ERP or XLPE insulated shipboard power cable in voltage0.6/1kV or below

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Product Description:


It is used for the electricity transmission of shipboard, offshore platforms and buildings.

2.Type and Sizes:











      1 Core: 1.0~300 mm2

      2 Cores: 1.0~120 mm2

      3 Cores: 1.0~185 mm2

      4~37 Cores: 1~2.5 mm2

Executive Standard: 

      GB/T 9331-2008


a. The long term permissible operating temperature of cable conductor is 90℃. And the Max. operating temperature of conductor is 250℃ when short circuit continues within 5 seconds. 

b. Installation temperature higher than 0℃. 

  c. ERP insulated cable, the minimum bending radius is 10 times of overall diameter for single core cable, and 6 times for multi-core cable. 

    XLPE insulated cable, the minimum bending radius is 20 times of overall diameter for single core cable, and 15 times for multi-core cable. 


1.Conductor 2. Insulation 3. Filler 4.Non-woven Cloth 5. Inner Sheath 6. Steel Wire Armour 7. Outer Sheath

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