EU Standard Oil Bottle Cap and Handle with PET Preform

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100 set/month

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Plastic Bottle Preform


custom EU standard oil bottle cap and handle plastic mould manufacturer

Mould material

45# , P20, H13, 718, 2738, 1.2344etc

Mould base




Hardness of  cavity&core

P20 Steel

718 Steel

H13 Steel

2344 Steel

28-32 HRC


42-45 HRC

48-52 HRC

Hardness of wear parts


Core pulling system

mechanical stripper plate, angle pin, air cylinder, hydraulic cylinder etc.


Hot runner/cold runner

Design software


Plastic material

ABS, PC, PP, PVC, POM, PMMA, PS, PE, PET, Rubber, Silicone, PA, PBT, PEI, etc.

Delivery time

1st sample :50-60days, it's up to the design and mould request, Ship the moulds in 1 week after sampleapproved


Depends on customer's requirements.

2. Main Advantages of Plastic Bottle Preform

-many years mould experience 

 -Europe quality, reasonable price 

 -Prompt reply 

 -OEM & ODM is available 


 -On-time delivery oil bottle cap and handle plastic mould


3. Images of Plastic Bottle Preform


EU Standard Oil Bottle Cap and Handle with PET Preform

EU Standard Oil Bottle Cap and Handle with PET Preform

EU Standard Oil Bottle Cap and Handle with PET Preform


4. Packaging & Shipping of Plastic Bottle Preform

Optional packaging is provided.

All the single product will be packaged in a poly bag or bubble bag to prevent bruising and scratch.

The common packing materials we use are poly bag, bubble bag, brown/white inner box, gift box and 5-ply export carton.

When you send us an enquiry, please tell us the packing method you prefer or we can give you the suggestion。


5. FAQ of Plastic Bottle Preform

Q: How to get a quotation and start business relationship with your company?

     A: Please send us email and our sales representive will contact you as soon as we receive your email. 

  Q: How to receive a price quotaion in the shortest time?

     A: When you send us an enquiry, please kindly make sure all the details, such as the mateiral, product size, surface treatment and packaging are mentioned. 

  Q: How to start a custom project with your company?

     A: Please send us your design drawings or original samples so that we can offer a quotation first. If all details are confirmed, we will arrange the sample making.

  Q: What’s your MOQ? 

     A: The MOQ depends on the design and production processes of the products. For the majority of our bathroom sets, our MOQ is 10000sets.

  Q: What types of payment terms do you accept?

     A: Currently, the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% before production, 70% against B/L copy) and irrevocable L/C at sight.

  Q:How long can I receive an order? 

     A: That depends on the specific items and your order quantity. Normally, the lead time for a 20ft container load is 50-60 days.

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Q:What are the types of molds?
Mold can be divided into metal mould and non-metal mould. The metal mould is divided into: casting mould (non-ferrous metal casting, steel casting) and forging die etc. Non-metallic mold is also divided into: plastic mould and inorganic non-metallic mould. And according to the material of the mould itself, the mold can be divided into: sand mold, metal mould, vacuum mold, paraffin mold and so on. With the rapid development of polymer plastics, plastic mould is closely related to people's life. Plastic mould can be divided into: injection molding mold, extrusion molding mold, gas auxiliary molding mould and so on. Large-scale production of non-sheet metal parts - cold heading, die forging, metal mould, etc. molds
Q:What does the die EDM mean
EDM is electrospark machining. EDM is used in the working liquid in the pulse discharge between the two poles of galvanic action removal in special processing methods of conductive materials, also called discharge machining or electrical erosion, English abbreviation EDM. The main features The materials and complex shape artifacts that can be machined for the hard cutting of ordinary cutting processes; No cutting force when processing. Do not produce defects such as burrs and scratches; The tool electrode materials need not be harder than the workpiece materials. Direct use of electrical energy processing to facilitate automation; After processing, the surface produces a metamorphic layer which must be further removed in some applications. It is difficult to clean and process the smoke pollution in the process.
Q:What is the number of holes in the mold?
There's a couple of products in a mold, and if it's two different products, it's called 1 + 1, and the four holes are 1X4, which means it's 4 identical products
Q:The difference between wire cutting and mold making
(4) test and test. Because of the characteristics of the mould and the experience of mould design, the mould must pass the test or the test pressure after assembly, and finally determine whether it is qualified. At the same time, there are some parts that need to be tested to be finalised. Therefore, there must be a certain testing period for the production schedule. (5) the machining of molds to mechanization, elaboration and automation. At present, the demand of product parts for mould accuracy is higher and higher, high accuracy, high life, high efficiency and more and more. The machining accuracy depends mainly on the precision of machine tool, the processing technology condition, the measuring method and the method. At present, precision molding grinding machine, CNC precision surface grinding machine, precision CNC wire-cut edm machine, precision continuous trajectory coordinates grinder and the use of three coordinates measuring machine is becoming more common, mould processing to the intensive development of high and new technology.
Q:Why is the mold selected for quenching?
Medium temperature tempering ^ (350-350 - c) : organization for tempered troostite after tempering. Hardness in the range of roughly HRC35 ^ - 45, within the scope of the elastic limit and yield strength of steel is higher, so it is mainly used for all kinds of springs, spring clip first class. High temperature tempering (500 ^ - 6800 - c) : the organization for tempering sorbite, hardness range for HRC23-35. The strength, plasticity, toughness and good overall mechanical properties of steel can be obtained by tempering the heat within this temperature range. It is mainly used for shaft parts, gears, rods, poles, screws, etc. The tempering of the hardened and subsequent heat is usually referred to as the adjustment of steel. The hardness of modified treatment weeken the scope for H RC25 ^ - 32. Tempering treatment is widely used in various important structure parts. As the final heat treatment, but also can be used as a certain precision parts, such as molding parts heat treatment in advance. It provides a uniform and small body tissue to reduce the deformation in the final heat treatment process and provide the foundation for the better final performance. (3) the surface heat treatment The so-called surface heat treatment is by changing the parts surface layer organization or change to the surface chemical composition. At the same time give parts surface layer and the core of different performance. That is, a method of heat treatment with the properties of external hard toughness. Surface treatment is divided into two categories: surface hardening and chemical heat treatment.
Q:What is the "KO hole" on the injection mold?
What I do know is that the KO hole is a hole in the top of the injection molding machine. Male die hole of the fixed plate is relatively blue sky) depends on location and quantity of the mould template, such as only a KO hole, in a normal mode is the center of the template, but eccentric and relative deviation
Q:How to calculate the cost of plastic mould?
Mold calculation cost is actually very simple, mold steel and toll fee counting and personnel salary, these are the main three cost, mould quotation I do work more than ten years, the products are numerous, I have a look at any plastic products will be able to know the price, if I can help you have drawings or samples
Q:The function of die water board?
The waterboard is a couple of pulling needles, which bring the water out.
Q:What is the top and bottom die in the mould?
Generally speaking, the upper and lower mould is in punching machine, casting machine, hydraulic press is the most common, and in this case, the upper die also called dynamic model, the model is called a static mode, this is because, when opening the die was mechanical drive dynamic model, complete open mold, so, in the upper die and lower die.
Q:Is there a difference between die and CNC
Mold and nc are two different directions, a partial design, a partial manufacturing, also have a call mould in nc programming, but still belongs to the CNC mould design class, salary difference is very big, generally what percentage according to the design of the mould, so great, but demand is high, the so-called old to incense, so have millions of annual salary. Such people are experienced. It takes a certain amount of time to go this route, and it's not a college, but an undergraduate. The real mold, there are a couple of possible ways to get started, 1, this is a graduate, and it's a couple of years, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know,

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