European Quality Wooden aluminium doors and windows

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Product Description:

Interior door



1.MDF wood boards for door leaf and door frame ,And the surface is veneered by hand or computer sculpture or embossed by natural wooden skin,then 6 layers painting and polishing


2.Chinese Fir inside block structure.  Filling inside: 50% Chinese Fir to 100% Chinese fir


3.Surface:paint finishing is processed by six layer quality paint coating


4.Design&Colour : Diversified available


5.Size available: As per requirement (height*width*depth)


6.Opening direction: Left or right; inward or outward open


7.Accessories: lock, handle, hinges .


1.Protection cap for 4  corners + PEP foam + Bubble bag + 5 layers carton


2.Container capacity: 160pcs/20Ft, 350pcs/40HQ (differs upon your virtual choice)

OEM&ODM is available



Interior wooden door


Natural wooden veneer + 6mm MDF board+Chinese fir wood+  6mm MDF board

Wood skin(Color)

Teak, Oak, Ash, Cherry, Sapele, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, Pine or as your required.

Standard Dimension( H*W*T)


Door frame: 250mm


Door frame+ frame adjust architrave , lock, handle, hinges 

Suitable Position

Bedroom, Kitchen room, Storage room


Paint finishing is processed by six layers quality paint coating


Protection cap for 4  corners + PEP foam + Bubble bag + 5 layers carton

Opening direction

Left or right; inside or outside open 

Delivery time

20 days after received the deposit.

Payment terms

30% advance T/T, balance accepted by fax copy of B/L


150 sets


160sets/ 20” FCL

350 sets/ 40” HQ

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Q:Engineering materials, aluminum doors and windows need to check it, I am a party unit?
General manufacturers can be out
Q:How would you go about opening a small metal door?
What is the room made from? Metal also, brick, cement? Or like rooms today where you could punch a hole in the wall with almost no force? I would just break through the wall if it were JUST a room with a METAL door. Hope any of this helps with your project. Other than that if you are with nothing to use and the room were all metal well that's pretty much F-ed.
Q:What is the difference between a composite door and an aluminum alloy door?
Titanium alloy based on the composition of other alloy elements called titanium alloy.T titanium alloy with low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good process performance, etc., is the ideal aerospace engineering structural materials. X0d 2, Aluminum alloy is made of some alloying elements such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-copper-magnesium hard aluminum alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper super-hard aluminum alloy. Pure aluminum has better physical and mechanical properties: easy processing, high durability, wide range of applications, decorative effect is good, rich colors. Aluminum is divided into rust aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum and other types, all kinds of The use of their own, and have their own code for the user to choose. Aluminum alloy is still maintained a light weight characteristics, but the mechanical properties improved significantly.Aluminum alloy material applications have the following three aspects: First, As a force component; the second is as a door, window, tube, cover, shell and other materials; third is as decorative and adiabatic materials.Using aluminum alloy anodized after processing can be colored characteristics, made of various ornaments. Plate, Profile surface can be anti-corrosion, ginning, painting, printing and other secondary processing, made of various decorative plates, profiles, as decorative materials.
Q:how to put wood on a metal garage door?
Sure you can. Depending upon the condition of the paint on the door now, you may simply be able to wash and paint it without other prep. Use a high quality paint intended for metal surfaces like Iron Clad. Any paint store can help you pick a suitable paint. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, ICI, ZInnser- they all have paints specifically for metal. Back to prep work though. If the paint is peeling on the door, you will need to sand or scrape it off until you get to a surface that is free of peeling paint. This is usually a full weekend job... Good luck.
Q:is there a way to cut off the bottom of a metal exterior door?
You can buy glass cutters at home depot, but if you don't know glass, it's easy to accidentally break it. You can cut the weld on the corner of th frame with a hacksaw or if there are screws take them off and the frame will come of the glass, then take the glass to a pro and get it cut, or cut it yourself. Just tell them what you want at the Hardware store, sometimes they will cut it for you, but they will show you the glass cutters you need. This is what I always do and they are always very helpful. But first google how to cut a window pane to get an idea of what you'll need to do.
Q:Titanium doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows What is the difference
The price difference is not the real difference is to see the thickness of aluminum, the thickness of the up, the price naturally go up to 1.0 in 160 or so 1.2,1.4 times the rise, no more than 260 (I mean to do double glass)
Q:what gets permanent marker off metal door?
Rubbing alcohol does a good job at removing permanent marker off metal and plastic surfaces.
Q:How does the dry paint on the aluminum door remove?
Wash with banana
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows material thickness how to choose
Aluminum alloy material deformation, sliding and other phenomena are common. Consumers should pay attention to the purchase of materials on the thickness of materials: aluminum alloy sliding doors have 70 series, 90 series of two, residential aluminum alloy sliding door with 70 series can be. The number of series indicates the number of millimeters in the size of the frame thickness. Aluminum alloy sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series four kinds. Series selection should be based on the size of the window hole and the local wind pressure value. The aluminum alloy sliding window used as a closed balcony shall be not less than 70 series. Aluminum doors and windows have the following advantages: light weight, high strength. The density is only one-third of the previous. Good sealing performance. Closed performance directly affects the use of doors and windows function to drink energy consumption. Closed performance includes air tightness, watertightness, heat insulation, sound insulation and other four aspects. Good durability. Easy to use and maintenance. Aluminum doors and windows are not rust, do not fade, do not fall off, almost no maintenance, spare parts life is extremely long. Decorative effect is elegant. Aluminum alloy dream surface have artificial oxide film and color formation of composite film, this composite film is not only corrosion, wear, have a certain fire resistance, and high gloss. Aluminum doors and windows due to light weight, processing and assembly of precision, accurate, and thus open and close light and flexible, five noise. In line with the modern decoration of the pursuit of elegant style trend.
Q:Contact with the metal frame after the electricity is how to distinguish between static electricity or leakage
And the power cord is not exposed to static electricity. There may be contact with static electricity may also be leakage. Static electricity is a kind of Ma electrical feeling. Leakage will be accident. If you can not even worry about a wire to the power of the yellow-green line, it is a protective grounding wire.

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