Epoxy Antistatic and Oil-resistant Paint with Corrosive Prevention

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Color:Light Gray
Components:Film Forming Matter
Drying Method:Air Drying
Formation Mechanism:Conversion Type
Main Raw Material:Epoxy
Method:Airless Spray;Roller; Brush
Certification:ISO14001, ISO9001
Level:Finish Coat
Storage Life:One Year
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Component a: 20kg; Component B: 3kg
Origin:Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Product Description

Intended Uses

Suited for interior surface of tank loading crude oil gasoline, kerosene. Gas oil and as anticorrosive and antistatic coating. Also be used in the site required resistance to static. It forms a coating with excellent adhesion. Flexibility. Impact resistance. Good oil and corrosive resistance aswell as good antistatic property.

Product Description

Light gray, Using metallic oxide modified micapowder as conductive medium.

Product Information

Volume Solids:75%
Dry Film Thickness:100 microns equivalent to 133 microns of wet film
Theoretical Coverage:187g/²
Practical Coverage:Allow appropriate loss

Application Details

Mix Ratio A: B=20: 3(by weight)
Method of Application:
Airless Spray: Recommeded-Tip range: 0.53-0.68mm; Total output fluid pressure >17.6MPa
Brush or Roller: Recommended
Conventional Spray: Not Recommended
Thinner X-7
Pot Life 25ºC:4-6h
Storage Life One year
Drying Time
(Substrate Temperature 25ºC) Touch Dry ≤ 2h Hard Dry ≤ 24h Overcoating Interval(above10ºC):Minimum 24h Maximum 5days

Storage and Handlina

Storage : Store in cool and dry conditons
Pack Size A: 16Kg in 20 liter container
B: 3Kg in 4 liter container
Flash Point: 22ºC(after mix)
Specific Gravity : Approx 1.40Kg/L

Specification and Surface Preparation

Remove rust to SA2.5 and then integrall coating is conducted

Subsequent Paint/Limitations

Recommended coat: Spray two coats with high-pressure airless spray, for the sake of 200 microns of dry film thickness. Preceding coat: Inorganic zinc silicate primer etc.

Safety Precautions

This product is a kind of solvent-based paint. Ln order to avoid danger or accident, minimal safety precautions, as follow, should be done:
The paint contains volatile solvent and is flammable. So must keep away from sparks and open flames. No smoking at application site. Effective precautions(such as using explosion-proof electrical equipments, no static electricity accumulation or metal collision etc)also should be done so as to avoid producing sparks. Flash point of paint, mentioned above on Product Data Sheet, is the lowest temperature at which mixture of the volatile materials of paint can ignite or explode with air.
Enough ventilation is necessary at application site. Ln order to remove any danger of explosion, must keep the ratio of gas to air is less than 10%, the minimum explosive limit in generaLTherefore, 200m³ Of ventilation quantity per 1 Kg solvent(according to the solvent)is necessary.

Protect skin and eyes, and avoid touching with paints(Recommend to wear working clothes, gloves eye protection, face masks, barrier creams and so on). If paint gets in touch with skin, wash fully with a large amount of fresh water and soap or appropriate commercial cleaner. Ln case of eyes being contaminated, rinse with fresh water for 10min at least and give medical treatment immediately.

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