EPE Foam Protectieve Net with different colors

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Introduction of EPE Foam Protectieve Net

For fresh food( such as apple, peach, pomegranate, melon, watermelon persimmon) and bottle packaging  

Application of EPE Foam Protectieve Net

1. Protection of your fruit from damage during transit,retail and display and preserve the quality of your fruit. 

2. Maximum comfort during transport for fruit or vegetables.

3. Multiple perforations for maximum ventilation, Keep fruit orvegetables fresh.

4. Adaptable to all types of outer packaging

5. Can achieve good packing effect

6. To protect the fruit efficiently during its long journey to the international markets.

7. Packaging (with wood pallets)

Advantage of EPE Foam Protectieve Net

Designed to prevent rotation and contacts between fruits, GUOLIANG trays protect and promote your products. The porosity and the controlled absorption of humidity allow better ventilation and ensure optimal conservation of goods during transport and their presentation in the distributor’s shelves.

Pictures of EPE Foam Protectieve Net

EPE Foam Protectieve Net with different colors

EPE Foam Protectieve Net with different colors

EPE Foam Protectieve Net with different colors


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