Excavator - HT SERIES - Crawler Excavator HT230

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Product Description:

Crawler Excavator HT230

Engine type:

  YC 6A 190Z-T10

Rated power/speed:


Steering width:


Tail turning radius:




Min ground clearance:


Hydraulic system pressure


Bucket capacity:


Reverse speed:



≥ 40%

Maximum excavating force:


Maximum excavating distance:


Maximum excavating depth:


Maximum excavating height:


Track link width:

(engineering) 600mm

Travel speed:

2.4 -4km/h

Excavators are used in many ways:
Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
Material handling
Brush cutting with hydraulic attachments
Forestry work
Forestry mulching
General grading/landscaping
Mining, especially, but not only open-pit mining
River dredging
Driving piles, in conjunction with a pile driver
Drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting, by use of an auger or


Hydraulic drill attachment 

Hydraulic excavator capabilities have expanded far beyond excavation tasks with buckets. With the advent of hydraulic-powered attachments such as a breaker, a grapple or an auger, the excavator is frequently used in many applications other than excavation. Many excavators feature a quick coupler for simplified attachment mounting, increasing the machine's utilization on the jobsite. Excavators are usually employed together with loaders and bulldozers. Most wheeled, compact and some medium-sized (11 to 18-tonne) excavators have a backfill (or dozer) blade. This is a horizontal bulldozer-like blade attached to the undercarriage and is used for levelling and pushing removed material back into a hole. 

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Q:Does anyone know how to effectively level the ground before laying an above ground swimming pool?
I put down sand, and used a 2x4 to smooth, then placed a level on the 2x4 and working the 2x4 360 deg leveled by shifting the sand. Works.
Q:Does anyone know how commercial ponds are created?
It depends on where you live. In Nevada for example putting in a large pond is quite the undertaking with an extensive permitting process. You have to have water right and be permitted to store water in a pond. You have to meet certain criteria if the pond holds a large volume of water and have dam safety inspections and permitting through the environmental protection agency. Once you are legally allowed to create a pond, then it is large excavation and may need lining and corrosion control along the banks. Normally large ponds have surface water inlets like ditches, creeks, etc, and would not be filled with a hose.
Q:How Do I find year model for Komatsu Excavator?
take model and serial number to a dealer or aftermarket parts dealer.maybe you could find it on the internet, but its probably easier to just have a human look up a part.
Q:Honestly! Is the Pope a forensic expert? I mean do they have DNA samples of Paul? See:?
Relics are big business, but also, The Western New Testament contradicts the Greek version concerning the events of Saul. The bones you mention are to provide the legitimacy of Latin-izing the Greek story that was handed down to us. Relics are not historical.
Q:Hydraulic Power and speed?
The basic formula for hydraulic power is proportional to the force and the flow. We can calculate from the power to find time and so speed. This is: power_watts = (force_newtons x displacement_meters) / time_seconds We need the time so: time = (force * displacement) / power The pressure is due to the resistance to flow. Determine the force from the pressure and the cross sectional area of the cylinder, where one pascal is one newton per square meter. area = pi * r^2 = pi * 0.0725m^2 = 0.016513m^2 The pressure is 36.3MPa. The force is: Force = pressure * area = 599422N. The displacement is the stroke of 1.52m, so from the above formula for time: time = (599422N * 1.52m) / 202000W = 4.51s The extension speed (velocity) is: velocity = distance / time = 1.52m /4.51s = 0.337m/s Edited later: I missed the point there are 2 cylinders. As there are 2 cylinders for the same flow, the speed is half of one cylinder: 0.337 / 2 = 0.1685m/s <== Answer (as for your answer)
Q:Dragon excavator 150 price
320DL advantages: similar models of the largest mining, durability, stability of the whole car, although high prices, but cost-effective.
Q:has anyone ever used ZooMeds Excavator as a substrate?
excavater would be ok.just be carefull that he doesn't eat any when it dries and starts to chip off. dirt and sand mix would be best imo because it lets the burow, wich is what they would do in the wild to 1. get away from predaters 2.escape light to sleep because they're nocturnal 3. get the humidity they need to help aid in shedding/ get cool.they also lay their eggs in burrows.
Q:How to format this WGET command? (For WGET experts)?
here is about what might work. for i in $(cat input.txt) echo $i $( wget -qO- $i | grep title | sed 's/<[^>]*//g') >> output.txt also might make use of xargs. In my mind this is what the code is supposed to do: for each url in input, echo the url and the formated title, and append it to output.txt that is this portion: echo $i $(...) >> ouput.txt the formatting is done by using wget to write the html page to the console quietly ( the -qO- option), grep to filter for the phrase title, and the sed strips ( s for substitute, g for all or globally) the pattern of a tag ( a < followed by as many non-> chars)
Well, to become an environmental excavation first you have to be land. Oh, I think you mean excavator. Then you'd need excavation experience and excavation equipment (backhoes and such). You'd probably need certification of some kind. For government jobs (the most common) you'd probably need to bid on a project, and they take the best bid. Texas government sites should have specific information on this. Knowledge of soil types, environmental habitats, erosion control, etc. would be useful.
Q:The big excavator, that brand is good
The following basically covers the existing mainstream brands, first said joint venture brands of Caterpillar: American brands, old brands, independent production. (CAT) advantages: adequate strength, durability, strength, and not bad. Disadvantages: high price, high fuel consumption, short arm, small work range. Especially mine type models, large fuel consumption, after-sales service in general. Komatsu: Japan brand, excavator industry leader, the total cost-effective, independent production. (KOMATSU) advantages: better strength, strong and durable, low fuel consumption, hydraulic pressure is its strong point, the overall coordination is good, the speed is very fast, not easy to bad, good hedge, used car good shot. Disadvantages: high prices, accessories expensive. (Note: because of the domestic market share is very high, deputy plant parts, so it is cheaper): Japanese brands, Hitachi excavator sales is also very big, general can also assemble. (HITACH) has the advantages of mechanical matching, hydraulic system, flexible action, general value, durability, cost, fuel consumption, power, price 3-5 million cheaper than Komatsu. Disadvantages: not durable, more, after two or three years of serious oil spill, mainly high water temperature or hydraulic system, the No. 20 machine for four missing engine, it is to increase the displacement of the lack of strength reduction, not dare to use, the general price of second-hand car. Kobelco: Japanese brands, sales of large, general can also be assembled. (KOBELCO) advantages; low down payment and oil saving.

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