Euro HASCO Mould Frame Mould Base for Plastic Injection Moulding

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Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic standard and non-standard mold, die-casting mould, stamping mould and all kinds of Euro HASCO mould frame.

The accessories are all made of standard guide pillar & bushes. 

Thickness tolerance are processed according to requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.

High surface finish and roughness of standard.

Various types of formwork could be processed according to figure.

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Q:What is a mold bite
Is lousy skin grain, a lot of plastic parts surface is very thick leather grain, like a car instrument on the stage or storage battery mirrors, etc., fine grain with spark machine can play out, but do not to come out of coarse grain, you need to use chemical liquid will need mold cavity rotten into grain, also called texture
Q:What are the molding methods of plastic molding mould?
Injection molding; Plastic extruding and forming; Plastic compression molding; Plastic blow molding; Plastic heat forming; That's all I know. I hope it helps. The specific thing, can go online check!
Q:Would you please tell me what the difference in the mold Tooling and mold
Single meaning, from the aspects of the mold tooling refers to all tooling, including mold and die, and mold mainly refers to the mold cavity, points of the cavities and the mold, such as plastic, sand mold, die casting, die mainly refers to the lower die, the use of gravity or hydraulic presses, forging, extrusion mould, etc.
Q:How many kinds of equipment can be used to open the mould?
The molds have a lot of equipment Most basic: lathe, milling, grinding machine, line cutting, drilling machine These are the most basic. And, of course, you need to press the bed for the test
Q:The difference between wire cutting and mold making
Line cutting and molds: linear cutting is a process that can cut the conductive material into the desired shape. Edm Wire cutting machine, Wire Electrical Discharge Machining WEDM), electric processing category, is by the former Soviet union cluster technology limited couple lazarus research by spark Discharge switch contact corrosion damage phenomenon and reason, found that spark of instantaneous high temperature can make local metal melting, oxidation and corrosion, so as to create and invented the electric spark Machining method. The line cutting machine was invented in the former Soviet union in 1960 and is the first country to be used in industrial production.
Q:How many products can a mold make?
Normally we do molds if the customer can live up to 50W according to the steel materials we recommend It has to do with the steel strength of the main material and the thickness of the steel
Q:Do machine parts need to be moulds?
Not all of them have to be moulds. Look at your parts.I hope my answer will help you
Q:What does it mean to have a rough die
The tool is used to process the rough shape of the mould. And the machine tool and cutter that open coarse use is less accurate, such processing speed is relatively quick. It needs to be left with a residual amount, and then replaced with a processed machine tool and tool. Die strategy: Follow the perimeter: less knife, more clean blade, more empty blade, suitable for electrode processing, avoiding the phenomenon of the cutting of the knife in electrode processing. Follow the workpiece: it is not easy to cut, the way is safe, it is suitable for steel material processing, lifting the knife.
Q:Why are the stamping molds wrinkling?
The pressure side is too small, the clearance is too big, the die plane is not good. There are only a few of these
Q:What is a molds? What is the difference between die and die?
Under external force, the material is made into a special shape and dimension. Widely used in cutting, forging, cold heading, extrusion, powder metallurgy parts suppression, pressure casting, as well as engineering plastics, rubber, ceramics and other products of the molding or injection forming. The mold has a certain contour or inner cavity shape, and the shape of the blade can be applied to the outline Separation of forms (blanking). The inner cavity shape can be used to obtain the corresponding solid shape. The mould usually includes two parts: the moving model and the mold (or the punch and the concave), which can be divided into two parts. When apart, take out the pieces and put them into the mold cavity forming. Mold is a precision tool, complex shape, bear the expansion force of billet, the structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and machining accuracy have higher request, the development level of mold production is one of the important symbol of the levels of mechanical manufacturing.

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