Epoxy Paint Anticorrosive Paint Popular Type Modified Epoxy Anticorrosive Paint

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Product Description:

1.Structure of  Epoxy Paint Description

 • . Good oil resistance property 
 •  Water resistance, anticorrosion of oil and water alternation 
 •  Good adhesion and firm film


Good oil resistance property, water resistance property, anticorrosion of oil and water alternation, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, firm film.


Mainly be used for anticorrosion of shipping boat deck freeboard inside, as a use of primer.

2.Main Features of the Epoxy Paint

• Good oil resistance property.

• Anticorrosion of oil and water alternation.

•Abrasion resistance, good adhesion.


3.Epoxy Paint Images


Epoxy Paint Anticorrosive Paint Popular Type Modified Epoxy Anticorrosive Paint

Epoxy Paint Anticorrosive Paint Popular Type Modified Epoxy Anticorrosive Paint

 4. Epoxy Paint Specification


Place of Origin:

Tianjin China (Mainland)

Main Raw Material:



Boat Paint

Application Method:



Liquid Coating

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Can Be Customized


Double Components

5.FAQ of Epoxy Paint

①How about the product?

The product can quickly get dry and form a metal mirror with extreme strong decoration effect. Additionally,it can effectively resist UV radiation,increase the anti-aging performance,and prevent the metal surface from rusting.Since it easily gets damaged in its appearance, it is not suitable to be used in parts where frequent friction and collision occur.With fine covering power, the product needs no matching primer.

②The advantages of the product

 1.100% acrylic resin   2. fast dry   3. be used in surface finishing and mending   4. interior-exterior use  5. Low chemical odor  6. Last for 2 years

③What's the usage?

Can be widely used in surface finishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.Quick Details.







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Q:How to dilute the color material
Therefore, the industrial pigments to be processed into our use of the pattern of color pigment, the choice of materials has become the key, such as our commonly used to make brown coffee (brown), there are ready-made domestic inorganic brown (iron oxide brown price of 8 yuan (300-400 yuan a kilogram), but also with other pigments (such as black and red) self-mixing deployment, which is divided into black and red there are many kinds of pigment quality and price also have a larger difference. In short, the strength of the manufacturers of strict control of raw materials, well-equipped, excellent technology, produced by the pigment purity, uniform particles, a variety of properties (such as light, heat, acid, etc.) are very good, each batch are There are strict quality inspection, product differentiation is very small, but the product price is also high.
Q:bathroom prep before painting?
Remove all loose paint,apply a coat of PVA,then even surfaces with Smoothover,when dry gently sand down till the surfaces are flat,wear a decent face mask.Then PVA again then paint in a Kitchen or Bathroom quality paint BnQ have a range of Teflon paint that is tough scrubable.Try an anti mould on the ceiling,the secret is to get several coats on the surfaces,one will not close out any mould thats there even after scrubbing all surfaces.Otherwise call me and I can do a very expensive job for you.Keep a card put by,splash a bit of the colour you are using on it then write the paint details on the card,if you need to buy some more paint in a couple of years time take the card to one of those paint mixers and they should be able to replecate your colour.Simples.
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Q:How much would it cost to have a 1984 VW Scirocco re-painted?
Quality paint is nice.. but you also need quality labor. There are 'painters' who can make a Mona Lisa out of spray cans and others who can take the best paint in the world and turn it into junk. That said..lets ignore the cost of body work and fancy detail work like striping or extra colors since you did not mention that... A decent and good paint job should be at least three coats of color and two coats of clear.. each rubbed out before the next and dried hard before taking them outside. With those basics it should cost you between $800 to $1000 depending upon where you are (the cost of living factors in a lot and the same paint job in San Francisco or New York will cost you more then somewhere in the middle of Kansas) .
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Polypropylene itself is not a pigment, it is not a dye. But there are a class of polypropylene pigment, is the acrylic, methacrylate, acrylic, methacrylic acid, and thickeners, fillers, and pigment particles mixed with the paint from the paint. The polymerization of the propylene-based monomer, after drawing the pattern, the occurrence of polymer polymerization, the pigment blockade in the polymer macromolecules, with water resistance characteristics, can be relatively long for a long time does not change color.
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Common colors of ink are red, blue, black and blue and black. Red ink is generally used to modify the job, the use of smaller. Blue and black ink color deep and solemn, not easy to fade, writing fluency, is the people to learn and work in writing to use a more common kind of ink. Black ink with carbon ink is the most ideal, black ink concentration, shiny, written on paper black and white, very eye-catching, used to write pen or writing pen calligraphy works, the best.

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