Excavator Rock Bucket 330d 1.6cbm

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Product Description:

330d 1.6cbm Excavator Rock Bucket

Basic Info

Model NO.:Caterpillar 30tonne Type:Excavator Rock Bucket
Size:Medium-Sized Certification:ISO9001: 2000Condition:New Color:BlackExport Markets:Global

Additional Info

Trademark:SF Packing:PalletStandard:ISO9001-2008 Origin:China, Jiangsu ProvinceHS Code:84314100 Production Capacity:5000/PCS Per Month

Product Description

 like rock bucket, tilt mud bucket, skeleton bucket, crusher bucket, screener bucket, hydraulic and manual grab, quick coupler, 4 in 1 bucket, ripper, rake bucket, etc, . All we do is guarantee our valued customer like you have absolute advantage to import from us. We guarantee every SF product with better quality. You can use them at a ease. 

Your any inquiry is most welcome! 

The following is some information of our CAT330 1.6CBM Rock Bucket

1. Material: Q345B+NM400
2. Configuration and performance
Add strengthen plate on the bottom
Add side protective plate and protective plate, tooth holder

3. Application
Applicable to heavy working environment, such as the loading of hard stone and ore after the blasting; 

4. Group: Suitable for Caterpillar Excavator from 2-45T

If you are looking fo any spare parts for your excavator, we've got you covered. 

We strive to deliver 5-star customer service, Order with confidence!

Type,material,performance and applications of buckets
Main BucketMaterialConfiguration and performanceApplication
Rock BucketQ345B+NM400Add strengthen plate on the bottom,add side protective plate and protective plate,tooth holder;Applicable to heavy working environment,such as the loading of hard stone and ore after the blasting;
Heavy Duty BucketQ345BAdd strengthen plate on the bottom,excellent domestic tooth holder,prolonged service life.Applicable to light working environment,such as the excavating and loading of hard soil,soil with rock,and soft rock.
Q460Choose domestic wear-resistant plate as tooth holder plate and side plate;Excellent domestic tooth holder,to reach high abrasion and bending ability.Applicable to heavy working environment,such as the excavating and loading of gravel,soil mixed with hard rock,second-hard rock,weathered granite.
Standard BucketQ345BNormal thickness of the plate,excellent domestic tooth holderApplicable to the heavy working environment,such as the excavating of the clay,sand and loamy gravel.

Excavator Rock Bucket 330d 1.6cbm

Excavator Rock Bucket 330d 1.6cbm

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