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Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined and processed into puffy, lightweight granule which is mixed with soi

We offer Exfoliated Vermiculite For Agricultutal Purposes.

The vemiculite provided by us can be used as :

  • Soil conditioner

  • Carrier for dry handling and slow release of agricultural chemicals

  • Soil additive for plants, together with perlite for potted plants

  • Growing medium for hydroponics

Improves aeration:

It loosens the soil so that the roots can easily reach down and grow through the soil. 

Enhances drainage: 

The small, round white particles of exfoliated vermiculite do not absorb water, each little bead creates a tiny pocket among the granules of soil. Water can easily flow through the soil and the roots. It is great for clay soils and helps to improve drainage in any area.

Adds Permanent Soil Conditioner:

Unlike compost (decayed organic matter), eventually breaks down into the soil, vermiculite does not break down. Compost does add vital nutrients, but if you need to improve drainage permanently then vermiculite is a great solution.

Slightly raises PH:

Vermiculite is a PH neutral, which is around 7.0 or so, but because of some compounds found within it, it can slightly raise pH, a plus for acidic soils.

Makes other mineral available:

Exfoliated vermiculite naturally reacts with soil compounds and makes the availability of other nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

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Q:How many methods of expansion of vermiculite?
Expanded vermiculite is vermiculite as raw material, after drying, crushing and roasting, the volume of short fairy in a short period of time increases rapidly, expanding (6-20 times) and becoming a kind of golden granular material. With light weight, small thermal conductivity, fire protection, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless and so on. The bulk density of expanded vermiculite is about 80-180kg per cubic.
Q:The ground cement expansive slate, what item set
Cement board is a flat building with cement as the main raw materials processing and production, is between a gypsum board and stone free cutting, drilling, carving building products, with its superior gypsum board, wood fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insect prevention, sound insulation performance and the price is far lower than the stone become the construction industry widely used building materials. The concrete slabs are prefabricated and cast-in-place.
Q:What kind of material can be used instead of vermiculite and perlite on flower cutting?
Peat and yellow sand can be used instead
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
In addition, vermiculite can also provide the crops with K, Mg, Ca, Fe and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on.
Q:Excuse me a flower peat and perlite vermiculite proportion?
Not the mud should not harden, you may feel the compaction, is medium dry feeling, hand feels dry, a little hardness, guess is that.
Q:Iron powder. Water. Activated carbon. Vermiculite. Mineral water absorbent resin. After contact with air to human body harmful?
Water meets air less,Activated carbon is a porous substance, inert in the air, not only harmful to the body, but also the suspension of air, harmful gasesVermiculite, a mineral consisting mainly of silicates, is apparently inert in the normal environment. It is not harmful to people
Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
Vermiculite can also provide the crop with its own K, Mg, Ca, Fe, and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on. The experiment shows that adding the expanded vermiculite of 0.5-1% into compound fertilizer can increase crop yield by 15-20%.
Q:What are the main ingredients of vermiculite fireproof board?
Vermiculite fireproof board is a new kind of inorganic material. It is made of expanded vermiculite as main raw material and mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic binder.
Q:Can planting soil sand be replaced with perlite or vermiculite?
Soil manure by sewage accumulation of animal manure, leaves and other mixed soil, retting and admission, with a wealth of fertility.In addition, there are FWFPM, river mud, soil, soil and turf coniferous wood rot vermiculite and perlite, are good materials for soil preparation.
Q:Are expanded perlite and expanded vermiculite the same substance?What's the difference between them? What's the matter?
Vermiculite: Color: yellow, yellowish brown. Vermiculite after calcination, the volume can be expanded by several times, the volume expansion after the vermiculite called vermiculite.

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