeze it between pliers. If it breaks its pyrite. If it bends, you have either a foil, or possibly gold. Another test you could do is put a few of these flakes in a bowl or pan along with some dirt you have in the carden, put in a small amount of water. Shake it all up, hold the pan and bang the side, this will cause the heavier material to sink to the bottom. now swish it around soflty and slowly, if you can get the gold colored stuff to stay, and everything else to float off, you have gold. This process is called gold panning. If it is indeed gold, I would recommend you start digging. Gold is at $893 per ounce. But i doubt your are just diggin up gold flakes, even though it is possible, i would guess its pirite, or trash, or foil capsules from fertilizer
Q:Quality grade classification of vermiculite
Grade 1: vermiculite has large blades that can not be split into thin sheets. The color is brass, bronze or light green, pearl or fat luster, calcined into golden yellow, vermiculite volume expansion more than 8 times.Two grade: vermiculite leaves larger, not easy to split, peeled into a full sheet. The color is dark brown, brass and green, pearl luster or glass. After calcination, the volume of vermiculite expanded by 6 - 8 times.
Q:Hi I was wondering about any suitable bedding for a lay box for cornsnakes?
Vitameatavegamin!!! (...I poop out at parties!) ...lol =)
Q:Are these leo gecko eggs okay?
all are poor heat conductors but polystyrene conducts heat the best

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