Epistar Smd5050 60Leds/M Led Strip Ip20 Non Waterproof Flexible Led Strip 12/24V

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$3.30 - 3.71 / m
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20 Meters m
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10000 Meters Per Day m/month

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Product Description:


General Introduction

high quality Epistar smd5050 led strip IP20 non waterproof flexible led strip 60leds/m with 2 years warranty




All of our led strips---------choose high brightness SMD LED chip,with long warranty


3528 led strip: Epistar chip 6-7lm per led, 2 years warranty ,30leds/m, 60leds/m,120leds/m available


5050 led strip: Epistar chip 18-20lm per led, 3 years warranty ,30leds/m,60leds/m available


5630 led strip: a.) Epistar chip,45~50lm per led,CRI>86Ra,30leds/m,60leds/m available

                     b.) Samsung/Seoul chip,45~50lm per led,CRI:82~87Ra, 30leds/m,60leds/m available 


Their brightness and IP rank are as below:

3528 30leds< 3528 60leds< 5050 30leds< 3528 120leds< 5630 30leds< 5050 60leds< 5630 60leds


IP20 Nonwaterproof

IP67 Waterproof A: Epoxy gel +"u" PC tube       ( Item A )

IP65 Waterproof B: Silicon tube (removeable)  ( Item B )

IP65 Waterproof C: Dropping Epoxy gel              ( Item C )

IP68 Waterproof D: Silicon gel injected               ( Item D )



Products features:


1). High brightness Taiwan Epistar smd5050 led chip with 18~20lm/led


2). High CRI: > 75Ra


3). Viewing angle: 120 degrees, Voltage: 12VDC standard, 24VDC available


4). Various colors including white/ nature white/ warm white/ red/ green/ blue/ yellow/rgb


5). IP20 non waterproof indoor, IP65.IP67,IP68 waterproof outdoor available


6). 3M backside or clips for easy installation


7). 30leds/m (7.2w/m), 60leds/m (14.4w/m), 5m/roll


8). Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant


 Twinkle led company Epistar smd5050 led strip series as below:


Item No.ColorIP Rank Adhesive tapeWaterproof materialsDiscription Packaging details
5050 LED strip with Epistar 18~20lm/led  high brightness 
TW-FR5050-30-12RGB / W /WW/R/G/B/YIP203M tape xSMD5050 . Epistar chip 18-20lm/led400m -ctn-11kgs
TW-FR5050-30A-12IP673M tape+ clipsepoxy gel +"u" PC tube30leds/meter, 5meter/roll,12VDC300m--ctn--25kgs
TW-FR5050-30B-12IP65clipsSilicon tube (removeable)7.2W/meter, 36W/roll300m--ctn--15kgs
TW-FR5050-30C-12IP653M tape epoxy gel Double platen PCB, 300m--ctn--15kgs
TW-FR5050-30D-12IP68clipsSilicon gel injected10mm width white and brown available300m--ctn--15kgs
TW-FR5050-60-12/24RGB / W /WW/R/G/B/YIP203M tape xSMD5050 . Epistar chip 18-20lm/led400m -ctn-11kgs
TW-FR5050-60A-12/24IP673M tape+ clipsepoxy gel +"u" PC tube60leds/meter, 5meter/roll,12V or 24VVDC300m--ctn--25kgs
TW-FR5050-60B-12/24IP65clipsSilicon tube (removeable)14.4W/meter, 72W/roll300m--ctn--15kgs
TW-FR5050-60C-12/24IP653M tape epoxy gel Double platen PCB, 300m--ctn--15kgs
TW-FR5050-60D-12/24IP68clipsSilicon gel injected10mm width white and brown available300m--ctn--15kgs



1). Architectural decorative lighting
2). Accent lighting
3). Border/contour lighting
4). Emergency& security lighting
5). Auditorium walkway lighting
6). Stairway accent lighting
7). Concealed lighting
8). Backlighting for signage letters
9). Channel letter lighting
10). Cove lighting


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2. Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English.

3.Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.


Packaging & Delivery



5 meters per roll ,one roll in an anti-static bag ,outside with export carton



Shipping Service

Estimated Delivery Time


2-8 business days


3-8 business days


2-10 business days


1-7 business days


6-14 business days


7-12 business days

China Post Air Mail

7-15 business days

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14-30 business days

By sea

30-40 business days

1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Q:What is the minimum number of light bands?
General LED lamp belt is 12V, 3 beads and a resistor in series, a lamp minimum starting voltage of about 3V, almost 3 9V, although it is lit up, but the brightness is very low, want to achieve higher brightness or to 12V, then 9-12V lamp belt between the lights. Of course, some factories also have 24V, and the same principle.
Q:LED lamp with main lighting, how many watts per meter?
Soft light radiating effect and relatively large decline! And low light efficiency (a large layer of plastic skin, but also prone to yellowing),Common heat dissipation is relatively good, and can be relatively high illuminance of 5050 FPC light band, this LED light-emitting angle is relatively large. And the theoretical value of each power is 0.2W. Illumination value 16-22lm.
Q:What is the difference between a LED light strip and a light strip?
Most of the time is not much difference between the two, there is no authoritative definition, I found in the sales process, often have a lot of guests to lights, or lights, the result is the same kind of product, the difference between my personal definition, a LED lamp soft light and light bar. The LED lamp strip is FPC or aluminum substrate as the carrier, on LED chip, 35285050335 side emitting LED type, use position is widely used in light, showcase, jewelry cabinets, interior decoration and so on.
Q:How can I arrange the lamp belt in the wardrobe?
Can install the belt, glue directly to the wardrobe, install a clear switch, save much.LED lamp belt: the band refers to the LED lamp with special processing technology welding on copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply luminous, because of its luminous shape such as a light band named.
Q:LED how to distinguish between good and bad?
1, look at solder joints. Regular LED lamp manufacturers with LED band produced by SMT patch process, with solder paste and reflow process produced. Therefore, the solder joint on the LED light belt is relatively smooth and the soldering capacity is not much, and the solder joint is in arc shapeThe FPC pad extends to the LED electrode. However, the solder joints of the LED lights in the Shanzhai version are not uniform, and most of them appear as a dot to weld the feet. At the same time, there are different degrees of tin tip, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding2, look at the quality of FPC. FPC points of copper and rolled copper two kinds, copper plate copper is protruding out, look carefully, from the pad and FPC connection to see. The rolling copper is closely connected with FPC, and can be bent at any time without the phenomenon of pad falling off. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off and the temperature will be too high to cause the pad to fall off.
Q:LED lamp and lamp with high and low points?
The low voltage is internally without drive and needs to be supplied with a power supply and then connected to the 220V.
Q:50 cm long LED lamp band for temporary lighting, please use AC transformer or DC transformer
Method to distinguish above products: 1, to distinguish between 220V and 12V or 24V AC power supply DC power supply, 220V products are generally comes with insert city power plug, appearance is the use of transparent protective colloid will protect the lamp, lamp with two bare metal wire section, use the built-in plug with the use of the product is high 220V lamp with; 2, 12V or 24V have direct access to LED, this is for indoor use, also has the waterproof, general products, will bring two wires are needed to connect the adapter (DC transformer), the use of the product is belongs to the low voltage DC lamp with 3, 12V and 24V to distinguish; first, the electric test using 12V, if the lamp does not light or with micro light, so, this product is the use of 24V DC power supply can be.
Q:Led how much is the band of light a metres?
LED is the kind of lamp with 5mmLED lamp bead coated plastic, rectangular or circular. White light and green light are more expensive, about 18 yuan per meter, color, red, blue, cheap 8-15 yuan / meter, round cheaper.
Q:Which is better, low voltage LED belt and high voltage LED lamp?
The quality requirements of the specific application and it mainly depends on your personal, if it is used in the ceiling is relatively high, under normal circumstances can not directly contact the local, can choose high LED lamp belt, because of the high pressure lamp with the cheaper price.
Q:What do you mean by "LED" belt model 5O5O and 3528?. How different
This is a call to the industry which distinguish the default type lamp, with dimensions to name, length and width are 5050 5mm, 3528 3.5*2.8mm, 5050 conventional is 0.2W (the equivalent of 3 of the 3528 chip package inside) rated current is 60mA, the single brightness is about 18-20LM. The 3528 is 0.06W, rated current 20mA, single brightness is about 6-7LM, of course, the price of 5050 is 3528 times 2-3

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