Epoxy floor paint (The protection of the indoor workshop cement ground and decoration )

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Product Description:

·         Scope:

           The protection and decoration of workshop ,industrial plants, warehouses          

·         Function

            1. Smooth and bright.           


            2. Resistance for acids, alkalis, certain organic solvents and grease 


           3. Impact resistance,           


           4. Water resistance,     


           5. Oil resistance  


           6. Color optional.


·         Method of Application: 


     1. Base treatment: The base should be solid, dry and free from dust and dirt.


     2. Primer construction: Use rolling brush seal primer coating.


     3.Midway construction: Polish the intermediate coat with sand bearing no-dust rolling ground machine and clear away the dust before painting.


     4. Epoxy face paint: use rolling brush or steamed bread knife for construction epoxy floor or no gas spraying.


     5. Construction completed: And 7days later can be used.


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Q:Which manufacturer's paint is good?
American Jack
Q:Pigment and dye ink on the nozzle of which damage is relatively large?
The pigment is oil-soluble, is the particle state of the dispersion, is macroscopic.
Q:What is the difference between paint and plastic?
Paint is also called paint: paint is a material, this material can be used in different construction process coated on the surface of the object, the formation of a strong adhesion, with a certain strength, continuous solid film. The film thus formed is called a coating film, also known as a paint film or a coating. "Most of the early vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is called" paint. "
Q:Oil paint is easy to dry out what oil to make the paint dry slowly
Oil paint squeeze more, the day with endless. My approach is: scrape a glass with a scraper, and then put the glass into the basin, the water to flood the paint, with the time, in advance to take out the vertical to keep the water as much as possible, you can also blow the mouth To help under water. Oil paints are linen oil and the like, do not absorb water, so it is easy to shed. So that no one can put the surface of the pigment no water, you can continue to paint. Sometimes I did not wait for the evaporation of water, some small drops of water, still painting, painting a little later naturally dry.
Q:White paint and green paint mixed together what smoke
Or green is green more and more shallow!
Q:What brand of polymer mobile power is good
Now the market there are many mobile power capacity are virtual standard, such as the standard 10000 mAh mobile power capacity of the actual battery capacity of only 8000 mAh, although only a little bit, but there will be a lot of profits.
Q:What is the harm to the paint?
In addition, because the paint as a chemical product, its composition is complex (the United States that there are more than 80 kinds of toxic and harmful ingredients), chemical reactions are more difficult to control the quality of a mixture. Therefore, in addition to the control of harmful substances, but also need other standards, such as health standards. There are some paint volatile harmful substances, ordinary people do not feel out, and the instrument may also be detected, but for children, the elderly, patients and other sensitive people have no small impact. Therefore, we need to reflect the safety of human care indicators. And all this is in the building and improvement.
Q:What paint into the water does not fade does not corrode
Waterproof paint or paint
Q:what does paint thinner do?
Get you high.
Q:Waterproof paint is the high cost of the United States and Germany, or Tak high waterproof, which is better
These two brands of waterproof paint have not heard of! Choose paint paint, including waterproof paint or choose well-known brands of better

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