Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX

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Item specifice:

Material: Wood,Plastic Style: Modern,American Usage: Commercial
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Folded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX

Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX description:

1. Durable black nylon frame

2. Aluminum bracket connecting backrest and seat, make chairs very strong

3. The material of mechanism is aluminum

4. Korean Samhongsa class 4 gas lift

5. Aluminum base can load 1136 kg

6. The seat is upholstered mesh or fabric, seat is waterfall design, it promotes circulation

7. The diameter of PU castors is 65MM


Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX Feature:

1. Adjustable headrest

2. Adjustable lumbar support, lumbar support can be push, with height adjustable lumbar support

3. 4D adjustable arms, the rotating soft PU pad can be adjusted for depth&width

4. Sychronized-tilting mechanism is with 5 lever locking position, it's very comfortable

5. Seat is with slider


Executive Office Mesh Chair High Back Chair


3D PU multifunctional   armrest: swivel,lift,forward & backward

Main Material

High density mesh and   flexible fabric 

Gas lift

Chrome metal


Synchronized-tilting   mechanism(136°) ,lumbar height & forward or backward adjustment, seat   with slider


Five aluminum star   base


PU, nylon


Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX Reference:


Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX

Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX

Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX Color Options:


Executive Office Ergonomic Mesh Chair CMAX Packing Picture:



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Q:What's the best office health chair in the family right now?
They've been doing this for 10 years, and their qualifications are pretty strong. What's more, their productivity, quality and credibility are good.
Q:gameing chair?
The Renegade: 12 Game-Sync'd Vibration Motors · Headrest Mounted 3D Stereo Speakers · Game-Triggered Lighting Effects · Xbox 360™, PS3™, Wii™, PS2™, PC, iPod™ Compatibility · Use any Steering Wheel or Game Accessory · Maximum Gaming Comfort · Stylish Racing Seat Design · Variable Massage Mode · MP3, Headphone Jacks · Stores Easily Raptor: • Improve Your Performance in First-Person Shooting Games, like Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, with Headrest Speakers that Amplify Enemy Dialogue and Vibration Motors that Distinguish Each Weapon and Kind of Attack with a Unique Intensity • The Perfect Accessory for Guitar Hero 3 Players, the Vibration and Audio Combine to Make Songs Come Alive, So You Don't Just Play the Song, You Feel the Music • Experience the Ultimate in Immersive Gaming in the Hi Tech Videogame Chair • LED Lights Illuminate Ground Surrounding Chair • Great for Your Game Cube, iPod, MP3 Player, X-Box 360, PS3, CD Player, DVD, Play Station 2 • Polyester-Blend Upholstery
Q:How would you go about recovering this chair?
The only thing I can think to do with it's shape would be to make a slip cover for it. You usually can find templates in books at the library, or even online. Other than that, it's a tough call. Slip covers are nice, also, because if you're going for white, you'll be able to wash it (plus cover the arm rests)
Q:best high chair to buy?
I have a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders chair and we like it. I wouldn't call it the best there is but it works fine for us. Has different heights, reclines, removable tray and toys to play with while I am getting her food ready. I haven't tried any others though so I can't compare it to anything. edit: just wanted to say be careful with the ones you strap to the chairs. They are a great idea and save tons of space if you have chairs that accomadate them. I got one as a gift and while I love the concept of it, my chairs don't fit it well and it hangs over the edge a bit so if my daughter leans forwards the whole chair will tip over. So in our case it didn't work :(
Q:What are the main functions of office chairs?
1. Relax your body2, remove tension (relaxation to tension)3. Tilt your body forward and back (forward to back)4. Stand up, sit down, stand up again, and sit still.No chair or seat can be completed or allow the designer to meet all of the above requirements. Office chair as a general concept, covering this type of broad sense and other types such as benches, chairs and sofa seat stool. Some chairs, reception chairs, lounge chairs, such as chairs or benches, their main function is mainly in the aesthetic needs to consider. Other office chairs are chosen because they meet the needs of users.
Q:Steel steps,chairs ya right!?
I'll be the first to admit that the shovel was fake as all hell, most likely a clay material, like the type used in movies for plates and dishes. However, the steel chairs stairs are truly steel When you think of steel usually the most common thought is a heavy metal used for construction. The big steel beams, so to speak. The folding chairs used in the WWE are a type of sturdy but thin steel that isn't made as heavy as the typical steel used in construction, but it's steel nonetheless. Think about plastic. There is a very heavy durable plastic used in something like those cheap plastic chairs they have at a dentists office - but then there's the plastic wrap you use to cover you leftovers. It's all plastic though, right? It's just constructed differently with different levels of composites. I'll admit, I think that the announcers really embelish when it comes to the actual weight of those stairs. I heard Michael Cole say (when the Undertaker used them once) that those stairs weighed 250lbs. I was like, Okay chief, you're overselling it real bad right now. Sometimes, like the ones you can find at Wal-Mart, there are aluminum chairs, but those are painfully obvious. You can spot them when a wrestler takes an extremely ginger tap on the head and the chair ends up with a huge dent in it or when a wrestler tries to stand on it and it buckles bends under his weight.
Q:Should I get a high chair or a table seat for my baby?
Well, I say it depends on the size of your family and your dining room set. If you have enough extra chairs that having one turned into a high chair isn't a problem, just get a booster seat that attaches to a chair. The ones that attach to the tables have a weight limit, and actual high chairs have mobility issues. I have both a high chair and a feeding chair for my daughter, we rarely used the high chair in our old apartment because it didn't fold, and took up a lot of space. I have a safety first foldable travel chair and my daughter uses it all the time. It's nice cause you can use it to help them learn to sit up(if your daughter isn't already), it can be used at the table or stands alone on the floor without the height danger, for snacktime or when you're out at the beach or something. It has a tray and a removable liner to make cleanup easier. It straps to a regular chair just as sturdily as a carseat, and it has straps as well. Once they get a little older, you can just take the tray off and use it as a booster seat too. Good luck!
Q:A 29 kg chair initially at rest on a horizontal floor requires a 373 N horizontal force to set it in motion. Once th?
Force due to gravity = 29 kg * 9.81 m/s^2 coefficient of static friction = 373 N / 29 kg * 9.81 m/s^2 coefficient of kinetic friction = 342 N / 29 kg * 9.81 m/s^2
Q:Decorating metal chairs?
You could wrap ribbon around the backs or tie a big bow :)
Q:Where can I find replacement parts for a moon chair?
best place is on line--google it ~!

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