EVA sheet cutting machine

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Product Description:


1. Foam cutting machine suitable for EVA, plastic sheet cutting
2. It is widely used in shoes, toy and decoration industry

Descriptions and advantages:

1.This foam cutting machine suitable for EVA, PE, plastic and cork sheet cutting.

2.It is widely used in shoes, toy, and decoration industry.


Sloping cut width:780 mm

Axis distance: 210 mm

Knife width: 80 mm

Axis end tolerance: 40 mm

Axis diameter: 45 mm

Sheet rigidity: 10-85

Motor power: 5.6 kw


Feature details:

1.This machine has higher rigidity, stable action, adjustable height of two rollers end, max height difference can be 40 mm, more excellent than similar products.

2. It has excellent functions of sloping cutting, high efficient, high precision.

3. It adopt digital screen to show roller position, knife grinding unit, and still have room to be combined with automatic production line.

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