Excavator Clamshell Bucket excavator parts Komatsu 120/200-6

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Product Description:

Clamshell Bucket


1.Porducts imformation:

Applications: Foundation ground digging, chasm digging, loose materials loading, such as earth and sand, etc..


  Product Characteristics of Clamshell Bucket:

1.The clamshell can be opened and closed directly by the hydraulic cylinders;

2.Strong digging strength;

3. Especially good for a restricted working space.


Applications: Foundation ground digging, chasm digging, loose materials loading, such as earth and sand, etc.

We can design and manufacture excavator buckets according to your requirements. such as earth bucket, rock bucket, skeleton bucket, clamshell grab bucket, ripper bucket, ditching bucket, clean up buckets, etc



Code Name

The main   chemical components

Brunel Hardness


Elongation Rate


Tensile Strength


Yield Strength







Manganese Steel   Plate











Wear-resistant   steel plate homemade











High strength   wear-resistant steel plate












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my friend i think that most companies would likely hire experienced people if you don't like construction work that find another job beside economics and maybe that would be more challenging and you would really like it.my advice to you is go for Hotel Management or Tourism
Q:Hydraulic Power and speed?
In order to calculate the Hydraulic Motor Speed n (rpm), you must enter the following figures:- 1) Pump Flow Q (lpm) and is the flow input to the motor from eg hydraulic power pack 2) Motor Efficiency, for hydraulic motors this is in the range 0.85-0.95. 3) Displacement Vg,, sizes for hydraulic motors from 5cm3to 250cm3 Useful conversions factors: 1 cm3 = 0.061 cu.inch 1 Litre = 0.22 UK Gallons = 0.26 US Gallon
Q:Working principle of excavator running motor
Excavator motor principle: the large crawler excavator machine weight is generally above 20t, machine inertia, in the process of starting and stopping of the machine will bring bigger impact to the hydraulic system, therefore, must improve the walking control system to adapt to this condition.The motor generally adopts high speed motor plus planetary reducer or cycloidal pin gear reducer, while the control of the loop of the hydraulic motor has its characteristics. Walking motor control loop shown in Figure 1, the motor is equipped with a high-pressure automatic variable device, when hung high gear when the circuit is connected with the manual transmission oil to oil, promote the transmission valve moves to the left, the motor for small displacement; if the driving resistance increases the pressure rises to the set value, the oil valve drive transmission right for large displacement, low gear automatic variable motor, to increase the torque. Therefore, the motor can automatically change gears as the walking resistance changes.
Q:Questions about reptile substrate: Zoo Med Excavator?
i would not get it it gets hard after awhile and is like impossible to get out and for a 55 gallon tank for borrowing your look at a lot of this $$$ for the beardie i would stick with paper towls newspaper or reptile carpet but if you really want sand get the finniest play sand around and i mean finest and wash it to it runs clear for the uro i would do a 50 50 50% topsoil organic no pesticides or chemicals and 50% sand do the same thing with the sand as you do with the beardi wash it good luck and i wish the best for you
Q:Is this Diapet IHI IS-04 Excavator made by yonezawa toy RARE?
its only found on planet Trollzor jk haha trololol payback is a *****
Q:Komatsu PC series excavators -5, -6, -7, -8. Which year did they begin production?
This is the case at homeProduction began in November, -5:1995-6:1997 began in January-7:2002 began in September-8:2007 began in SeptemberabroadMay, -5:88November, -6:1992April, -7:2001September, -8:05
Q:what type of grease gun should I buy to grease excavator tracks?
A regular sized one will do just fine. You know...the one that uses tubes of grease about the size of a tube of bathroom caulk. I'd get one with a flexible hose as opposed to a fixed one. That way, you'll be able to get to the tough ones without having to maneuver the machine as much.
Q:What will be happen if we use water as hydraulic fluid in hydraulic cylanders?
Water is a dandy incompressible liquid, but that is where the good points end. If you use it in a hydraulic circuit the following will happen: 1. When put under negative pressure gasses will evolve from the water. This will result in soft actuation as the gas is compressible. 2. The system will be subject to freezing if left in a cold environment. 3. Metal fittings will likely rust. 4. Hydraulic oil filters will likely clog. 5. You will wind up with one expensive repair bill.
Q:could anyone help me to find repair manual for AKERMAN EW150 excavator?
Hope okorder.com
Q:why dose it take archaeologist many years to excavate a site?
Basically they have to work by hand. Going into a site, they do not know exactly where the artifacts will be...how deep, how close together etc. Also, the objects they seek can be very small. Using mechanical tools (excavators for example) can damage or destroy artifacts. They also want to map the locations of things they find, to see if there is a pattern...for example, finding a fire remnant and bones that show charring might indicate a kitchen given one pattern, or a massacre site given another. The closer they get to an object, the smaller the brush and the more delicate the handwork. There are other issues...the deeper one digs, the more you have to shore up the sides or widen them to avoid cave-ins...there are safety concerns. Also, most sites are not wasteland and they are tying them up from other uses, so permissions and agreements have to be obtained and kept. Many interesting sites have people living over them at the surface who would not appreciate having their house or business collapse because of an overzealous dig.

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