Europe Durable Wood Plastic Composite Plant Box

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Product Description:

WPC series

**WPC outdoor decking
**WPC exterior wall panel
**WPC DIY flooring
**garden box
WPC(woodplastic composite) part one
Type: hollow and solid
Length: 2200mm, 2900mm, 4000mm,5800mm
Specification:150*25mm,135*25mm,140*26mm,  150*21mm, 150*30mm, 145*30mm, 250*21mm,250*25mm etc.
Color: ivory white, wood, cherry red, reddishbrown,  black etc.

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Q:What kind of fruit tree can I grow in my home garden?
apple, peach, plum, cherry, All are available at any greenhouse, garden center, or nursery.
Q:Where can I find this comforter set?
Q:New Home owner who knows nothing about gardening/flowers!?
Keep in mind that perennials start small, but get larger every year. You need to leave them plenty of space to grow. This means that for the first 2-3 years, your garden may look a little bare. This is why it is a good idea to plant some annuals the first couple of years, as a filler until the perennials get a little larger. Also, as they grow larger, they can be split into 2, and used to plant in another area of your garden. All things to remember when choosing your plants. As for what to plant, go to a local nursery or garden center, and they will carry plants that will work well in your climate. Just find something you like. Each will be tagged with information about what type of environment it likes, from full sun, to full shade, to a mix of the two. Check how much water they require (some like a consistently wet soil whereas others don't mind a little dry period between waterings), especially if you're a low maintenance kind of gardener. Match the type of plants you like to where you'd like to plant them, and your style of gardening. If in doubt, ask someone to help you pick plants that will be a good fit for your garden and your gardening style. Most gardening turns out to be trial and error - something you expect to look beautiful one place, you find a year later it just doesn't give you the effect you wanted. You can always transplant or remove anything that seems out of place or that you don't like. It will take several years for your garden to get really established, and each year you'll start to learn a little more about what you like, what works, and what will grow best. Remember it's best to start planting by turning some fertilizer or compost into the soil, to give the new plants lots of nutrients to grow. Once you've planted, a nice layer of cedar mulch makes the garden look beautiful, gives off a lovely woodsy scent, helps your beds retain moisture, and makes it a little more difficult for weeds to take root. Good luck and have fun!
Q:I want to plan a garden in my home have area 10 x 60 ft. Your ideas most welcome..?
check out the premise behind the Square Foot Gardening with Mel Bartholomew. the basic garden is a 4'x4'.
Q:In the garden industry which is promising |?
Understand this information, but the knowledge here will involve a wide range, not only the design, as well as the landscape and topography of the entire region planning, as well as plants and flowers and so on
Q:Having trouble with my huge home garden?
Start with a smaller area, make some raised beds out of wood, and place the frames on the ground. Dig the soil inside each frame, and pile it all around the out side. Find out if someone has horse manure that they want to get rid of, and fill you raised bed with horse manure. Water the horse manure for two weeks, then buy strong flower and veggie plants, and plant them in the raised bed. This will give you a start until your soil gradually improves. One more thing about horse manure, a lot of cities collect, and take it to the dump. See if they would bring you a load.
Q:I live in a mobile home that is 8 yrs....?
1) I bought it and hubby loved it. He considered himself an expert but as I observed I thought he should learn some short cuts. The person that made that DVD sends you email to make sure you are happy with it. 2) Get from the store or Home Depot little samples of prime and paint. Try on a little corner. Here at home we had some rooms that the walls were with panels of masonite (similar to formica, popular in the 70's). Each panel was connected to the next by a long plastic joint. Hubby cut the joints, placed a screen tape and caulked the space. Primed and painted the wall. They are perfect and they will never crack. I am assuming the paneling in the mobile home might be of this material. 3) Cover the walls with sheet rock and paint is another option. 4) Contact the mobile home manufacturer and ask for recommendations.
Q:What are the skills of balcony garden decoration design?
So plants can be interspersed with flowering plants or other colored leaves during planting
Q:how do you install a faucet in a mobile home garden tub?
Its pretty easy to do.The first thing is to do is read the material that came with the faucet.If you go by that you're in good shape,Instead of using the gasket that they give you use plumber putty under the faucet.Then you tighten the bolts to hold down the faucet.Then use steel woven faucet supply tubes that are flex-able hoses like, that you attach the water line to the faucet make sure you know the size of your faucet and the size of the shut off valve.
Q:are flowers cheaper at a garden center?
They're often cheaper at mass retailers like Wal Mart or Home Depot but they are often poorly cared for. They cost more at nurseries and garden centers but usually the care is excellent and you have less loss.

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