Epoxy Resin Glass Filament Winding Tube

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10000 kg
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300000 kg/month

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Product Description:

1.Brief Introduction

According to different materials, the winding tube is divided into Fiberglass winding tube and Fiber cloth winding tube, we provide all kinds of Fiberglass winding tubes which diameter is less than 1000MM and the length is less than 10M, the range of winding angle control is 30-90°, which can withstand SF6.  We can deal with all kinds of punching, slot, processing of internal thread or external thread, we also can provide the service of assembling of Aluminum alloy flange.  We can provide the products of composite hollow insulator, surge arrester, high voltage switch, mutual inductor and transformer applying for insulation tube.  



a.High density and strength.

b. Specially dealing with internal and external according to customer's requirement.

c. High thread strength.


3.Technical Data Sheet


ItemProduct CodeInner Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
1CMAX20*D*LΦ 201050
2CMAX23*D*LΦ 231150
3CMAX24*D*LΦ 241300
4CMAX26*D*LΦ 262200
5CMAX30*D*LΦ 301200+1200.1600*3
6CMAX32*D*LΦ 321350
7CMAX36*D*LΦ 361200*2. 1600*2
8CMAX38*D*LΦ 382200
9CMAX40*D*LΦ 401900

Epoxy Resin Glass Filament  Winding Tube



a.Payment Term

30% T/T in advance,70% againest B/L copy

b.Delivery time

15-20 days after getting the advane payment

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Q:Can I use bellows for automobile engine compartment or fiberglass cord?
1, woven sleeving: PET weaving network management, PET high flame retardant weaving network management, PET high wear-resistant network management, nylon 66 weaving network management2, special casing: self winding casing, zipper sleeve, heat shrinkable braided sleeve, heat shrinkable tube, corrugated pipe, glass fiber pipe, silica gel tube and so on3, monofilament: PET ordinary monofilament, PET high flame retardant monofilament, PET, high wear resistant monofilament, nylon 66 monofilament
Q:What's the data for dark pipes?
Jinde PPR tube is currently the best, day Feng also OK, my family has just changed the water and electricity
Q:One is the use of what is coated glass fiber tube heating, the real water and electricity isolation heating, please ask what is coated glass fiber tube heating?
I bought a foot bath Zhaofu vapor indirect heating, heating is the water poured into the cabin, the cabin after boiling the water into steam (steam is not conductive), into the pot body heating foot bath water through the steam pipe, so as to prevent the leakage of the hidden danger.
Q:What of the coated glass fiber sleeve self extinguishing tube, silicone resin?
If the heat is OK, I suggest you first use silicone or preferably silane spray, then do not have to do it, but I do not know your structure and ideas may be wrong, for reference only, Hei hei
Q:The glass fiber sleeve is also called the main application of industry self extinguishing tube, who knows?
Self extinguishing tube: the full name of silicone fiberglass sleeving. The English name is "FIBERGLASS SILICONE SLEEVING"". There are glass fiber pipe, silicon sleeve and so on.
Q:What are the advantages of glass fiber hot water pipes relative to other hot water pipes?
The middle layer is a glass fiber layer, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and low linear expansion, and the outer layer is made of PPR material.
Q:Which is good, PPR aluminum pipe and PPR glass fiber pipe?
The best use of high-grade aluminum pipe, this tube resistant to high temperatures, and not afraid of drying, cold, wave fiber is easy to bad, since the modification proposed to use a little aluminum pipe
Q:How to use PPR crushing material?
If you buy it from someone else, it depends on the inside,I have friends who specialize in recycled materials. What kind of plastic products are there, such as fiberglass pipes, stainless steel, and PPR. Most of them are dirty and must be re granulated after crushing.
Q:PPR hot and cold water pipes and high-performance glass fiber reinforced PPR composite pipe which is good, especially in the family heating?
The pressure rating is higher and the service life is longer under the generally designed tremor.
Q:How to separate the glass fiber FR-PPR and reinforce the composite tube?
Normally, fiberglass tubing is good.

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