Epoxy floor paint (The protection of the indoor workshop cement ground and decoration )

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Product Description:

·         Scope:

           The protection and decoration of workshop ,industrial plants, warehouses          

·         Function

            1. Smooth and bright.           


            2. Resistance for acids, alkalis, certain organic solvents and grease 


           3. Impact resistance,           


           4. Water resistance,     


           5. Oil resistance  


           6. Color optional.


·         Method of Application: 


     1. Base treatment: The base should be solid, dry and free from dust and dirt.


     2. Primer construction: Use rolling brush seal primer coating.


     3.Midway construction: Polish the intermediate coat with sand bearing no-dust rolling ground machine and clear away the dust before painting.


     4. Epoxy face paint: use rolling brush or steamed bread knife for construction epoxy floor or no gas spraying.


     5. Construction completed: And 7days later can be used.


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Q:What is the dilution of acrylic paint, how to save after use?
Can be diluted with water, conducive to cleaning.
Q:JS polymer cement based waterproof coating how to use
Mixed with cement used.
Q:What is the color on the model? Paint it?
Is a special model of paint, Tian Gong Jun Shi are good
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The coating area of the latex paint depends on the flatness of the substrate and the coating rate of the paint itself. The coating rate is generally marked on the drum, because it is twice the brush, so dividing by 2 is the theoretical brushing area. The surface is more rough on the RBI margin, with putty approved in accordance with the theory of brushing area calculation.
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Gas is played by advertising, in the end more environmentally friendly? We can not directly say that parameters, but you can give a conclusion, unless you buy the state of high-end products, 200, about what the fact that the domestic and 100 of the almost, paint, then we do not recommend you buy state , Nippon's paint that really is not really good, but they give the dealer's profit is high, to the painter's many rebates, so are it good! But really good or bad, only the state of its own know! I am now no longer engaged in this industry, but still hope that you can support a lot of domestic brands, such as China Resources, Bauhinia, the United States Tu disabilities, etc., is not only those famous brands can be used, There are many local brands of good quality! Hope dealers do not just see immediate benefits, you know to sell those so-called big, and denied the domestic brand! The
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Mineral dyes are minerals containing various metal ion colorants. Modern dyes are chemical dyes purified from mineral dyes, both of which are theoretically different, impure, other mineral dyes containing symbiosis; one is very Pure, so that the color of burning different, due to long-term aesthetic concepts, people prefer mineral dyes, like this "impure" color, their difference lies in this. Such as blue and white blue is the chemical green material, the color is blue, one can distinguish, the other blue and white Su material, back to the green Zhejiang material, equal green, beads are expected to mineral dyes, their blue distinction between Very large, this distinction is the blue and white porcelain dynasty concluded an important basis. Thank you
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(China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Nanotechnology) 3, China Resources Paint (China Famous Brand (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) (Chinese top brand, Jiang Wenli endorsement, the Chinese chemical industry, China's top ten paint brands), China's top 100 paint paint brand, (The top ten brands of paint, brand), China's top brand, China's top ten paint brands) 7, Huadan paint (US brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) 8, (The top ten paint brands in China) 9, Apollo paint (American brand, American rugby players endorsement, the world's top ten paint brand) 10, Dabao paint (Taiwan brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) to add (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brands of Chinese Coatings) 4 Kang Pai Paint (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brand) 2 Dulux (China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brands) China's top ten brands of paint) 5kangpaiqu China famous brand, the top ten brands of paint in China) 6 million along the paint (paint is also old 7 Carpoly (China Famous Brand) 8 big treasure (China Top Ten brand paint) 9 three trees (Chinese paint Top ten brands) 10 US Tu Shi (China Top Ten brands paint)
Q:Brush latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?
. From the decorative effect, the wallpaper is certainly better, more rich patterns, and the film is good can be repeatedly rubbed, resistant to stains than latex paint strong!
Q:What is the difference between water-based paint and polyester paint in paint?
Such as all of our interior and exterior paint, metal paint, car paint and so have the corresponding water-based paint products. Visible water-based paint in many industries has been widely used. We are generally concerned about the water-based wood paint, wood coatings is the technical difficulty and the highest technological content of the product. Water-based wood paint with its non-toxic environmental protection, odorless, volatile very little, non-combustible non-explosive high security, no yellowing, brushing area, etc., with the people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more by the market Welcome.
Q:Photo Printer Dye Ink and Pigment Ink What's the difference?
Pigment of the ink is more light, the color is not so bright, dye ink is not fast, bright colors, we are the manufacturer of printer ink manufacturers

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