Excavator 15ton (K150SD-1)

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Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:K150SD-1



Usage:Special Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:0.5~1.0m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:100PCS/Year

Product Description

Big torque travelling devices ensure strong driving force when turning and climbing the extendable chassis not only improves working stability, but also allows transportation of whole machine without dismantling big circular are structure on both ends of pontoon reduces travelling resistance.

Operating weight20000kg
Standard bucket capacity0.4m 3
Arm length1508mm
Boom length3900mm
Number of cylinder4
Max. power/rpm86.5KW/2200rpm
Max. torque420N.M at 1600 rpm
Main pumps
TypeVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. displacement2 × 63cm 3 /r
Working pressure30Mpa
Hydraulic motor
SlewFixed displacement axial piston motor
TravelVariable displacement axial piston motors
Slew speed13.6pm
Min. back slew radius2468mm
Max. travel speed high/low3/2.1km/h
Grade ability30 °
traction force157.5kn
Max. digging force of bucket72kn
Max. digging force arm51kn
Groud pressure0.13kg/cm 3
Tank capacity
Fuel tank capacity217L
Hydraulic tank capacity217L

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

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Q:Is the power supply voltage of the excavator AC or DC?
The power supply of electric excavator is AC power supply.The AC power is introduced into the interior of the excavator and then converted into direct current by the unit or the electronic converter.
Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? Ten
The operator of the excavator is called a digger in the sequence of work in the labor department.
Q:What does the excavator pay attention to?
First, when the downhill hand door frameExcavator super off-road capabilities, we all know. With the combination of the crawler and the working device, the excavator can climb up the steep slope, and also can slide downhill easily. There is a danger of being easily ignored the situation, is the excavator in the downhill or is under the trailer, as the body forward, many drivers will push the left handedness of the front windshield or door, right operating excavator. At this point, if the door is open and unlocked, the door is closed because it is gravity, and it is usually very powerful. Hand on the doorframe will be clamped. The consequences are serious.Excavator downhillTherefore, when the excavator is working, the door of the excavator cab is closed with a lock, and a lock is opened, and the door must be locked whether the door is open or closed. The driver tried not to walk the door frame.
Q:What does Caterpillar excavator have to do with cat shoes?
I don't know if you are talking about CAT shoes with the CAT excavator brand. I've seen the Caterpillar Engineer in Beijing. The shoes worn are trademarks of excavators. They are estimated to be inside, and there is no guarantee on the market
Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? What's your occupation?
Excavators belong to the construction machinery industry, excavators usually require excavators, driving license, of course, there is a master band, there is no evidence, the problem is not large.
Q:LOL excavator correctly installed
Then, the choice of the color of the wild knife, the white punishment, no one does not use, not to discuss. The excavator belonged to the GANK and control pattern jungler instead of harvesting the juggernaut and werewolf like wild type or single red, so the single output bias challenge and singled punishment is not considered. The excavator has a W hit fly, with E drill dash and flash is controlled relatively stable, then slow down discipline to keep the W blue and strike with his teammates to keep people is very important, so in most cases is to upgrade the discipline of blue. If the early by anti wild miserable, poor development, need to quickly fill fill level under the condition of development, through the upgrading of discipline to speed up the efficiency of wild purple brush up grade can be considered, but not the most preferred purple punishment, because the Desolator excavator efficiency, improve the efficiency of punishment is not dependent on purple desolator.
Q:How to learn excavator
Every beat butter like live as an apprentice to the courage to bear various combinations, when nothing to do when careful observation work digging machine, angle. Can also do in the master behind, see the master work. In short, the operation of the case is not difficult to learn, see their savvy, and how much time you can learn. No one knows, no one knows! Look at your savvy! Learn one day, one year will not learn, and understand! If you want to learn, study hard, you can do a simple job in a month or so! In fact, the real master is not good in this aspect of digging machine operation. Want to do good, there are a few points of master machine. Simple operation, flexible speed. There is no unnecessary waste. Take a look at the construction situation, you can quickly do a good job plan, faster completion of the work done. Take good care of the machine and butter on time... Wait! In fact, learning machine is not difficult, if you want to learn. It is so simple, you make up your mind, you can find a good master, to learn carefully, 1 months or so, you can go it alone. When learning to always touch the machine, the light does not work, it is practical... That's probably it.. Finally, tell you one of the most important aspects! Do not go to school to learn, spent money do not say, out of no use, but also from the new learning!! You can't believe it, you go to school and you cry.. That's probably the point.. Ha ha, try hard!
Q:Certificate distinction of excavator operation permit
The company has its own requirements is not empty, years ago to find someone to get a long-term population, it, an umbrella four phase flow from about five
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of wheeled excavators and crawler excavators?
Caterpillar type is strong and easy to climb. The wheels are mobile and can do frequent walking work. There is stronger than the wheel track
Q:What should we pay attention to when purchasing excavators?
If you buy a new car or if it is recommended to buy Hitachi Komatsu buy second-hand car or the main attention to the engine and hydraulic system

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