Excavator 15ton (K150SD-1)

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Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:K150SD-1



Usage:Special Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:0.5~1.0m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:100PCS/Year

Product Description

Big torque travelling devices ensure strong driving force when turning and climbing the extendable chassis not only improves working stability, but also allows transportation of whole machine without dismantling big circular are structure on both ends of pontoon reduces travelling resistance.

Operating weight20000kg
Standard bucket capacity0.4m 3
Arm length1508mm
Boom length3900mm
Number of cylinder4
Max. power/rpm86.5KW/2200rpm
Max. torque420N.M at 1600 rpm
Main pumps
TypeVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. displacement2 × 63cm 3 /r
Working pressure30Mpa
Hydraulic motor
SlewFixed displacement axial piston motor
TravelVariable displacement axial piston motors
Slew speed13.6pm
Min. back slew radius2468mm
Max. travel speed high/low3/2.1km/h
Grade ability30 °
traction force157.5kn
Max. digging force of bucket72kn
Max. digging force arm51kn
Groud pressure0.13kg/cm 3
Tank capacity
Fuel tank capacity217L
Hydraulic tank capacity217L

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

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Q:What brands do foreign excavators have?
Japan: Hitachi, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Komatsu, Kato, Ishikawa Shima, Kubota, TakeuchiKorea, Doosan and modernUnited States: Carter, KeithEurope: JCB, Bohai, Terex, Volvo (Volvo is a European brand, but in fact it is the technology of Samsung)
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Call some landscape/grading companies in the area. If it's accessible for a dump truck get quotes on getting it filled with 'fill' dirt (that's the cheapest dirt). Then have them pack it well with a loader or a small tractor(Bobcat). Cover the top with about 4-6 inches of topsoil and plant away whether it be grass, shrubs, trees. The cost will go up if the company has to dump the fill dirt say in the driveway then use a Bobcat/loader to haul it in to the pool. Removing it is going to cost way more; as you'll have a demolition charge, a disposal charge(unless they just use whats left to fill it in) than you've paid for demolition that's not needed) fuel charge and a charge to fill the great big hole. It will also make the ground around the dug out pool to constantly shift because you have re disturbed so much solid earth. Just fill it....
Q:what are the work capability of major heavy equipments in cubic meter per day?
This varies greatly by design of the equipment. Some excavators and dump trucks are huge, too large to drive on highways. They are trucked in in pieces and built on site.
Q:What do you mean by excavator?
Nothing special, just recently Lan Xiang's advertising language is very fire: learning excavator which is strong, China Shandong find Lan Xiang......
Q:how to measure the capacity that can be carried by an excavator bucket?
Buckets come as sizes, like a two yard bucket, etc. That's the capacity in volume. To convert that to weight, you need an average weight of your product by volume, like 25 pounds per cubic foot. Then it's just math: Two cubic yards at 27 cubic feet per cubic yard times 25 pounds per cubic foot is 1,350 pounds per bucket full.
Q:How long is the normal wait to get an excavator to start digging for a basement?
It depends entirely on the area of the country you are in, the weather, and the excavator you have chosen. There is no average wait time. If you are building your own home, you are at a disadvantage with an excavator, and will be at a disadvantage with every subcontractor you deal with during the construction of your home. You are only building one home, while the builders they normally work for build multiple homes per year. Every subcontractor will put off your job and give priority to the builders who hire them month after month and year after year. Unfortunately, you may be a one shot deal. Good luck with your situation.
Q:How do mining companies find mineral deposits?
Some tools used in mineral exploration: Remote Sensing (satellite imagery to find strucures and rocks lilely to contain mineral deposits) Geophysics (measuring small changes in natural phenomena to detect mineral deposits). Those in common use include magnetics, conductivity, gravity, radiometrics. Seismic (sound waves) to analyse sedimentary rocks when searching for oil and gas. Geochemistry: measuring metal content of soils and rocks to detect higher than normal levels which may indicate a mineral deposit. Geological mapping: looking at rocks and their relationships to find good targets for further exploration. Drilling: only way to truly test deeper mineral deposits: various types that either extract chips of rock or solid core of rock. Prospecting: working your way up a stream loking for concentrations of metals in gravels by panning: old school but still used!
Q:What is this antique surgical instrument?
I believe second one is a circular saw used to cut the skull bone. It had teeth around the outside and would be connected to a power source to spin fast.
Q:The streets were wild and the ads said the excavator was carrying an oil hammer. What's the hammer?
In fact, this is the name of each place is different, the Chongqing side, there is also said that the gun machine. In fact, the hammer is brokenHope to be of some help to you

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